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Looking for a more active Eur iOS Clan

Tue Mar 13, 2018 4:36 pm

I joined a random clan in game a while back but unfortunately I seem to be the only active member - in the past few events I have been basically the only one doing anything, and having hatched 70/100 clan eggs on my own I have realised enough is enough!

I have played pretty much everyday since I started the game a few weeks ago and I generally max out my clan points each day, though often go over if there is an event on.  I have got a trio of level 40 dragons and I am at level 78 myself.  I am just trying to better plan out my strategy for levelling up beyond 40 and would like a more active clan to enjoy that aspect of the game more.

If you have an active clan and are looking for keen members then please let me know!