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recover account

Sat Oct 01, 2016 2:50 pm
I have bought a new computer with windows 10 installed and can't get to my existing account of Sniper Fury.
My old computer had windows 7 installed, and I have used my regular e-mail and facebook for that old account.
Now Windows 10 demands an hotmail account, this computer has registred me with hotmail.
When starting the game, a message appeared on my screen, that I was about to login to an account with already exsisting info on this game. My current progress and purchases on this device will be lost.
I had to decline, because I don't want to loose my progress. Should I just accept or do you have an other solution for me te continue on my exsisting account?
With kind regards,

André Schmelzer
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Re: recover account

Sat Oct 01, 2016 4:31 pm
If you have just installed the game there is only the new start of the game progress to lose.
If you want your old progress back you will need to accept the change.