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Joy FromGameloft wrote:
Thankies for having so much patience and I'm sorry this has been a little bit confusing.
I've forwarded your message to my Customer Care colleague and you should be reached out shortly!


I'm sure you absolutely meant well Joy.  I haven't been contacted by anyone (except your post) for 13 days.  My ticket # is 17961057.  My user id (that I had played with until the update) is: mdc:2dhcdc7   Is it normal for it to take more than 20 days for people to get support (besides auto-responses) from Gameloft?  I'd probably be better off to just quit the game and take the loss.  I just have that silly notion that makes me believe that customer service exists still when you come from a place of understanding and kindness.  Scores of people seem to be able to get help from Gameloft and I can't get anything but an auto-response.  What do I need to do to be treated like a human? Thank you very much for your consideration and have a good night!
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Thankies for getting back, uncalculatedusername!
It's unfortunate to hear this, I'll take a closer look into what happened!
In the meantime, could you use the steps you've received via email?

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