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Re: New backlog thread

Tue Jan 08, 2019 6:42 pm
What’s the advantage of having a level 8 character over a level 6 in a tower challenge? (This will be my first one)
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Re: New backlog thread

Tue Jan 08, 2019 6:58 pm
Lisa522 wrote:
What’s the advantage of having a level 8 character over a level 6 in a tower challenge? (This will be my first one)

The higher the level the character the higher event currency you earn (which buys the buildings, tokens for main character prize and characters)  also the higher the event points which gets you mini prizes.

DO NOT BUY TOKENS FOR THE MAIN PRIZE (in this case the cricket) UNLESS YOU HAVE ENOUGH.  Wait till the end, but leave more then enough time to welcome the character.
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Re: New backlog thread

Tue Jan 08, 2019 7:53 pm
Thank you so much everyone for your input and encouragement!  Leveled up Nani to 9.  Best she will get before the TC unless luck falls my way on collecting all her items!  Upgrading Stitch right now to 8.  All other L&S characters are at 7.  Just going to keep upgrading.  

I realize this might not have been the “correct” thread to post my message on, however, without having read this thread, I would not have realized the HUGE mistakes I have been making by not leveling up my characters.  My Little Mermaid Characters and Big Hero 6 characters haven’t been touched either.  They are level 5’s.  

I have almost all the characters (we shall not speak of Grumpy [I couldn’t even win him in a Platinum Chest either!]),I don’t have Wall-E, Vanellope 😞, and a few others.  I realized I know of 1 stand I don’t have...it is Alice in Wonderland.  Not sure what it sells, but I don’t believe it was on the “stand sale” last week.  Oh, don’t try and rearrange your whole park the day before what I thought was the TC!  However, I know only have 2 buildings in storage instead of 10!  So, I guess it was a plus!  

Thank you all again for your knowledge and encouragement and patience (with a player who loves Disney so much) but has been playing the game wrong!  I could NOT do this without you guys!

Have a Most Magical Day!
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Re: New backlog thread

Tue Jan 08, 2019 9:28 pm
I have been playing for bout 1216 days, and I am Level 60,  here are My Level's>
Maxed Out at lvl 10= Pluto, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Daisy, Donald, Pete, Jessie, Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep, Sarge, Cinderella, Prince Charming ( Cindy ), Tinkerbell, Boo, Wall-E, Sally, Anna, Pumbaa, Judy Hopps, Mrs Incredible, Olaf, Beast, Hamm , Mulan, Chip, Zurg , Fairy Godmother, Dale, T-Rex, Bullseye, Mike W, Sulley , Eve.Aurora, Prince Phillip, Grumpy, Elsa, Snow White, Dash, Flora,
Lvl 9 =  Huey,
Lvl 8 =  Wendy, Capt. Hook, Roz, Randall,  Flynn, Maximus, Nick Wilde, Zazu, Nala, Rafiki, Caterpillar, Eeyore , Nani , Mushu,  Mrs. Potts, White Rabbit,Belle, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Jasmin, Aladdin, Iago. Toy Alien.Violet, Happy, Bashful, The Queen, Sleepy, Doc, Sneezy, Dopey.Rapunzel, Sven, Jack Sparrow, Will turner, Tia Dalma, Davy Jones, Merryweather, Pocahontas,
Lvl 7 =  Peter Pan, John Darling, Michael Darling, Elizabeth Swann, Ralph, Capt. Barbossa, Celia Mae, Mother Gothel,  Chief Bogo, Jack Skellington , Oogie Boogie, Simba, Timon, Cheshire Cat,  Tigger, Rabbit, Lilo, Angel, Pleakley, Cobra Bubbles, Honey Lemon. Li Shang,  Stitch, Jumba.Ursula, Prince Eric, Scuttle, Sabastian , Gaston, Go Go,  Chip.Fauna,  Anastasia, Abu, Jafar, Kristoff,Drizella, Lady Tremaine, Anastasia.Ducky, Forky, Pascal,Bruni-(FireSpirit), 
Lvl 6 =   Flower, Bagheera, Mowgli, Zero, Mad Hatter, Kanga, Hiro,  Ariel, King Triton, Flounder.Eudora, Prince Naveen.King Louie,    Sina, Chief Tui. Genie, Carpet. the Mayor, The Sultan, mr. Incredible, Jack Jack, Frozone, Crush, Nemo,  Ernesto de la Cruz, Hans, Poe, Finn, Barley, Colt,Tramp,Phil, Megara,Meeko, 
Lvl 5 =  Thumper, Bambi, Baloo, Shere Khan,  Alice, March Hare, Queen of Hearts, Winnie the Pooh, Yokai, Fred, Wasabi, Vanellope, Spamley, Yesss,   Louis. Pua, Scar, Timothy Q Mouse , The Ring Master, Calhoun, Mama Odie, Le fou , Dumbo, Charlotte Labeouf, Fix it Felix jr, Gramma Tala, Hei Hei, Cri-kee ,  Dr. Faciliar, Shank, Piglet, Moana, Maui, Tiana, Baymax, Christopher Robins, Flash, Squirt, Miguel.Mama Imelda, Abuelita, Dante, Mama Coco,Ryder, Rey, Louie, Scrooge McDuck,  Trusty,  
Lvl 4 = Rajah, Bruce, Marlin, Dory, Hank, Bunny, Hector Rivera, HoneyMaren, Joe. Laurel, Blazey,Manticor, Dewey, General Hux, Prince Charming (SW) , Pain,  Percy, Owl, Pegasus,BB-8, 
Lvl 3 =  Ed, Banzai,  Shenzi,  Syndrome, Storm Trooper, C-3PO, Ian, Lady, Tony, Panic,Hercules, Hades,Gord,
Lvl 2 = Merlin,  Kylo Ren, R2-D2, Jock, Dad, ( The Bride) Constance Hatchaway,
Lvl 1 = 0
Chars I do not have = Shock, Barrel, Lock.
Costumes I do not have = 0.
Attraction's/Building's I do not have > Western Arcade,
Buildings/attractions in storage> Omnidroid City , The Magic Lamp Theater, The Magic Carpet's of Aladdin, Cave of Wonder's , Princess Dressing Room, All Finding Nemo, All Lion King, All Jungle Book, Splash Mountain, Enchanted Tiki room, Primeval whirl, Reflection of china,
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Re: New backlog thread

Wed Jan 09, 2019 7:17 am
Second post in this thread about my own park. If it's a whole number listed, they're ready to level up. Fractions or decimals used where they're still working towards their next level.

175 days in. Storywise, I'm saving for the land up and right from the railroad - about 150k short so should happen in 2 or 3 days. I've also got "Build PotC" pending but since that's technically further into the story, I'm doing that later (also, y'know, more land with the story - woohoo). So...

Maxed - Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Rex, Jessie & Bullseye. Donald is 7-ish hours from being there too (Yay- I can finally clear that last Donald side quest from the list :) ).

Disney Classic: Since the update - Daisy & Pete mid-9. Chip max 9, Dale 9 1/3.

Toy Story: Buzz, Woody, Bo Peep, Sarge & Hamm all 9, Zurg 8.8, Alien 7.6. (It's barely 12 hours since the update, and already Zurg is almost ready for 9 again - fortune favours the dictators ;) )

Cinderella: Cinderella, Prince & Godmother all 9. New two are both about 1.5.

Peter Pan: Tinkerbell 9, Captain Hook (my Xmas bonus character) at 5. No others yet.

PotC: Elizabeth & Will 9, Davey Jones 9.5, Jack 8, Barbossa 7.5 ('only' 9 more ears, but the drop rate on those seems to have dropped significantly since Tia came along). Tia about 6 1/3 - not sure if her drop rates have, er, dropped or if I've just diverted Davy with Barbossa ears.

Monsters Inc: All at 9.5 - they were at 9 maxed before the update. Pretty sure I'll have enough to keep me busy while they token up again.

Wall-E: WALL-E 9, EVE 8

Tangled: Flynn at 7, other 3 at 8. Gothel will be the next one I level up tonight so I can gather her last few ears and remove her from the chest lottery to increase my chance of getting Oor Willie.

Sleeping Beauty: All at 8 except the Prince & Fauna at 7. (I just realised - Flora is red, Fauna is green - shouldn't they be the other way around?)

Zootopia: Judy & Nick at 9, Flash & Chief at 7. Technically I need one more ear (ears?) for Nick to be maxed but meh, it'll happen before I get around to leveling him.

Bambi: All at 7. I need to get a champion for the TC ahead here (just in case, not sure if they'll even be needed).

Jungle Book: Mowgli & Louie at 7, Bagheera & Baloo at 5. I know I don't need to level them up to get through their story, but I should probably do one for the TC - they're just so damn expensive though.

Incredibles: All at 7 except Jack-Jack at 4.8-ish. He's gonna take a while, I can tell. Also a group on the list to get a champion ready for a TC.

NBC: All at 7 except the Mayor at 5 and Sally at 9.

Frozen: Bought a few chest bundles in the Xmas specials and got the lot (including useful Attractions). They've been remarkably easy to level up, so Anna, Olaf & Sven are at 9, Elsa & Kristoff at 7, Hans at 6.

Mulan - nada, zip. Hoping to get lucky with whatever bundle purchase arrives before the next TC.

B&B: Beast, Belle, Cogsworth & Mrs Potts at 9. Chip, Lumiere & Gaston at 7.

Lion King: N/A

Aladdin: Jasmine at 9, Iago at 8, the rest at 7. Jafar will be firmly parked there for a while since he costs so much more than the rest to upgrade.

Alice: All at 7 except Mad Hatter at 8. Like Jafar, the Queen will be parked for quite a while. Mad Hatter's gonna be my champ for the TC, just in case. He's quite high on my list of chars to upgrade.

Snow White: Appropriately, most are at 7. Bashful at 5 & He-who-must-not-be-named at 8 - he'll be next, just in case. The Queen will be last to level up because, again, so freakin' expensive.

Winnie: Tigger & Rabbit at 7, got the rest in the Xmas sales, Eeyore at 6.9, Kanga & Roo at 5. Piglet nearly with them (2 more ears). Pooh at 4 1/2, Christopher Robin low 3.

Lilo & Stitch: Another group that GL benefited from me buying in the sale. Nani, Lilo & Pleakley at 6, Jumba 6.5, Cobra 6.75, Stitch about 3 1/3.

BH6 : Still no Baymax (my only chest bundle failure - I even bought 2 :( :( :( ).All others at 8, except Honey Lemon at 9.

TLM: Ariel 9, Sebastian & Ursula 8, the rest at 7.

Wreck it Ralph: Ralph at 7, the rest at 6 (Vanellope a couple more ears so 6.9-ish, Shank about 6.25).

I like this thread. Even though it felt like I didn't make much progress in the last month or so, going back and updating where I was back then was quite uplifting. There's obviously still a lot to do, but it's nice to feel like I'm making progress. Even if people don't want to post their progress, I would recommend keeping a log - for me at least, it makes the game feel less overwhelming and more satisfying :)

Good luck on the new characters and the upcoming TC folks.
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Re: New backlog thread

Wed Jan 09, 2019 10:46 pm
Level 9: Spamley, Fix-it-Felix
Level 8: Shank, Yesss, The Mayor (he's taking forever)
Level 5: Vanellope
Level 2: Drizella & Lady Tremaine
Unwelcomed: Anastasia

All other available characters (151 total) at level 10.
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Re: New backlog thread

Thu Jan 10, 2019 2:09 pm
146 characters Maxed out
Lvl 9 (7 )
The Mayor
Fix It Felix

Lvl 8 ( 1 )
Peter Pan
Lvl 3 ( 2 )
John Darling
Still to Welcome ( 3 )
Michael Darling
Shear Khan

More grinding on the Mayor. Can't believe how many tokens he needs now.
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Re: New backlog thread

Tue Jan 15, 2019 1:06 am
Since I am actively fighting in what is now known as the Battle for the Animation Academy, I have stopped leveling any characters for the moment.  It seemed to be a good time to update here:

Level 9 (-> 10): Captain Barbossa, Jack-Jack, Hiro, Baymax, Honey Lemon, Sebastian, Scuttle, Prince Eric, Flounder
Level 8 (-> 9): Michael Darling, John Darling, Elizabeth Swann, Captain Jack Sparrow, Tia Dalma, Davy Jones, Thumper, Bambi, Flower, Go Go, Fred, Wasabi, King Triton, Ursula, Ralph
Level 7 (-> 8): The Mayor, Spamley, Yesss
Level 6 (-> 7): Vanellope, Fix-It Felix Jr, Calhoun, Shank
Level 3 (-> 4): Drizella Tremaine, Lady Tremaine
Level 2 (-> 3): Anastasia Tremaine
Everyone else is at Max level.

One the Battle is over (I just reached 44 Battle Bots and am barely hanging in the leaderboard top 10), I'll level up Anastasia and continue the Tremaine quest line.  Then I'll probably start working on one of the Level 6 WIR characters.
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Re: New backlog thread

Thu Jan 17, 2019 5:37 pm
As part of my backlog plan now, I am counting the group tokens for each group to level up (as opposed to the individual character tokens). I'm stunned by the numbers. For example:
Little Mermaid group needs 300. (Ariel and Eric already at 10)
Big Hero needs 460. (mine are either level 6 or 7 - so that is 460 per level!)
Wrecked Ralph needs 510 (most are at 7)
One hour token quests for the next few years!!!!
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Re: New backlog thread

Fri Jan 18, 2019 3:00 am
Before the next TC, I'm focusing on the step-sisters and Peter Pan.  I have John Darling leveling up to 10 now and hoping to get Wendy up to 10 as well before we start (having issues with the ears).  Peter and Michael Darling are at 8 and likely now way that they are getting any higher, unless they are in the last chapter of the TC.  If we have time, I may also work some on Pirates, as I have three of them ready to go to 10.  

Also of note - I collected my last TLM shell yesterday (unless a legendary chest brings me Eric someday or a tower character is added to this collection).  That was exciting.  Now I'm focusing on WIR wifi tokens, as I work to get that collection leveled up too.  

The last TC definitely taught me the importance of leveling up characters - not only does it help with the points and EC, but you don't want to be hit with an unexpected increase in the token requirements.  And, if they continue the gem chests like they did last time, you want to have as many of the tokens out of the chests to increase your chances for something good.