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Event Hit List.

Sun Jun 23, 2019 3:52 am
In short, i found a player who cheats in this event. It has 6980 soldiers killed and only 1551 cups. In a simple calculation, with 4 drone + 5 soldiers + the player in base 2, are made 10 oponents. So...if there are 6980 oponents means he played about 698 matches (maybe even more...if hi did not find 10 opponents in all attacked bases). Each victory is winning 5 is it possibile to have only 1551 cups? It is prestige 1 and has a defensive 95.461k. I am asprestige 1, and i have 3012 opponents killed...but i have 6732 cups. I do not understand this can i have equal chance with this chater? The opponents are offered in the game, after the number of cups. So, wath are the chance of winning the prize? when i have only strong opponents, and he plays with very weak opponents. I expect an answer as fast as possibile. Thank you.
Sniper Fury 4.jpg
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Sniper Fury 3.jpg
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Re: Event Hit List.

Wed Jun 26, 2019 7:50 am
You also LOSE trophies (what you call cups) if you lose a PVP, or if someone else wins against you. Thus, what you saw is explainable and not necessarily a cheater. (Normally cheaters would want to have MORE trophies, not less...)

However, him having such a low trophy count while being Prestige 1... That IS suspicious as all heck.