All things Clans, post your Clan recruiting HERE!
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If you were looking for  a clan to join !! enter this code: 60180 in the Lighthouse to join our "50 Champions" Clan. 

We are not PUSHY nor DEMANDING as this is a friendly game for fun.

Clan Name:  50 Champions
Clan Level:  15
League Level:  4
League Rank:  30/100
Members: 35/50

We recently shake up our 2 year old clan to welcome active players. Those players who inactive for 3 events in a row will be kicked out. You are not force to play to earn certain points during events, but your participation. Our clan is friendly and chat each other, help each other during events. So why don't you give it a try !!!
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Those codes are called friend/recruitment/referral codes. They do not facilitate joining clans in any way. It's just a way to get rewards for getting new players into the game and adds them into your friend list. ... ral-codes/

All people have to do is search for your clan in the clan search feature.
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