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I've noticed a few times since the last update that my game is not progressing correctly when minimized. After I play I generally go back to my home screen, leaving the game running in the background versus fully ending it. Then when I open it back up later, it's like nothing changed. My happiness level is the same, my character level upgrade has not progressed beyond five minutes, and neither have my characters' actions made any progress.

Fortunately if I manually close the game and relaunch it everything is corrected. However this wasn't an issue before and is a bit annoying now when I play the game the several times a day, needing to load it from scratch each time.

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Nanna Jazz

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Came to post the same thing myself - though mine does not occur when minimised (in actual fact, my game crashes when I do use minimise).
I experienced this before the recent update too,  but thought I was loosing my mind!
It has definitely occurred more frequently recently. 

Sadly,  the close and re-open routine rarely works for me.
Closing and opening from an activity notification has only worked once or twice (My computer still gives me notifications based on the time an activity should have completed).

It's only annoying most of the time, but was definitely detrimental during time limited events.
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Would it be possible to send us a full report through the in-game Customer Care menu so that our team can look more closely at this issue?

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