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Join Thunderdome clan!

Wed Aug 22, 2018 2:33 pm
Thunderdome clan is recruiting new members. 

Level 15 clan 
iOS platform
Language - English 

We have most of the clan dragons including Amoura & Brimstone. We have 18/20 pieces for the Kutter dragon, which when complete will help us reset clan quest timers. 

We are family friendly clan. No bad language on chat. 

During clan events, members quickly share requested items (recipe ingredients and books).

Helpful members are promoted.

We are quick to accept new members, but you will have to apply. 

League 4/5. Lately we have been moving between League 4 & 5. With your help, we should be able to stay at League 5!

No Minimum point requirements or minimum recipe requirements. However, clan members who don’t participate at all, will eventually be removed. 

Join us!
KristenR80 (clan officer, and frequent MVP)