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Critical oil 🛢 xtreem

Wed Mar 13, 2019 9:57 pm
To Fabian or any other Gameloft colleagues,
Hi I have a problem with vehicals that have gone in to critical oil and can not be put back to any level of oil readiness.
I have tried absolutely everything I can to rectify this situation and I'm still stuck with this situation.
Recently I asked for help on the forums and everything that was advised by other members I had all ready tried except this as in approaching gameloft directly, So I am hoping this will finally sort things out for me.
I would also like to point out that this problem has caused me great difficulty and cost me money because I have been forced to do in app purchases to circumvent not being able to complete the task at hand so to speak, So I would appreciate greatly if a little compensation be granted to my game account.
Since the real world has deprived me of the ability to drive, Xtreme has been my temple and is by far my favourite driving simulation and I recommend the game to absolutely everyone I talk too, I'll give you a ten star rating if possible every time.
If you ever need a UK Gameloft ambasedor then look no further.
Thanks for everything.
Charles Bee
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