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Tracy Lin

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Google Play (Android)


Hello, 12/15 I update 46, I didn't get rewarded after watching the ad video.
The event is about to start and I don't want to miss out on any of the rewards that belong to me.
There is no problem with my network environment and mobile device memory.
I use Xiaomi Phone, the phone model is Mi A3.
Hope to help repair, thank you
My Player ID: apa:dhhg2e
This is my Entry ID: 109863484
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Amazon Mobile (Kindle)


I have been playing on the Amazon Fire Tablet for 24 days now, and I have never had a video ad work. In the treasure box screen it says "No Ads Available," and when I go to the theater and click the "watch Ad" button, nothing happens. This was from before the new Brave event and is the same issue with the Brave event (that video also will not allow me to select it). Any suggestions on how to fix this? It is synced with my Facebook account, which is clearly registered to someone over the age of 13. Thanks! I am unsure how to find my User ID, as the only thing showing on the "Options" screen in my Facebook login (Alyson L.). I appreciate any help someone can provide.