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I have created and responded to ticket # 18554957.

In that ticket, I mentioned that I have 1,625 Balloons and 1,780 Pixar Balls (Not counting the balls reserved for leveling up the new characters)

I was under the assumption that these would be used for storage for enchanting all related attractions to enchanted Level 5.  Highly annoying, but thought I would get all of that out of the way.

After I started to enchant Mickey's Fun Wheel which costs 5 balloons among other things, the game wants us to collect 5 more balloons.  

So if they're not to be used for storage, why are we needing that many common tokens, especially when, minus the new toy story characters, I have all Toy story and Mickey and Friends characters at maximum levels?
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Joy FromGameloft

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Thanks so much, tailmister, for opening up the ticket and for sharing the case on the Forum.

The ticket is being looked into as we speak and our agents will get back asap. <3

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Fredrik Thorbjørnsen

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Maybe some can be edited into like Coins (Ducktales) and/or Bundles (Dumbo)?