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Leveling Characters - what should I do?

Tue Sep 03, 2019 10:50 pm
When I started I leveled characters as soon as I could. During the finding nemo event I didn't level any except the nemo characters and only as far as was neccesary. And I think that helped me greatly.

Actually in the begining I clicked on hapiness logo any time I saw them. I didn't realize they'd stick around till i needed them :p.  At this point in the game I don't seem to have any major issues keeping in estactic.

I've got 4 characters at level 10 - Pluto, Goofy, Woody, Tink 

Mickey is ready to go to ten, but I haven't pulled the 24 hour trigger. I just got Flynn and he's at level 2 - he's busy climbing rupunzels locks right now.

Should I try to get all the main characters 'even' and go from there? or just level them willy nilly? (I struggle with willy nilly LOL)

the rest of my characters are as follows:
Level 9 - Mickey*, Timon*, The worthless rabbit from Winnie the pooh*
LVL 8 - Daisy*, Jessie*, Charming*, Emma Swan*, Mike*, Sully, Pumba*
lvl 7 - Buzz (in progress), Fairy God Mother*, Anastasia*
ll 6 - BoPeep*, Sarge, Cinderella*, Drizella, Will Turner,Nemo*, Cursh*
LVL 5 - Minnie, Hamm*, Randall, Banzai*
Lvl 4 - Pete*, Rex*, Roz*, Cellia, Elasta Girl, squirt*, bruce*
lvl 3 - Eve, Violet, Dory*, the worthless sina
LVL2 - Flynn*
LVL 1 - Marlin

* ready to go to next level

I'm working on leveling Flynn as he is progressing my storyline, I have a side quest that needs Randall so working on him, and it seems so far anytime i level minnie there is a quest (after which she becomes pretty useless, unless you want balloons.

Any thoughts on what I should do to get ready for next event??
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Assuming the next event is a tower challenge, I'd recommend leveling up some of the earlier main story line characters.  Mickey and Friends characters, Toy Story characters, Cinderella and Pirates group.  Also Monsters.

Don't waste time or money leveling up Lion King characters right now.  They were focused in the last TC.  Also, Nemo characters shouldn't appear in this TC.  (So, do them if you want to, but don't focus on them.)

Other than that, hard to guess what characters will be important this upcoming TC.  Anyone have any predictions?
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I mostly agree with Donalyn and I'll elaborate based off your list.

Should be level 10 (in no particular order):
Eve, Mickey, Daisy, Jessie, Mike, Sully, BoPeep, Buzz, Sarge, Minnie, Hamm, Randall, Pete, Rex, Roz, Celia, Flynn.

I'd recommend on leveling up those characters from the lowest level first to the highest.
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It could also help in the TC to get at least one character of every group to lvl 10. This way one has a hero for refreshing.
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I always look for the level time that fits best. When I'm online I can choose short times. When I go to bed I rather take an 8 hour one.

I keep the characters at level 9 - so I can level them to level 10 when the next event is announced. Leveling to 10 doesn't unlock the token gathering again. So the level 9 ones are the only ones that won't cause token interferences during the event.

Gameloft might announce some of the characters needed in the next tower challenge. If they do - then focus on these characters.