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Re: Advertise Clan - Windows EUR

Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:47 pm
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Re: Advertise Clan - Windows EUR

Tue Mar 12, 2019 10:31 am
                                                     . INTRODUCTION . 

Après avoir mené Les guerriers de Legolas au sommet, notre roi Yannick se lance un nouveau défi

Il t'invite d'ailleurs à le relever avec nous!

Il était une fois

Une armée de valeureux guerriers , combattant sans gemmes et avec dextérité.

Respectueuse et expérimentée ,  l’ Armée d’Aragorne progresse avec fulgurance.

Tu trouveras respect, solidarité et fierté.

Actif, Engage toi et gonfle les rangs de l'Armée D'Aragorn, ils n'attendent que toi!

L'histoire commence maintenant , seras-tu du bon coté ?

                                                            . LES PRE-REQUIS .
Avoir plus de 16 ans il te faudra.

Etre niveau 50 minimum il te faudra.

Etre Actif il te faudra.

Etre mature il te faudra.

Avoir un pseudo correct tu devras.

                                                           . QUI SOMMES-NOUS? .

Ahhh l’Armée d’Aragorne  :

Nous sommes sérieux mais pas que...

Nous sommes un peu fous mais pas que...

Nous sommes solidaires, bienveillants mais pas que...

Nous sommes effectivement jeunes mais pas que...

Si toi aussi tu es parfaitement équilibré comme notre armée !

                                                                              Rejoins nous !
Started the 13/12/2018.

My team : Tiger ( Torch ? ) / Lilith / Aries

My dream team : Autumn / Lantern ( I have Torch ) / Vortex. ( 1/3 , I'll never give up , but if I have 1 Divine I may change everything )

My impossible dream team : Freyja / Hathor / Odin  ( Thanks to BestDmlPlayer xD )

"Catch me  if you can like the Gingerbread man"
" I'm a poor lonesome cowboy..."
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Re: Advertise Clan - Windows EUR

Wed Mar 20, 2019 7:57 pm
Deep in the misty dark forest of Dragonlandia lay the village of Avalon, a village that has prepared themselves
for centuries.The mighty Leader RavenDarkMoon (9a20be) has been blessed by the gods of Odin to lead her new Clan
Avalonian's Dragonmist into battle and to conquer the grounds of Dragonlandia. Are you brave, strong, fearless
and ready to fight then join Avalonian's Dragonmist, leave all your drama behind, and savour the taste of victory
How to join simply go to clan search then enter Avalonian's Dragonsmist visit clan then apply
We have a few spots left and would love to see you :)
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Re: Advertise Clan - Windows EUR

Thu Mar 21, 2019 9:14 am
Deep in the sky of DRAGON MANIA LEGENDS there is a clan named ARMIFERA FATUM with strong bond of faith with players. Our leader is a strong player having faith on their players. We have few spot for active players. Come join us by searching ARMIMERA FATUM in clan search then send us request we will approve it.Come join and play happily with strong bond of FAITH.
My code is (c2d9ad)