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Re: Fan Fiction

Wed Dec 18, 2019 9:38 pm
[FOX 20TH Century Fanfare plays, followed by the Lucasart Limited Logo]

Blue Text:  Present Day, on your computer...


Episode X:  A New Home

It is a period of uncertainty.  Under the direction of the new owner of Disney, the Star Wars characters have finished the nine- film skywalker saga.

Now, the characters have been given the call to assist a theme park, currently under war from the benelovent Maleficent.

An alliance between the two unlikely set of characters could tip the balance in the struggle to restore the magical theme park to its former glory...

As the yellow text crawl fades, it scrolls down to the Millenium Falcon approaching the third planet from the sun in the milky way system.

Chewbacca : (Roars with uncertanty)

Han Solo:  Boy you've said it Chewie.  I don't know much about the other characters that are owned by our new owners.

Chewbacca:  (chuckles)

Han Solo (looks at Chewie):  Laugh it up fuzzball.  We had far more important things to worry about.  And me being dead makes it hard to do any research.  (Han looks like he did in A new Hope btw)

(static fills the cockpit)

Buzz Lightyear:  Unidentified craft, please identify yourself.

Han Solo:  This is Han Solo of the Millenium Falcon, answering a call for reinforcements.

Buzz:  Very well.  What's your cargo?

Han Solo:  All characters and supplies from all three generations of the skywalker era.

Han and Chewie hear Vader breathing, to which Chewie barks about.

Han Solo:  No kidding, but apparently both heros and villians are required for this call.  How are they going to stop heros and villians killing each other?

Chewie barks, wondering how they're goning to stop Chewie from pulling Kylo Rens arms off.

Buzz:  Permission granted to land at GE sector 5.

Han Solo:  Thank you.  (Turns off comlink).  From one mess to another.  Time to see the company that financially conqured us, and to see what kind of mess we have to clean up.

As the Millenium Falcom speeds towards the new Galaxy's Edge park, the fanfic ends.

AN:  If they are doing Star Wars, hope they add all 3 trilogies.  Thogh a meeting between Luke and Episode 2 and 3 Anakin could be akward.

Bonus Clip:

Han Solo:  Wait, wait... 30 years from now, I would've let you stab me.

Kylo Ren:  Yep.

Han Solo:  Uugh, that's bantha fodder.  You know what I would've done if we met now?

Kylo Ren:  Wha - (gets blasted with an ion blast stunning him)

Han Solo (putting away gun):  I would've shot first.  (Wheels cart and places Kylo in)  Now were going home son, and that's final.

Kylo:  Aww.
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Re: Fan Fiction

Mon Jan 06, 2020 9:27 pm
(Slight opinion of Rise of Skywalker ahead)

In the galaxy's edge part of the park, in the secluded lightsaber battle arena (characters only), two combatants, weilding blue and green lightsabers respectivally, clash and use the force against each other in a duel.  After about seven minutes of this, the green lightsaber flys into the ray shield protecting guests watching in the stands as the weilder loses control and falls on his back, as the victor points his lightsaber to the ****.

Anakin (In a playful deep voice):  You are beaten.  It is useless to resist.  Don't let yourself be destroyed as Obi-Wan did.

Luke (holding his hands up in surrender):  (coughs)  Okay, okay dad, you win.

Anakin chuckles as he deactivates his lightsaber and gives luke a mechanical hand up.  Anakin looks like the Revenge of the sith Anakin before he went to the dark side, while Luke looks like he did from Return of the Jedi.

Anakin:  Not bad son, but you still have lots to learn.  Your running out on Yoda halfway through training still shows.

Luke:  Oh?  Well excuse for me for feeling like I had to save my friends from your torture.

Anakin:  You mean like I gave in to the dark side for trying to save your mother?

After that thought sank in, both laughed and hugged each other.  

Luke:  Okay, I'll confess, we're both headstrong and screwups.

Anakin:  Yeah.  Strange how our screwups doomed the galaxy though.  Not exactly a small mistake, is it?  And forgive me if I hurt you.  It's just me being back in my full body and power is such a big relief.

Luke:  Guess it beats having a respirator to breathe for you all day huh?

Anakin:  (punches luke in the arm playfully) The understatement of the century.  Though it's strange that in the costume shop I can change to Vader and back again?

Luke:  (rubs arm)  Like how I can change from me to an old man who gives up on the jedi order?  It's strange, but apparently that's the magic of this place.

Anakin:  No kidding.  No wonder Maleficent wants to take over this place.  Hey son, what did you think of Rey's journey and trilogy of movies?

Luke:  The movies were a mess.  But maybe war is a mess.  When evil rises, good rises to meet it, and Visa versa.  Maybe the only way for it to stop was for the force to be balanced and be given back to the universe and its beings that bind the galaxy together.

Anakin:  Yeah, thus fulfilling the prophecy that I was demanded to fulfill in my time.  Heh, I guess the force knows what's it's doing after all.

Luke:  I guess so.  Comon, I have to buy you lunch for losing the duel.

Anakin (smirks):  Good.  It would be great to eat real food again.

As Luke and Anakin left the arena laughing and joking with each other, Ray and the Mandalorian were watching them.

Rey:  (sigh)  Such tolerance and acceptance from two sides of the war.  If only the fans would do the same.

Mandalorian:  No kidding.  I think the only reason I'm here is to stop the fans from killing each other.

AN:  I'm not sure that's the intention of the new movies story wise, but I don't care, I'm using it anyway to justify its existence.  Not to downplay its flaws, but just want some closure of the whole thing.

P.S.  L o s e r is a censored word?
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Re: Fan Fiction

Sat Feb 15, 2020 8:59 am
Warning:  Contains Heartbreak

AN:  I know I'm a little late, but I just thought of something and thought I'd write it down.  Last year I did a nice valentine's day story.  This year... I'm going to take the opposite route.  So, just a little heads up.

The kingdom was celebrating Valentine's Day, with Tiana and Naveen having a quiet gumbo dinner, Mickey and Minnie are going shopping, Donald trying to impress Daisy, but not living up to her elegant lifestyle.  But one character is not celebrating with the others, and while slightly sad seeing the happy couples, isn't feeling guilty in the slightest.  She is Padm'e Amidala, former queen and senator of Naboo, and, starting from two hours ago, former wife of Anakin Skywalker.

Anakin wanted to recreate the love dialogue scene for the kingdom (the cheesy one).  But in rehearsal, when Anakin said "You're so beautiful", Padm'e was supposed to say "only because I'm so in love.", but, no matter how much she tried, she couldn't say it, even for a scene.  She discovered that she wasn't in love anymore.  So she officially got a divorce and requested the yellow shield be placed between her and Anakin.  (The yellow shield prevents two characters from getting close to each other, meant for emergencies.)  Anakin had to be quarantined in Jumba's lab in the secret village for a while because as one might expect, Anakin was mad and his emotions were all over the place, and such unstable emotions felt by the most powerful force-user in the Star Wars universe who turned into one of the biggest villans in the galaxy is dangerous.

As Padm'e was walking by, her daughter, Leia Organa, looking like she did in the Empire Stirkes back, caught up with her.

Leia:  Mom, hey mom.

Padm'e:  Hi Leia.  Thought you would be with Han by now.

Leia:  We're having a get together later, but I heard what happened.  Why did you do it?  You know how Anakin can be.

Padm'e (turned to her daughter with a serious look in her face):  Leia Organa, you saw 'Revenge of the Sith' didn't you?

Leia:  Of course, we all did when we arrived.

Padm'e:  Then perhaps you know why I did it.  Don't get me wrong, Anakin can be charming, dashing and daring at times.  And I was willing to spend a lifetime with him.  I was willing to forgive him for his outburst when he slaughtered Tuskin Raiders when his mother died.  But... When Anakin turned to the dark side, slaughtered his Jedi brethren, including the younglings, helped with the downfall of the republic, which, while it had its flaws, was still a good system, and replace it with a tyrannical empire, and his ambitions to overthrow the emperor to take the galaxy as his own, all because he wanted the power to save me from death, which is unnatural in itself, and it wouldn't have worked because he was so deep in the dark side that he force-choked me for a minute, endangering me and his unborn children, all because he saw Obi-Wan who snuck aboard.  Not to mention doing all those terrible things in the next set of movies.

I died because I fell out of love for him, because Anakin was not the man I married, not the man I loved, and even though we are alive and well, I just found out that I still didn't love him.  That's why I divorced him.

Leia (thinking about her words for a minute):  I... I understand.  I still feel conflicted seeing the man who would turn out to be Darth Vader, I'm not sure if I'm willing to forgive him or not.

Padm'e:  I heard Luke is Anakin's friend, but that's O.K.  If he feels genuine friendship towards him, I understand.  But, I just felt that he did a lot of things that... I just can't overlook it.

Leia:  I guess so.  (looks at the time)  Well, I better be going before Han thinks I'm bailing out on him.

Padm'e (smirks):  Really?  I thought you were going with luke after that kiss on Hoth.

Leia (angry):  MOM!!  I DIDN'T KNOW AT THE TIME, OKAY?  And I only did it out of spite to show that scruffy-looking nerf herder his place.  Besides, I already talked to Luke about it, and while he was happy I kissed him, he knew, deep down at least, it wouldn't last anyway.  Sorry for snapping mom, its just so many fanboys who take the Star Wars fandom way too seriously have given me a lot of flak for that every other day, and I'm sick of it.

Padm'e:  I know, I was just joking.  So, go on and meet up with your boyfriend.

Leia:  Yeah... If only I didn't see the sequels, and I know that my future son would try to take the place as the next successor to Darth Vader.  (Sigh)
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Re: Fan Fiction

Mon Mar 02, 2020 8:27 pm
Springtime is coming, with the flowers starting to bloom, the air getting warmer, and more bluebirds are seen throughout the day.  Rabbit hummed to himself as he carried a bunch of tools and seeds outside, starting his garden for the year.  He liked hearing the bluebirds because it reminded him of Kessie the bluebird and how he tried to be a parent to her, one of the few instances where Rabbit was a kind and gentle rabbit and not just a timid and overbearing rabbit.

As he was tilling the ground, he heard cries for help and Thumper ran past, followed by Nick Wide a few seconds later.  Rabbit just rolled his eyes and continued to work, knowing it was just one of their playful sessions where Nick pretended to hunt thumper for exercise, and they do so in spite of concerned looks that new guests give sometimes.

As Nick was about to 'catch thumper', he suddenly found himself face to face with a snarling grey mutt ready to attack and defend thumper.  Once Nick got over the shock, he took one good look at the mutt.

Nick:  Wait... aren't you...

As the mutt got confused about the reaction, He took a good look at the fox.

Tramp:  Wait... aren't you...

A month earlier, Nick and Judy was in the private showing of 'Lady and the Tramp' that the characters have so they know who the new characters are so they can be welcomed better.  Nick was rolling his eyes whenever Judy would go 'aww' whenever those nice scenes with Lady would play. (Carrots can be a softie underneath that tough exterior sometimes)

When the scenes for the tramp showed up, Nick felt more comfortable, especially since Nick spent a lot of time on the streets.  Though he noticed that the tramp, with his sarcastic humor and manner, sounded a little too familiar.

As the Tramp was telling lady how the new baby will change her life, and how casually he kept talking how things were going to get worse for her, Judy was giggling.

Nick:  What's so funny carrots?

Judy:  Nick, does the Tramp character remind you of someone you know?

Nick:  (Knowing what she's talking about)  Carrots, you know that these are new characters and we know nothing about them... 

Tramp (on screen):  (laughing)  Oh come on, you haven't fallen for that old lie have you?

Nick:  HEY!  You keep out of this!

Nick just happened to say that just as Jock was demanding the Tramp to leave, and the Tramp responded with his humor, causing Judy and a couple nearby characters to laugh at the whole exchange.

Nick sat down knowing what caused Carrots to laugh, and what he was starting to feel.  His character took a lot of inspiration from the Tramp.

He sat through the movie with that reflection and started to enjoy the movie more, but his smirk was wiped and his heart rate rose a bit when Lady was forcibly muzzled.  He nearly shouted "take it off!", but he held himself back.  He was very impressed when the Tramp showed up and fought off three stronger dogs, and wanted to help Lady get rid of the muzzle.  He got some of his smirk back when he hustled the police officer and the beaver into doing what he wanted.  He felt a bit annoyed with the hyenas in the theater when they laughed with the hyena on the screen.

Nick:  What's with hyenas and laughter?  Laughter is infectious to them.

Tramp (on screen): Huh, if anybody needed a muzzle it's him.

Nick:  HEY!  Not cool!  (Even though he knew it was humor to cheer lady up.)

And when the beaver made the bite that took the muzzle off, Nick cheered, that sound was so satisfying.  Wish he heard that sound when he was muzzled.

He felt for the tramp when he started to fall in love with Lady, felt amazed that Tramp can outrun any dog catcher, and was only caught when he defended the baby from a rat that wanted to harm and give diseases to him.

As the two of them exited the theater, he said that he was looking forward to meeting the new characters, to which Judy smirked, knowing Nick was happy for the first time in a long while.

Several days later, the Tramp was welcomed in the kingdom.  The Tramp was curious and explored the place he found himself in.  He was fascinated because it was based on Disneyland.  His animated movie was the last disney movie released before Disneyland opened, and from the newspapers he scrounged that talked about the opening day of the park, he concluded Disneyland would be a flop.  It was nice to be proven wrong for once, especially after seeing the happy faces of the guests.

He watched a lot of animated disney movies that came after his time o n.v TV, and one that stood out to him was the movie 'Zootopia'.  He felt a kinship for a fox character named 'Nick Wilde', seeing a lot of himself in that character.  Almost like The tramp's soul was transferred into this character in this new story.

When he saw the flashback of Nick as a child, and the scouts cruelly muzzled him, The tramp started to growl.  He knew too much about dog pounds and the evils of muzzling, he didn't want too see any mammal muzzled like that.  And when The young Nick managed to wrench it off and he cried near the steps of the scout building, the Tramp started to whine and paw at the TV screen.  He knew that this is one character he would like to meet.

Return to present day.  Once the two characters met each other, both cried with joy and surprise, with the hugging, petting, each responding how they know each other, Nick petting the tramp, the tramp licking Nick's face where the muzzle was, and thumper running away knowing the game was over.

The two of them sat down and talked about themselves  proving even more the familiarity of the two characters.

Nick:  Wow, who would've thought I meet a character outside my movie that I'm actually willing to be a friend with.  But why did you want to attack me?

Tramp:  Sorry about that, it's just that I heard a bunny's cries for help and rushed into the scene.  Mickey asked me to protect characters that are in trouble. I didn't know you were just playing.

Nick:  That's funny.  That's mine and Judy's job.  (Gets idea, and whispers it into the tramp's ear.)

A month later, with training and refining the tramp's fighting skills, The tramp was unofficially welcomed into the ZPD park division as a wild mammal, as a protecter of the Disney characters, the park, and its values, to help defend the park from Maleficent and her curse.

During training and afterward, Nick and the Tramp would improve their friendship, pull hustles together on the guests and characters from time to time.  Tramp would always be a pet to Jim dear and Darling, but he didn't mind Nick treating him like a pet as well.  Two similar souls coming together to form a lasting friendship.

Nice how things work out sometimes.
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hopeful thinking

Thu Mar 19, 2020 1:58 am
Michael ‘Muck’ Thunders stuck his head into Jumba’s Lab in the DMK’s ‘Hidden Village’, where those character not actively ‘on stage’ in the park spent their time.  “You said you wanted to see me?”

“Yes.  Please to be becoming other form.  I am needing scan data.”

Instead of wondering out loud, Muck simply became the Star Ranger and waited while Jumba waved several different chirping, beeping, and whirring devices over his metallic form, then uploaded the results into Jumba’s computer system.  “Hmm,” the mad genius mused at the data flashing past on the screen.  “This might be first good news.”

“Care to explain that?”

“Certainly.  Am worried about news from outside.  This…  Beer virus that is mentioned.”

“It wasn’t named for that brand, Jumba.  Besides, are you sure you aren’t worrying about a non-event?”

“Better to be prepared for something that does not happen than to be caught out by false hope.”

“Surely the magic…”

“Sufficiently Advanced Technology.  So advanced we know nothing about how it works; cannot be sure it would notice or be able to act.  Great risk if wrong.”

“And my Star Ranger form is good news how?”

“Not human.  No respiration, no path for virus to enter system.  Metallic hide durable enough could put you in pod racer exhaust to sterilize if needed.  One person who could treat guests if sick.  Or… Ohana.”  That last sentence would have been inaudible to anyone but Star.

“But we have others who are different enough they should be safe?”

“From catching, yes.  From accidentally transmitting even if not catching?  No.  Too Risky.”

“So, the great genetic manipulator Jumba is helpless before one of the simplest things in the universe,” Star murmured, but not soft enough that it went unheard.

“Not helpless.  But would need sample.  Would need time.  If get first, might not have second.”

“Not easy, is it?  To have to live with the not knowing, with all the knowledge you do have?”

“Not with Lilo potentially at risk, No.  Is not,” the large alien admitted with slumped shoulders and a sigh.  “Am not liking this.”

“I don’t think anyone does.  I guess all we can do is hope.”

“Much prefer to act.”

“I know.”
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Re: Fan Fiction

Sun Apr 12, 2020 10:18 am
The kingdom is in a weird state right now, nothing that has been encountered before.  

Due to a pandemic thats been going around, the kingdom was closed in an attempt to limit exposure to the virus going around.  Staff tried to work to clean and disinfect things, but after a few days, it was decided that the staff needed to stay home.  So the characters had to finish, cleaning and disinfecting everything, repairing rides, and inventoring merchandise and cash.  This was a long process, and it was tempered with virus tests going around.  It was very weird seeing a doctor shove a cotton swab up Roo's nose, though I suppose they know what they are doing.

Thankfully, all the tests came up negative, and because the kingdom was in a state of isolation, and characters can't leave the kingdom, they didn't have to resort to any social distancing or having to wear masks, especially since all the cleaning and disinfecting has cleared out the virus from the kingdom.  Rabbit admitted that the park will be very clean when the guests are allowed to return, but the characters are concerned about what's happening in the world, and more worried about what is happening at Disney.  All that monopoly spending, and with little cash in reserve, is starting to take its toll when the income dries up.

Rabbit did plan a nice distraction this morning, organizing a large easter egg hunt, wearing his easter hat and bowtie.  There was still a lot of candy that the characters had, and was deemed clean by the professionals, so the characters could still have a nice hunt in the forest in the secret village, as well as a lunch afterward, provided by Tony, Joe, and several others who wanted to help.  It was a fun time for all and a good way to distract from some of the problems and worries.  Rabbit got a nice bounty from the hunt (after a fifteen minute late start to be fair), but also for Roo, who happened to be sick in bed with a nasty cold that happened to catch Roo last night.

After the celebrations were over, Rabbit headed home to drop off his supplies and treats.  He then packed up several thing, including a sleeping bag if he needed to, and headed over to Kanga's house.  He opened the door to find Kanga asleep on the couch, to which Rabbit sighed with relief, knowing that Kanga stayed up all night taking care of Roo, and he knew Roo would be O.K.

After an hour of putting things away and a little straightening up and light cleaning (Kanga teases him for his neat freakiness sometimes),he heard sniffles from Roo's room, Rabbit gathered up his supplies and went in.

Roo was o.k., but clearly sick with a runny nose, worn out, and scratchy throat.  Rabbit knew he had a very bad night last night, and seeing Roo like this broke his heart.  He knew he would be the next one to get a cold, but he wanted to help take care of Roo.

Roo:  uugg... Rabbit?

Rabbit:  Hi Roo.  How you feeling?

Roo:  Awful...

Rabbit proceeded to give Roo some medicine and try to comfort him.  He made a mental note to ask Kanga if he's ready to eat something once she wakes up.

Rabbit:  By the way, I gave you an easter basket.  I did place the chocolate in the refrigerator so it should be good to eat when you feel better.

Roo:  ...thanks... (starts to cry and shake)

Rabbit (looking concerned):  Roo?

Roo:  Mama said it's just a nasty cold... but what if...

Rabbit:  (hugs Roo)  I know, but it's not the virus.  We had plenty of professionals look us all over, but were not in danger.  And as long as we isolate ourselves from the rest of the world until it's safe to gather again, we'll be fine.

Roo:  But I keep hearing all the stories about what's happening, and the bad news, and the isolation, and is it working, and Disney, and... (Roo starts to cry at this point.)

Rabbit knew what he was talking about.  He hated watching the news what was going on, but he and the rest needed to be in the know so they could estimate when the kingdom was opening again.  All that news made Rabbit feel sad and scared, so imagine how it felt for little Roo.

Rabbit:  Roo?  (Sheds a few tears)  I'll admit I don't know what is happening or why, but I heard that mankind has gone through periods like this, and has come out alright.  This virus seems mild compared to the past, and medicine has advanced a lot throughout time, so while I don't know what will happen, I'm certain everything will turn out alright.  Besides, when we do open, the guests will be feeling nervous and sad,  (Gives Roo a light noogie)  and they'll need your bright smile and energy to cheer them up, hm?

Roo:  (lightly giggles) Thanks Rabbit.

As the day progressed, Roo did feel up to crawl out of bed, and even eat a very light meal, taking it slowly so his stomach doesn't protest.  Rabbit even put on a movie called "Flight of the Navigator", and Roo and Kanga enjoyed it, especially when the alien acted goofy.  It was nice hearing Roo laugh, but only slightly due to his scratchy throat.

After the movie, Roo fell asleep in Kanga's pouch, and Kanga decided she would let him sleep in her pouch tonight, needing the warmth and comfort tonight.  After some discussion, Rabbit laid out his sleeping bag and went to sleep, knowing he'll have to be up early in the morning to help get the kingdom clean.  

With Roo sleeping, and Rabbit lightly snoring, Kanga felt warm inside, especially with what she heard Rabbit telling Roo.  She knew things were scary now, but things will work out alright.