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Please join my clan.

Wed Jul 08, 2020 2:35 pm
I really need someone to join or help my clan. I would very appreciate that. It's hard to do everything myself. There are two more people in the Clan but they do nothing. I would wellcome active players that could help my clan. I am active a lot and would like some help. There is just a lot of hatching and I just can't hatch everything myself. I have only two hatchery slots and in the first one there is the musical egg. So it feels that I am using only one hatchery slot. 
My clan name is The clan of full moons. My friend gave it to me. 
Please consider joining my clan I would very appreciate it! 
Have a great day/night :D
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Re: Please join my clan.

Wed Jul 08, 2020 5:21 pm
If you go to "back to the forum" on the left, there is a section called "clans".
I can recommend you to join a clan, alone it is hardly possible and "good" members are hard to find.
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