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I'm seeking suggestions for creating a private site for our clan.

The no brainer solution is probably a private FB group.  However, I'm not a huge fan of FB, and I'd like to explore options which might otherwise allow clan members to be remain somewhat anonymous (at least to the same degree they are in the game).

I'm fairly tech savvy so I'm open to doing a custom site probably using something templatized like wix or wordpress, but I don't wan't to spend to much time setting up the site (I have all the necessary backend stuff, that's all trivial, I just don't care to much for HTML coding).  This type of site something I haven't done since my DOOM/Quake days (when I had all the time in the world to do nothing but code and play and code all day and night... don't have that kind of time anymore ;).

The clan chat is fairly effective as it is, but it's censored enough that posting links to wiki or gameplay videos on youtube are a chore.

So some of the obvious functional requirements and/or nice to haves are (basically what FB is [or was]) :
* chat
* forum (or linear timeline based is fine)
* pictures/videos (gameplay screenshots and videos)
* nice to have; integration with mobile device (e.g. upload gameply screenshot/video)
* other suggestions?

I have a fairly extensive collection of clan event and general gameply strategy videos which need a home.

What are some of the social media platforms or publishing tools other clan leaders are using to help provide resources to clan members and provide a (safe and friendly) place to collaborate, share gameplay strategy, tips, screenshots, etc.

Thanks for any thoughts suggestions :)
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