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Bunny tokens not dropping at all

Tue Jul 02, 2019 8:25 pm
I get that they’re epic but I haven’t had a single one drop in three days. I spent over 200 gems speeding up Bo peeps 4 hour task last night to try to get even one ear hat to drop and nothing. Today still nothing.  I have four ways to get these tokens but none have produced the last 10 times are so each. Please look into this. I think my game either thinks I have them all or the ring is seriously skewed.

edit: yes, I have my happiness maxed out even though I don’t seem to get as many wishes as others say we’re supposed to get. No where near 6 an hour and even when playing I rarely get a wish. I have to use gems or buy chests. This game is becoming a chore rather than an entertaining passtime.