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Our clan generally does housekeeping between events (weekends) and opens up a couple slot for fresh active players (removing only inactive ones) the spots fill up fast and our clan is usually full again in a couple hours (assuming we accept the requests)...

What hapoens to outstanding invites when the clan is full?  Do they just get a message that the clan is full and cannot try to join?

There used to be a waiting list of players we could see and we could make room for them if we chose, even if we were already full... has that waiting list gone away?
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I'm wondering about that too
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I think it does, though I can't be 100% sure. The reason I think it is in place, is because if I gift all of my friends (when I think I have some still backloged and waiting), then I remove someone from the friends list that has been camping out without playing, suddenly I have a new person to gift when I scroll through the list, which means they must be new because I already gifted all of the previous ones. I haven't done it in a while to see though. Probably has to be done again since we've had an update. Maybe give that a try (when you are sure you have a backlog) and you'll have a better idea if you have people still backlogged to get into your friends list?
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