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Since the last update everytime i try to level up the characters that are ready it kicks me out of my game, everything else seams to be working fine. Is it because i am on an android tablet?
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Did you know that you posted to the Despicable Me: Minion Rush Forum? Sorry, but we can't help with any Character Books. But we have lots of Bananas that we can share!
I have moved your post to the Disney Forum so that you can get your proper assistance.
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Thanks for that, Gert. Here, I have an extra banana.

Hmm. This is a new one, DisneyJam. I have a couple of theories, but first... Have you submitted an official trouble ticket? You should. Then take a minute and tell us exactly what happens before the crash.
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@DisneyJam Since you're playing on Android, could you please try these common troubleshooting steps? 🤗

- Exit the game.
- Exit all other apps running in the background.
- Reboot the device.
- Turn your Wi-Fi off and back on again, then make sure the signal is strong enough.
- Relaunch the game, making sure that it's the only process running.
- Reconnect to your account.

If it still doesn't work, you can try to reboot your router. We also recommend that you clear some space on your device for proper game performance and clear the cache of the application:

- Go to the device's Settings
- Tap Applications
- Select Manage Applications
- Scroll to find the game, then tap the app icon
- Tap Force Stop
- Tap Clear Cache

NOTE: Do not touch the Clear Data icon.

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I didn’t, I didn’t lose her or whatever. She even shows as not available in my character list.
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Hello , I would like to move viz. migrate my Mobile Phone Application , without losing the gathered Data to another Device - as I even payed fore some of it sorrisoni;#)☺️😋😊😉🤩smilings. I have read the Indications from FAQ but I could not find in the settings the indicated App feature , which would have carried to the asked storing enablement from the 'Magic Kingdom Disney App' to another Device. How do I go on now? Todays day Sunday first / 01. March 2020 Mercogliano City Village around Avellino City in the Province AV - Avellino Region Campaign in Italy.