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Re: Cost of characters and land plots

Wed Aug 14, 2019 7:29 pm
I dont want to say this too loud ( for fear they **** with this) but for me magic collection / production is one of the things that Gameloft has gotten right.

I have been playing for 595 days (around the snow white event) and i have all characters, land and attractions. most of my characters are level 10 (except, hyenas, duck tails and nemo).

Ive found through out my playing that i always have just enough magic for what i need or if im saving up for an expensive bit of land it never really took me that long. ( if I really try I can make about 130,000 magic per day) that means two hour missions no double missiions during the day and 6 / 8hr missions at night. running the floats as much as possible and collecting all chests etc.  Oh and no leveling (or level my cheapest person.

But what I found that my magic production increased roughly the same rate as my need to get more. i.e. the more buildings and characters you have the more you need to level them up and buy more land to fit in your attractions. and by the time I had all the land I had so many characters i could never be bothered to send them all out so I would place most of them home and only keep out those that were collecting tokens.

Right now I have over 100 home and im still making more magc than I need to level up my charcters. I have over 1 million spare magic at the minute. I know that there are players with 15 and 16 million magic just sitting around with nothing to spend it on. but im only just now getting to the stage where my magic production is greater than my need as im still activly leveling every day ( when possible).

My strategy has been three fold.#

1= mass magic production everyone out on two hour missions and constantly checking in as often as possible.
2= normal work day  most characters home only those i need out. send our token missions, check at lunch and re send. check after work the two hour missions in the evening. followed by 6-8 hr at night.
3=weekend what ever I can be bothered with tbh. if im on my own with nothing to do then its fairly regular. but if im out with the family then i treat it like a work day.

keep leveling but balance the cheaper characters so that you always have a bit in reserve.

good luck and happy playing.