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Re: Fan Fiction

Wed Jul 17, 2019 12:18 am
Add Remy and Emile of Ratatouille as a character
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Re: Fan Fiction

Thu Jul 18, 2019 8:14 pm
In my park, Main Street houses my contribution to the park, a six screen movie theater.

The theater is a chance for guests to catch their breath in an air conditioned theater, and they can watch Disney films.  It also gives more sales to food and drink concessions that aren't in the park due to spacing issues, and it houses a gift shop that sells Blu-Ray, DVDs, and merchandise based on the featured movie of the time.  Before each screening, there are ads to phone apps, but there's little I can do about that.

Tickets to one showing is free with a valid ticket to the park for that day, and $15 for additional tickets and non-guests.  (Seperate entrance).  It is a private theater that shows nothing but Disney movies, and most theater- goers understand that.  Its also the place that, when new characters are coming to the park, characters see the movies in a private screening so they know more about the new characters so they can welcome them better.

Most of the theaters showed the movies that the characters are based on during the time of whats happening in the park.  For example, during the Moana event, Moana was shown on Screen 1, Snow White on Screen 2, Screen 3 showed Dumbo since the park was collecting tokens for Dumbo.  This was a way for guests who haven't seen the movies to see it and get excited for whats happening in the park.

Screen 6 showed short films of Mickey Mouse and friends, silly symphony cartoons, and others (imagine the Donald Duck presents show on Disney channel) in the morning and afternoon, and showed a series of hour or less 'Tales of Disney Magic Kingdoms' films, theaterical reptesentations of the main story and the events of the past.  (Guests of the park only).  

Screens 4 and 5 rotate between movies based on characters in the park, or of interest to the park.  Two weeks after Notre Dame caught fire, screen 5 showed 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' for a week.  The theater didn't do a promotion that gave money to Notre Dame or anything like that, but there was a special kiosk outside the screen lobby where guests choose to enter, and they can learn how they can donate to rebuild notre dame.  One guest said that they like the movie, but not the religion based on notre dame, and since nothing felt forced or guilt tripped, or felt like he had to donate to a cause he didn't believe in, he felt comfortable watching the movie in the theater.

Disney seemed to like what I was doing, but they asked me, demanded really, to show remakes of their classic movies.

As some of you might have guessed, I'm not a big fan of the disney remake trend, and I didn't see many of them.  I saw the remakes of Beauty and the Beast, and Mary Poppins, but I didn't like them when I compared it to the originals.  I made a rant of the Beauty and the Beast remake in the fanfiction earlier, thats how much I hated it.  And Disney forcing me to show the remakes when I didn't want too made me feel uncomfortable.

As I looked and checked the contracts based on the movie showings, I discovered a loophole in their contract, or rather didn't prohibit me from doing something that I wanted to do, and having the characters look through it and checked it thouroughly, and seeing nothing to prohibit me, I knew what I had to do.

When Mary Poppins, Dumbo, Aladdin, and Lion King renakes were made, I showed the remakes in Screen 1, but the original Mary Poppins, Dumbo, Aladdin, and Lion King were shown in screen 2 during the remakes' runtime.

Some guests were confused, some were worried that I would get in trouble, but many of them were happy that I did that.  One guest pulled me aside and said that he was on the fence about seeing the remake, but he feared that if it was bad, it would be an insult to the original and disney was trying to replace the originals with inferior versions and insult his younger self.  But when he saw that both versions were in the same theater, he felt relieved that no such thing was going on.  Because he felt relieved and the gamble wasn't as big, he had the courage to see the remakes.

He said that there were elements of the remakes that he liked, or even whole movies he liked better.  That opportunity he wouldn't have taken if the gamble wasn't lowered like that.  When he told me all this, I said I might not agree, but if you like something because you like it, and not because you felt bullied or forced, or believe you'll be an <insert your own word meant to make you feel like a bad guy> ist if you don't watch or like something, go ahead and enjoy it.  He thanked me for listening and respecting his opinions  and went on his way, both of us feeling better afterwards.

And the best part is that Disney has little to complain about.  Even if they come to me saying ticket sales for the remakes are down, I'll tell them stories like that.  And even if guests don't want to see the remake, but they see the original, Disney still makes money off tickets and merchandise sales of the movie.  Guests feel like they have a choice in the matter.  Whether they like the original, the remake, or both, guests will still enjoy the disney stories.  And I feel less guilty for showing the remakes.  Its a win-win-win for everybody.

P.S.  I don't know if theaters in real life are allowed to do that, but if they did, that would be cool.
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Re: Fan Fiction

Fri Jul 19, 2019 9:49 am
tailmister wrote:
P.S.  I don't know if theaters in real life are allowed to do that, but if they did, that would be cool.

Short form, they are not; the originals are currently locked away in the vault, but I wish your dream was implementable as it would show just how most of the actual paying public feel about these 'remakes' versus the orignals.  (And I personally feel the originals would be kicking the stuffing out of these live action (well, massive cgi with SOME live action, in these most recent releases) wannabes if they were actually put up side by side as you propose!
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Re: Fan Fiction

Mon Jul 29, 2019 8:13 pm
As the kingdom is progressing as usual and preparing for the new Finding Nemo content, I decide to head into the Lion King section of the park to check on the hyenas to see how they were coping and adjusting to the kingdom, carrying a bag of unsellable food and drinks.  We worked out a system with that kind of thing, that the characters can eat and drink some of them after hours so there's less waste.  The hyenas were given a triple portion since they looked starved.

As I head into the makeshift cave in the Festival of the Lion King attraction, located at the base, I see Shenzi just waking up.  She sees me and smiles, looking at the bag of food, and how kind I've been to her and her friends.  They looked starved and mean when they arrived, but are gradually looking healthier each day.

Shenzi:  Hey tailmister, thanks for the food.  Banzai and Ed left to get a drink and run around the flatlands.  They should be back soon and they'll love it too.

Tailmister:  I'm glad to hear it, but I'm not here just to drop off food.  I'm here to talk about some things.

Shenzi:  Oh?

Tailmister:  I'm happy to hear that you're adapting to the kingdom, but I've also noticed that the three of you have an extremely hard time working with the lions, Simba, Nala, and Scar.

Shenzi started to gag on hearing those names but bade me to continue.

Tailmister:  The guests seem to like the acts the three of you come up with, but the three of you seem hesitant, resentful, and even angry when the acts involve the lions.  Several times, other characters had to distract or break it up, and guests get scared.  This can't continue, and I just want to know what happened so we can work on that.

Shenzi (sigh):  I suppose you had to ask sooner or later, and you seem to be the only one I know who will listen without judging me too harshly.  I'm trying to work with the lions, but there's too much bad blood between us to just let it go, at least not yet.

Tailmister:  I guess, mind telling me what happened?

Shenzi nodded and told me the story.

Shenzi:  Before I was born, when Mufassa's father was king, there was a civil war.

The laws of the circle of life were in place to keep nature and the well- being of all animals in balance.  There were many parts of that law that were cruel, since it was an animal- eat-animal world and all, but was the best law they had to keep order until they evolve so they don't have to eat each other anymore.

One of the laws was to keep the predator to prey ratio in check so everybody had enough to eat, something that Scar failed to consider during his tenure as king.

If it gets to a point where there are too many predators, some leave the pridelands in search of food and new homes, many others are hesitant since they love the pridelands, but after a good talk as to why they need to leave to keep the circle of life in check, most of them choose who should stay, and the rest leave.

But the hyenas didn't want to go.  They were led by a Matriarch that had different ideas on how to live and enjoy themselves, and that the circle of life was holding themselves back.  Shenzi admitted that she likes the lifestyle, but the time wasn't right for it to adopt that lifestyle without devastating consequences.  Its a good reason why the lion king characters are jealous of the zootopians.

Anyway, in spite of Mufassa's father trying to tell them why most of them needed to leave, the hyenas wouldn't leave, saying that they love it here, and they were being punished just for living, eating, and raising children here.  And they were constantly mumuring how the lions were always pushy and seem to be exempt from the 'Leaving the Pridelands' rule, making them feeling persecuted.  

It got to the point when the balance of the circle of life was threatened to the point of unsustainability, and action had to be taken.  But instead of listening to one last chance to see reason, the hyenas started a civil war.

The next month was terrible.  Hyenas and Lions battled it out, with the Hyenas attempting to overthrow the monarchy.  Lions and Hyenas suffered losses and tragedies, with many other animals caught in the crossfire.

It was only on the day when the king killed the Matriarch that the fighting stopped.  The king had no choice but to banish the hyenas to the outlands, and any hyena who broke that law would be put to death.

The outlands were once a place with a good amount of food and water, but the hyena's lifestyle and sheer numbers overwhelmed it and, in less than three years, left it in a barely livable place around the time Shenzi was born.  

She was taught the twisted version of the story, and the hyenas hated the pridelanders.  The pridelanders, in turn, were fearful of the hyenas that associating with them was out of the question, that the ban wasn't lifted when Mufassa took the throne.  It didn't help that the outlands were barely livable, justifying the circle of life way of living.  The outlands were barely livable, so many hyenas had no choice but to break the law to get food just to survive.  Even Hyenas who were decent, accepted the circle of life, and could've lived in the pridelands without any difficulty was denied access, which in turn fueled the despair and persecution feelings.

It was a cycle of hate and despair between the hyenas and pridelanders, and Scar's tenure as king only made things worse.  If the three of them haven't managed to find their way into the kingdom, they would be living that life today.

Shenzi sighed and shook, feeling she got a lot out of her system.  She admitted that she knew the kingdom wasn't the pridelands or the outlands, and she expressed interest in embracing the spirit of tolerance, friendship, and happiness that the kingdom promotes, but both sides need time and counseling to make things work.  She thanked me for listening and I left before Banzai and Ed came back.

I thank Shenzi for expressing all that, so we can help them become happy animals, and help the kingdom become more enriched in the process.
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Re: Fan Fiction

Fri Aug 16, 2019 6:58 pm
This morning, Rabbit was nervously pacing in his home.  Today he is accompanying a make-a-wish family, escorting them through the park for an entire day.

A few days earlier, The kingdom asked Rabbit if he could do this.  He was given a briefing about it, he would be spending the entire day with this family and their daughter named Amanda.  It was an unusual arrangement that the kingdom wouldn't normally allow, but Amanda seemed to really love Rabbit, and wanted to spend as much time with him as possible.  After getting the details and the agenda sorted out, Rabbit agreed.

At the scheduled time, there was a knock at the door.  Rabbit pretended to be annoyed, opened his door and started scolding Pooh for borrowing Honey for the third time this morning, but would then notice that it wasn't Pooh but his guests, he would realize his mistake and welcome them in.

The group had a mom and dad, a make-a-wish caregiver, a cast member accompanying the group as a 'Guard', and there was 9-year-old Amanda in a wheelchair.  She had an illness that, while she can stand for a short amount of time, can't use her legs to walk.  She had a weakened heart, so while she can handle some surprises, she couldn't ride the attractions with high and constant G-forces.  She also didn't talk very much, almost making her mute.  Doctors said that it's highly unlikely she'll make it to thirteen, and Rabbit could see that.

Rabbit allowed the group to set down their coolers and jackets they won't need right now and then started the tour.  He decided to start with a tour around his home.  The group seemed impressed that the home looked so warm and clean.  Rabbit chuckled and smiled at that.

As they went outside, Rabbit showed the group around his garden.  He said that rabbits needed to eat a lot of veggies to stay healthy, so he grows his personal food in that little garden, so he hates it when someone ruins it.

Speaking of which, Tigger pounced Rabbit, says he's tigger, and showed off his bouncing to the group for a few minutes.  After he left, Rabbit showed them around the Winnie the pooh section, riding the rides, seeing the rest of the characters, and giving a nice hug to Roo.  Roo gave the group a picture of Amanda as a superhero, to which the group was touched by.

The group went to the Alice in Wonderland section, riding the attractions they can ride, Rabbit having an argument with the March Hare, and showing 'Manners' to the queen of hearts.  Then they stopped by the Snow White section, where Amanda got to interact with Snow White and play with the wishing well.

They went to the Mickey and Friends section where they got pictures of Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and the rest.  Afterwards, they stopped by Rabbit's house for a cooldown and lunch.  The family got their lunch and a special diet for Amanda, while Rabbit whipped up a quick salad for his lunch, and a little extra in case the group wanted to try some.  His salad is from a recipe he was working on for a while, hoping his salad becomes a concession stand one day.  The caregiver tried some of it, liked it, and she and Rabbit went into a lively conversation about salads and how to improve them.

During this brief rest from the park outside, Rabbit observed that this family was just as happy and lively as most.  Sure they had the same feelings of a family walking through a crowded park on a hot day, but Rabbit was happy that, in spite of wheeling around a sick child, they talked, laughed, cried, and were a happy and whole family, with some guilt that they get special FastPass access to rides and characters because of Amanda.  Rabbit felt like he had to be reminded that this was a make-a-wish family, which he was happy and having a fun time with.  He was afraid that he would be stuck with a family that would use their privilege in a mournful tone.  

Rabbit noticed that throughout the visit, Amanda would hold Rabbit's arm from time to time and nuzzle it.  Her parents told Rabbit that it was a source of comfort to her, and Rabbit's arm is very soft and strong.  Rabbit may not look it, but he is strong.  While he can't work out the same way that live beings can, he's been doing so.  Lots of guests have hugged and commented on how he felt, with softness and muscle combined, and Rabbit's became a bit vain from it.  While being hugged so often may seem socially awkward to live beings, to dolls like himself this is widely accepted.  He was trying to be strong so that when Maleficent attacks or trouble arises where physical interference is necessary, Rabbit can hold his own until others arrive to help him.

After lunch, they stopped by Wreck-it-Ralph, The little Mermaid, visited the gift shop at the new DuckTales money bin, Frozen (Rabbit had to borrow a coat to enter), stopped to have a three-cheese-sandwich (very popular item in the park), and the lion king.  In the Lion King section, the hyenas joined their group for a while, telling jokes and laughing, allowing the group to laugh as well. 

The group visited as many characters as they can, watched their acts, and rode as many rides that Amanda could safely ride on.  Rabbit enjoyed it since he got a good taste of what the kingdom does every day from the guests' point of view, something he hadn't experienced, being a character and all

After getting off the Small World ride, Rabbit noted that there was time for one more ride before they made their way to the evening parade, to which Amanda pointed to the Haunted Mansion.  Rabbit gulped looking at it, seeing that its a haunted house ride and it looked scary.  Being a character meant to entertain very young children meant that he had little experience in that kind of spooky entertainment.  He nearly said that he would sit this one out.  But when he heard that Amanda wanted to go for a long time, and the caregiver showed her videos of the ride to prepare her a few days beforehand, he decided, for her sake, to walk in.  The one thing keeping him from running was that every guest that went in came out alive, and they kept saying it was one of the best attractions in the park, so Rabbit was curious about it.

But Rabbit had no idea what to expect, so he was scared.  He was screaming and shaking in the stretching room when the lightning came on.  He rode in the carriage with Amanda, and while it wasn't as scary as the stretching room, seeing all those spooky thrills scared him, and he started to cry.  Halfway through the ride, he realized that Amanda was rubbing his arm.  He saw that Amanda was trying to comfort Rabbit in the same way that Rabbit was comforting Amanda during her trip.  This gesture touched Rabbit, and while he still got scared of the ride, this constant touch was enough to keep him from hyperventilating.

After a few minutes for Rabbit to calm down and drink some water, the family stopped by rabbit's house to put on their coats and gather their belongings, then they made their way to a reserved spot for the evening parade, which was focused on 'Finding Nemo'.  Rabbit loved the calming and soothing music of the parade, so he calmed down and enjoyed it, silently wishing the characters well in coming into the kingdom.

After the parade, the family had about a half-hour before the make-a-wish van came to take them home, so they headed to main street to do some shopping with the gift card make-a-wish provided, and at their own expense.  Before they did that, Rabbit led the parents into the costume shop, where his own gift was ready to be picked up.  He showed them a gift bag and pulled out a Rabbit doll, based on himself..  It was an $85 doll, but it was worth the price, it was tall as an adult arm, very soft and huggable like Rabbit is, lifelike, and with the proper care, can last for many years, even if a child plays with it a lot.  The doll had all its tags taken off, washed and laundered so the kid can play with it right away.  Rabbit says that its a gift for Amanda from himself and the kingdom.

The parents were shocked and touched from the gesture, and they thanked rabbit over and over, not just from the doll, but for helping and giving their daughter a magical trip that she'll never forget.

So the parents shopped for other gifts for their daughter and themselves.  When Amanda took the Rabbit doll out the bag, she started to cry.  And then, to everyone's surprise, Amanda sat up, hugged Rabbit as best as she could, and she said in a hushed voice "Thank you.  I love you, and I love this place.  (Sniff)  I wish I didn't have to leave."

Rabbit hugged her back, thanking her for allowing him to be a part of her trip, and if she needed reminding of today, she can always play with the Rabbit doll.  He also said to share her love and joy with those she knows, and to live her life to the fullest.  She nodded her head, promising she will do so.

The Make-a-wish van pulled up, and the family thanked them again.   Amanda with half-dried tears used the doll's arms to wave Rabbit goodbye, and Rabbit waved goodbye to them.  After the family left, the cast member led Rabbit in the costume shop where he thanked Rabbit for doing this, he'll let his superiors know what happened today, and he's been cleared to head home.

A little later in his home in the secret village, Rabbit broke down and cried.  He felt that way ever since he met Amanda, but couldn't show in front of the family.  He knew it was his job to entertain and make everyone feel happy, but it was much different doing the same for a child who likely didn't have many tomorrows left.  After a long time, he went to the closet and pulled out another Rabbit doll, a complimentary gift to him when the doll made it into the gift shops, but was never used until now, because Rabbit felt he needed the comfort the doll provided.

Rabbit went to bed, hugging the doll and softly crying thinking about today, not knowing that he'll get many compliments from the rest of the characters over the next few days, or a teary Kanga telling him that seeing him with Amanda proved that Rabbit was great with children, and she knew she made the right decision have Rabbit being a second father to Roo, or the Make-a-wish foundation giving him a letter honoring him with a certificate and pictures that the caregiver took during their trip.  Rabbit, with half-dried tears and cuddling the Rabbit doll, went into a well-deserved and peaceful sleep, his last thought before heading into dreamland was if Amanda was at home, cuddling her Rabbit doll in her sleep.
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Re: Fan Fiction

Tue Oct 15, 2019 4:40 am
Rabbit has been feeling uneasy lately.

It wasn't because it was getting colder and darker, even though he gets sad during that time.  It wasn't because it was getting close to harvest day and storing food for the winter. That was always stressful, especially with a more energized tigger that ate too much Halloween candy.  He silently cursed Mickey and friends for going grocery shopping for candy.

It was when he got the memo of who is coming to the kingdom.

After he rode the Haunted Mansion for the first time with Amanda, he's been having nightmares about the ride for weeks.  It was one of his first tastes of true spooky horror, and he was more jumpy than usual whenever someone talks about that ride.  Its true that he willenly chose to ride the ride in order to please Amanda or try to seem brave, but he got real scared of it.  He did try to hide it to show face and keep a reputation in front of his friends, which seemed to work so far, but he kept dreaming about it.

After another hard day in the garden, he went to sleep at his home in the kingdom.

In the process of dreaming, his dreams inevitably turned towards the Haunted Mansion.  Rabbit silently cried knowing he won't get much sleep.  In most of these dreams, he would be in the room with the mirrors of the hitchhiking ghosts, and in the mirror, he would see Rabbit at his worst, selfish, whiny, egotistical, impatient, and just downright cruel without any of the positive traits that make up Rabbit. He saw enough of that Rabbit during Tower Challenges when his home was cursed.  Seeing that Rabbit scaring off the kids and the rest of the kingdom made the real Rabbit cringe.

Tonight, he was riding on the doom buggy, and as he approached the bride of the Haunted Mansion, the ride broke down.  As he was impatient waiting for the ride to start up again, the bride turned to look at Rabbit, and she said "I'm glad you came back.  I sadly don't have any food for my wedding feast."  She got out her ax and said: "Cooked Rabbit would be different and tasty, don't you think?"

Rabbit would scream, and managed to escape the restraints of the safety bar just before she hit Rabbit with the ax.  She then chased Rabbit through the ride, with many of the spooks trying to slow him down.  "Aw, look at them," the bride said.  "They're just my wedding guests, hungry for something different and tasty for my sixth wedding reception"

Rabbit:  What?  What happened the other five times?

Bride:  All of my hubbies met with rather 'unfortunate' fates (rubbing her ax as she said that)  My new hubby wants a more rustic dinner.  Please don't let him, or my guests down.

Rabbit would keep running, dodging spooks and the ax that the bride was swinging.  After what seemed like forever, he finally made it out in the evening light where it seemed he was safe.  He finally made it to his home and was just about to go to sleep, when he saw a blue light.  Suddenly an ax smashed his window and the bride jumped in.  Giving an ethereal scream, she charged, and just as she was about to deliver the finishing blow, Rabbit woke up screaming and falling out of his bed.

Rabbit was relieved it was just a dream, but his heart was pounding and he was starting to freak out.  He would start crying, knowing he would be haunted by these dreams and he would have to face them alone.  He then just noticed the same blue lights outside his window.  Rabbit opened the door and there stood the same bride, Constance Hatchaway, but it was for real.

Constance:  Hello Rabbit.

Rabbit screamed and ran away as fast as he possibly could, his mind was in full panic mode, not even able to see where he was going or cared.  He was so determined to get away that he crashed into a janitors equipment cart, trash and dirt flew everywhere and landed on Rabbit, and he broke his right leg.

??:  Hey, are you O.K?

Rabbit looked up and he saw Hector and Mama Coco.  Rabbit registered that they were animate skeletons, and he was near the land of the dead attraction.  Rabbit then cried, saw black, and he passed out.

Next thing he knew, Rabbit was in a bed in a private room in the costume shop.  He was very tired and his right leg was numb and in a cast.  He faintly heard the laughter and noise of the kingdom outside, so it must be daylight.

After a while, Kanga and Roo came in, Kanga holding blankets and some hot vegetable soup.  Roo looked very worried.

Roo:  Rabbit?  Are you alright?  What happened to you?

Rabbit was planning to try to fake his way to save face, but after seeing Roo and Kanga look so worried and wanting to help him get better, Rabbit couldn't take it anymore, and he tearfully told them about his trip to the Haunted Mansion, the nightmares he was having, and how the bride haunted him both in dreams and for real.  He apologized again and again for being a bad father for not being the fearless hero that he felt he had to be for Roo.

After his tearful confessions, he was hugged by Kanga.

Kanga:  Rabbit, shh.... nobody is completely fearless.  Roo tells me that he's scared of a lot of things, but we sit and talk about it, and we work something out.  There's nothing wrong with being scared of something, and nobody will think any less of you for admitting that.  I think you just need someone to confide in and share your feelings with.  I think I could be that someone if you wish.

Rabbit:  Really... you don't think I'm a coward or weak?

Kanga:  I didn't choose you to be a second father to Roo because you were fearless.  I chose you because you have a kind heart.  I know it may feel you need to bear your struggles on your own, but you don't have to.  If you do need to confide to someone, I'll be there.

Rabbit then cried some more, but not out of fear or shame, it was relief that he finally found someone who could share his worries and fears, and even in his lowest moments, Rabbit could confide with someone who would listen and comfort him in his lowest moments.

Rabbit (giggle):  You know, you're not the only one with a kind heart, and I'm glad to know you as a friend... and I'm sorry I tried to scare you and Roo into leaving the hundred-acre wood when you first moved in.  I'm glad that little thought failed.

For the next half-hour, Roo, Kanga, and Rabbit shared stories, fears and concerns, and even jokes.  Kanga and Roo had to leave to tend to obligations in the kingdom.  Rabbit then rested, still sore and stiff from the cast and the night before, but with a much lighter outlook and relief.  He may not know how all this will affect his fears of the Haunted Mansion and a heightened fear of ghosts and skeletons and such because of the Haunted Mansion, but he felt that with Kanga and Roo on his side, it won't be so bad.