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Clan Race Points

Thu Feb 13, 2020 4:06 am
I understand GL is working to fix Feather Dragon, but this weeks events are Very Unfair We are fighting the best fight and Losing ground,The top 7 clans in our clan League have Feather dragon. They are getting double points for every point they make.
 We have Ruptia Active and have our Dragon Powered to 10. we should be getting double points 50% of the time when we feed a recipe. I have completed 26 Recipes and have only received double points 4 times and on low point recipes. 1 Epic.
 If game loft really wanted to make this a fair race they would remove all Active clan dragons from this event, and let us place for each point we did get. That would be fair for everyone! and then you would really know who worke for Feather Dragon pieces.
 We wouldn't be in 10 place in clan Leagues and 10 place in Monthly we would be placing much closer to 1st!
 Thank You Fed Up Clan Leader!
Want to fix it, Here is solution, Take all Power up off the table give power up points back to clan, for next event. Compensate 5 gems per power up for each player. and this week just count the actual points a clan has made, Then award the Feather Pieces to the clans that actually earned them
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Re: Clan Race Points

Fri Mar 20, 2020 5:35 am
I'll have to share this w/my clan leader. I didn't realize that was happening :(