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How to make your clan stronger in DML!!! (best Clan video) Video from BestDmlPlayer: Surfing Mircea. My Clan: Radu Mircea Cluj Romania My facebook: Friend recruit code: 7e5a1f Other videos: How to win more than 100 fights in a row (Win Streak) in Dragon League Arena (DML) Strongest DML dragons team in less than 1 day (Part 1) How to build the strongest dragons team in Dragon Mania Legends!!! Strongest dragons team in Dragon Mania Legends (Part 2) How to build the strongest dragons team in Dragon Mania Legends!!! You are a good player or a slow player in Dragon Mania Legends?
Surfing Mircea, Nr. 1 in DML in 05.04.2019, Vip 19, 167 habitats, after 17 months and 5 days in DML:
Freija100-8* - Health: 288, Attack: 89 
Chrono Aphrodite100-8* - Health: 289, Attack: 88
Hathor100-8* - Health: 288, Attack: 88
Divine 28: Freyja, Chrono_Aphrodite, Hathor, Chrono_Zeus, Chrono_Hades, 5xTaiyi Zhenren, 2xSeth, 2xPoseidon, Hermes, Ra, Chang'e, Loki, Thor, Heimdal, Odin, Frigg, Isis, Osiris, Anubis, Seth, Nezha, Erlang Shen.
Good luck.
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I agree with you totally you only need so many dragons to use in battle,as long as they are fully enchanted then after that level the powers upto 6 and away you go!!!
The only thing's that slows you down are
*TEMPLES -upgrades
*FARMING- not enough need more12!!
The skills are easy to level up just enchanting can take a while especially when your dragons have 3 elements!!!
The best thing that could ever happen in the game is to be allowed UNLIMITED FARMS!!!
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How did I get subscribed to this &@rb@&3? And how do I... oh there’s that handy unsubscribe button... whew!
soulFile: Level 150
Dragons: Unique 548 | Legendary 70 | Divine 28 | Boss 20
Team: (100x8)
 Taiyi Zhenren | Hypnos | Thor | Sumo | Plushie | Autumn
(80x7) Hathor | Skeleton | Yin Yang | Vortex | Lantern | Radiant
Clan Duncan: Level 15 | League 5
Dragons: Chip | Rupita | Striker | Gravelis | Amoura | Brimstone | Kutter
Team: (~95) Join Request | Code 40ccba | iOS EUR~Gold
(Playing since 10.10.15, Clan est. 6.6.16)