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Re: Advertise Clan - Android EUR

Sun Oct 04, 2020 2:35 am
DMD2 is recruiting again! Please scroll up to see the requirements.
YoniHaimovich/ b0248f/ 5. 11.2015/ 700 unique dragons/  C. Aphrodite, Oi'ra, Molim, Zeus, Plushie, Skully, Gentelman, Polar Bear, Sumo, Love, Briar, Crumbly all 100 8*/ ID: d2460h
Yoni Sleepovich/ 60b8a2/ 30.5.2016/ 700unique dragons/  Torch, Hades, Posh, Springtime,  Autumn, Vortex,  Id: 82d0c4
Level 160 Proud Leader of DMD and DMD2 and helping The Unburnt
Both Android Eur 
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Re: Advertise Clan - Android EUR

Mon Oct 12, 2020 12:59 pm
Clan Name : Cartmanland
Language: Italian/English
Platform: Android (EUR)

Hello guys! We're looking for active people who want to join our new growing clan! Currently we are level 12 (almost 13) and we move between league 4 and 5. Need more active people to stay always in league 5 and unlock best dragons clan! Join us! ;)
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Clan Argyle is looking for new members

Sun Nov 08, 2020 4:12 pm
Hello everybody! Image
I am the leader of a clan named Argyle, level 15 and in League 3, on Android EUR.

I am looking for new members who actually ARE active, this is the only prerequisite that I am looking for right now, no points or levels required.

We are a relaxed, easy-going group of people, we speak English but members come from many countries (for example, I am Italian Image ).
You don't have to request the access in order to become member of our clan, you can simply join us and have fun. Image
Leader of ARGYLE Clan, Level 15, League 3, Android EUR
We are looking for members who ARE active!
If you can take actively part in clan events, you are welcome! :-)
(no minimums required)