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Avoid this clan

Tue Jan 02, 2018 5:00 pm
If you are looking for a clan to join avoid the clan called Reaper. They are a request to join clan that are in the top five clans globally. Now, their ranking may be tempting to you but they are not the group you want. First off they are obsessed with winning at all cost and expect their members to spend hundreds of real dollars every event and continuously comment that those of their members who cannot afford to spend real money to win are lazy.
These people of course are then threatened with being kicked out and once players are removed, they are talked about in the chat section by the clan leader. The clan leader is very childish and many of the members follow suit.

In the comment section some members of this clan have also made threats against other clans and their leaders that happen to be higher in the global rankings than Reaper is. If you are not willing to pay real money and have a life outside of the game or work for a living, etc, you will be kicked out of this guild. It is best to avoid them this clan is not friendly as they claim when you first join.