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Syncing devices.

Mon Sep 26, 2016 5:04 pm
Dear Gameloft,

I have a Hudl2 that I play Sniper Fury upon. I tried, unsuccessfully, to link it with my Lenovo Tab 2 via the Facebook and Google connection options. The result being that  my Hudl2 profile disappeared and the much lower profile of the Lenovo replaced my Hudl2 profile. I duly raised a ticket (11864127) to resolve this issue. With the assistance of Ana my Hudl2 profile was restored.

The problem has occurred again due to the fact that I had to clean up the memory on my Hudl2. I now have the much lower Lenovo profile on my Hudl2. I did send a query off a few days via the in-game Customer Care option but have not yet had a response or notification of a ticket ID number. I have even responded on the original email thread to the first time it occurred to see if that would help.

Please please please Gameloft work your magic to get my Hudl2 profile back.

Many thanks.


PS I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times.