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Date of issue: 2018.6.13  8 am – 9:10 am Suspicious players: 1) Father, 2) CONCETTA, 3) King Reso, 4) ~TEABANG~ of NRI alliance(Please refer to attached screen-shot) We know the rule about the border ; “If the border doesn't have the local capital, any players of other alliance can't move into it using teleporting. " However, there are four players above who don't own the local capital, who come into our camp on a momentary shift, causing conflicts and attacking the area. So those four players have free access to the border. This strange happening cannot be done without a cheat hack. Many colleagues watching this scene are very disappointed by the frequent use of these illegal hacks. The same thing is happening in other area by the same players while I am writing this now. Regarding this suspicious happening, I ask for a thorough investigation of GAMELOFT. And if you confirm the use of a cheat hack, ask for strong action, such as deleting the player's account and limiting the player's activities in sync. .
I and my colleagues hope GAMELOFT will continue to monitor and protect the majority of your players who love March of Empires and keep the rules of the game honest. I ask for your prompt investigation and action.Sincerely yours,
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Please report this directly to our Customer Care team and they will investigate.