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Joe Xu

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Last day playing Disney Magic Kingdom

Thu Mar 19, 2020 3:46 pm
Hi all,

Here I am sharing my disaster and final experience with Disney Magic Kingdom

Since March I found that my daily reward and the calendar is missing, even though I login the game everyday. I have ocassionally seen this problem in the kingdom but I never experience before. Thinking that this problem will soon recover, I have tolerated till 9 Mar to make a ticket #1997687 for the problem.

1. The Customer Service guy (each time is different person) everytime is trying hard to persuade me that it is my network problem and hard disk out of space. Correspondingly I show screenshot that I am playing online. I show him I have 90Gb available in the drive. I even show him my network connection is even strong enough to download the whole new version of the game. He just stress "This is not an issue." and ignore the evidence I am providing.

2. reply from a customer service Daria:"According to our logs, the first time you logged in since the beginning of March was on March 9." However, from another customer service Vladislava statement:"According to the data base, you have been logging in the game with no Interner connection enabled since March 1 and untill March 17." Your log and your database is inconsistent. Huh!? If you try to lie, please make a consistent one. I don't even get my reward on Mar 9.

I am not trying to ask for fix or compensation anymore. I am writting to complain the customer service guy Daria and Vladislava. They are not professional or showing any care to the player. I give up the game. Bye.
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Forwarded to the community manager!