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Clan Managment

Wed May 31, 2017 3:27 am
Alot the stats to manage a Clan are worthless:

​I don't care how much someone donates or recipes completed that only apply to getting the clan dragons that worthless.
​The thing I care about as Clan head is how many clan pionts they contribute to the clan that after all is how we grow as clan.
​I want know total clan pionts in week and how many over all someone has contributed in clan pionts.
That at least I can base promotions on and removal on.

Someone can complete the max recipes and not donate thing or vis versu.

​--- back clan dragons they be more vauleable ---
-if we could use any clan dragon not have active one for whole clan to use.
​-if the clan dragon was not just good for short time maybe like good for 24 hr with 72 hr cooldown.