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Are you experiencing technical issues or bugs in Sniper Fury?
Please follow the steps below to get the best assistance.

If you are impacted by technical issues, gameplay bugs, or other odd experiences in-game you should contact to Gameloft's Customer Care team. They can provide additional assistance, troubleshooting guidance, and general help. The forum staff and developers only have limited resources to help.

The recommended method is to submit a customer support ticket in-game (Option #1). This will allow Customer Care to easily collect your account and device details which can better allow them to assist you. These details will also help the team investigate the issue and find a fix.  

Option #1: Submit a ticket in-game:

Tap on the Game Settings button (left side of the screen).
Select the Customer Care button and read the Known Issues & FAQ section. If the answer to your question is not provided, you will need to contact an agent.
To contact an agent, scroll to the bottom and tap the "My problem is not listed as a known issue" button.
Fill out the form with as much detail as possible and hit the "Send" button. Note: This may NOT send your ticket yet!
If a new "Knowledgebase Articles" page loads, please read through the content to see if your issue is answered.
To actually SUBMIT your ticket, please scroll to the bottom of the page and tap the "This didn't help. My problem was not listed" button. This will complete the process.
You should then get confirmation the ticket was sent and an automatic message will be delivered to your email. An agent will follow up to assist further.
Option #2: Submit a ticket on the web/phone:

If you are unable to submit a ticket in-game please use this alternative method via a web browser.
Visit the following website and provide as much detail as possible:
Phone support is also available from the drop down expansion.

It can take up to 5 business days for an agent to follow up with your issue.
After submitting a ticket you will receive an automatic ticket ID, this indicates that you are queued in the system. If you do not receive a ticket ID via email, please re-submit the form.
Please follow up with the agents as they assist you. Let them know if their initial troubleshooting steps did not work and then they will continue to provide additional help.
Check your inbox and spam folders for replies from the agents.
If you require additional assistance with your game issues, please create a new thread and include your ticket ID and details.