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Thanks I hope the makers of the game do read these post and get some idea lol... my 12yr old was asking me the other day why doesn't DMK have side quest like my other games to help out the players so i told him I dont know but that sounds loke a great idea.. thats why i post it up hoping some one in charge will bring up the idea to the big bosses and put it in lol.. have a great day/night
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I see... the answer to which is ,,,,, *ahem* not explainable?
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Since this thread is being read by the team I would like to make a wish for collection-specific concession/decoration sales. For example, a sale that includes Wreck-it-Ralph concessions and decorations, one that includes Alice in Wonderland concessions and decorations and so on....
That would make it possible for us to get what we’d love to have that we’re missing.
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Robin Hood has a massively underrated fan base and would be a great add
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Greenlawler wrote:
Robin Hood has a massively underrated fan base and would be a great add


Oh yesss - I'd love to have him in the game!
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           Don't forget Maid Marian as well, :)
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We're so happy you keep adding your suggestions in this thread! <3

Kudos Kingdomers! <3
Always use common sense and don’t do anything to another member that you wouldn't want them to do to you. It’s the Golden Rule!

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The coco concessions that passes out coco during the TC.
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I make a schedule for High School Musical event

Merlin is bored with the lack of music in the kingdom and decides to make a musical in the kingdom

Event: Make Your Dreams Come True (Make You Dreams Come True)

Kelsie Nielsen
Chad Danforth (premium)
Ryan Evans
Sharpay Evans
Taylor McKessie (premium)
Troy Bolton
Gabriella Montez

Mickey Wildcat
Minnie Cheerleader

East High School
Lava Springs Resort
Gabriella's house
High School Musical Pep Rally (premium)

WildCats Flag
Basketball hoop
East High Bench

Wild cats finger shop
Boi's Backpack Shop (Sharpay puppy)
WildCats T-Shirt Shop

Parade Float:
High School Musical Parade Float

Main role:
Things are really stuck around here ... I know what to do!
I'm going to make a musical!
I know the perfect person to compose the songs

1- Welcome Kelsi Nielsen (Welcome a songwriter)
5 Wildcats Symbols, 2 Piano Sheet Music, 2 Kelsie Ears Hat

1.1-Send Chad to train (He walks through the kingdom hitting the basketball)
 (Chad Tokens: Wild Cats Symbol, Basketball Ball, Chad's Earmuff)

2- Send Kelsie to seek inspiration (she walks through the kingdom)
3- Send Kelsie to think about the main actors (same animation as the previous activity, but this time she is holding a notebook and a pen and writes on them sometimes)
4- build East High School (needs Kelsi nvl 2)
5 - Send Kelsie to compose some songs (you need the school east high and Kelsie nvl 2)
6-Welcome Ryan Evans (Welcome a choreographer)
40 Wildcats Symbols, 10 Suede Hats, 10 Ryan Ears Hat

7. Send Ryan to observe the inhabitants to discover their movements (he walks through the kingdom)
8- Send Ryan to work on the choreography (requires east high school)
9- Send Ryan and Kelsie to synchronize the songs (Ryan nvl 2, Kelsie nvl 3)
9.1- Synchronize music and choreography (parts to pick up the necessary items to welcome Gabriella, the 3 characters were dancing on the basketball court
which will replace the balloon next to the castle (item that will be picked up: Bequer)
10- Send Kelsie to look for a star
10.1- Send Ryan to search for Gabriella
10.2- Send Ryan to remind his sister
11- Call up Sharpay Evans (call a music star)
50 Wildcats Symbols, 10 Boi's Bags, 10 Sharpay Ears Hat

11.1- Send Taylor to observe the place (she walks through the kingdom)
(Taylor tokens: Wildcats symbol, test tube, Taylor's hat)

12- send Sharpay to be angry with Ryan for having forgotten her (Sharpay turns away from Ryan and turns around, he opens his arms)
12.1 (another mission to get the tokens of Gabriella, item that will be picked up: Gabriella's pink tiara)
13- Send Kelsie to write the part of Sharpay (need Kelsie nvl 4)
13.1- Send Ryan and Sharpay to train the choreography (you need the east high school
14- Send Sharpay to look for something fabulous (she walks through the park)
15- build the resort lava springs (Sharpay needs at nvl 2)
16- Send Sharpay to relax and wait for your part in the musical (you need the resort's lava springs)
17- Send Ryan to do yoga (needs the resort's lava springs and Ryan nvl 3)
18- Send Kelsi to look for Sharpay at the resort (needs resort lava springs)
19- Send Sharpay to change the melody of the song (you need Kelsie and East High school)
20- Send Ryan to look for Gabriela (he walks through the park)
21- build Gabriela's house
22- Send Kelsie to search for Troy and Gabriella (you need the Gabriella House)
22.1- Send Ryan and Sharpay to rehearse (Need Sharpay nvl 3)
23- Welcome Troy Bolton (Welcome a Team's Captain)
(60 symbols of the Wildcats, 14 Pictures of Troy's father (Troy's Dad photo), 14 Troy's ears hat)
24- send Troy to look for Gabriela at her house (she needs Gabriela's house)
25- Send Kelsie to write the part of Troy and Gabriella (Needs Kelsie nvl 5 and east high school)
26- Send Troy to earn extra credits (Lava Springs Resort Required)
27- Send Ryan and Troy to rehearse choreography (Needs Troy nvl 2 and east high school)
28- Send Kelsie to make the melody (a piano comes out and Kelsie plays it (needs an open area))
29- Send Sharpay and Troy to sing together (you need the Lava Springs Resort)
29.1- Send Ryan to talk to Gabriela (needs Gabriella's House)
29.2- Send Kelsie to deliver the melody ready (requires East High School)
30- third part of the necessary items for the welcoming of Gabriella (token of the time: Badge of Lifeguard (fixed token to level up along with the hat of ears)
(Ryan + Sharpay, Chad + Troy, Kelsi + Taylor)
31- Welcome Gabriella Montez (call a new prodigy)

32- Send everyone to make the musical
(Requires all characters)
33- Send Troy and Gabriella to enjoy the day together (The two go hand in hand for the kingdom)
End of the event!

I hope you enjoyed
Ps: the event could cover facts or activities from the 3 films +  Sharpay's spin off
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Yup I would go for High School Musical, I luved those characters, and well done on the Event you made Gabriel M. , you did a really wonderful job on it, ( Bravo) !! :)