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Re: Advertise Clan - Windows EUR

Mon Apr 19, 2021 4:47 am
Are you looking to join a clan with a proven record?
Look at joining 1000 Points A Day.
Our name says it all. We are a clan with small numbers, but big heart. With only 22 current members we are still a Tier 5 clan, and listed on top clans.
Are you you looking for a no stress environment? We are a family unit that only asks that you do your best, but we help each other during both the good times and and bad.
We are looking for folks who are looking to join a clan where your only responsibility is scoring 1000 points a day. We have the experience and our older members will share tips and tricks to help you build your dragon world.
  We hold nothing back. Come join us!! Help us, help you. When you win, we win. Together we will make each other stronger.