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Re: Fan Fiction

Sun Dec 16, 2018 7:05 am
Mickey Mouse may be the boss of the kingdom, and he does everything he can to make sure this place is the happiest place on earth, but even he can feel a little blue sometimes.

Today, December 15th, is a pretty difficult day for him.  On December 15th, 1966, Walt Disney passed away.  When Mickey heard that Walt passed away from lung cancer caused by Walt's smoking habit, Mickey took it pretty hard and it took all day for Mickey to calm down.  It didn't help that when Mickey got into his Classic Mickey costume, it gave Mickey the voice of Walt Disney himself.  

So for some time, Mickey was in his classic Mickey costume, mumbling some of Walt's words when he was alive to himself.  It all came to an emotional climax when he was sitting by himself in the main street plaza, looking up at the 'partners' statue, when coincedentily (Or likely not), Walt's favorite song "Feed the Birds", came over the P.A. system.

Mickey:  Oh, come on (sniff), that's just cruel. (huck).  

Seeing the 'partners' statue again, coupled with the "feed the birds" song, made Mickey very emotional, and he began to break down and cry.

Nearby, hanging around the bushes near the 'partners' statue, was Oswald the lucky rabbit.  He came by privatly for an hour or two to see the statue.  Sure he had his own version of the statue back home, but seeing it in his full glory was something else altogether.  He just finished silently saying his little message to Walt Disney, a way to cope with Walt's passing, and he was on his way back to the train that would take him back home, when he heard mickey crying.

Now Oswald knew that he had to hurry to catch the last train back home for the night, but hearing Mickey, his spirit brother crying like that, he knew he couldn't leave him.  Sure he would miss his train, and he's certain his family would worry, but he could always catch the morning train, and hopefully his family would understand.  So he headed out and walked to Mickey.

Mickey:  Oswald?

Oswald:  Hiya Mickey, guess you got a case of the blues hm?

Mickey:  Yeah yeah, rub it in.

Oswald:  (sits down next to Mickey)  Hey, don't be like that.  I just wanted to say a little good bye message to Walt when I heard you crying.  (Rubs Mickey's back)  there there, let it all out.  Its perfectly o.k to be sad for something like this.  Nobody's going to think any less of you.

Mickey:  I know.  It's just hard you know.

Oswald:  I know.  I was at Universal when I heard about Walt's passing on the radio.  I was pretty hurt, despite me working for Universal.  I guess I never truly forgot Walt's hand with my cartoons, even though it was years and years ago.

Mickey:  Oswald?  Can you be perfectly honest with me?  Do you hate me?

Oswald:  What?  Why would you think I would hate you?

Mickey:  Because you were Walt's first creation, and while you were a success, I came along and helped give Walt a lot of fame and love.  It would be easy to imagine yourself in my shoes.  Don't you hate me for stealing your fame like that?

Oswald:  Mickey, I want to make a few things clear once and for all.  First off, while Walt Disney created me first, I was really owned by Universal.  The success of my cartoons was for Universal's benefit.  Sure, Charles Mintz was a brat for hiring Walt's animators to Universal behind Walt's back.  And when contract talks went badly for Walt, he left, and he has no choice but to leave me behind, since I was owned by Universal.  So he created you, and you helped give him the fame and love that such a nice creative man deserved.

Maybe I would've been in your shoes had things been diffrerent, maybe not, and its easy to feel jealous of you since I would've liked some of the fame and love you have.  But whatever happened with me, it is not your fault Mickey Mouse.  It was just a set of circumstances that really couldn't have been helped.  (Oswald then had Mickey look him in the eye)  The fact is, that while I'm jealous of you sometimes, I don't hate you.  The fact is that while I may like some of that fame and love, I don't want it at the expense of you.  If anything, I'm happy that you helped Walt Disney achieve success, and that he used that success to do what he could to make the world a happier, better place.  I heard a lot of people were saddened by Walt's passing, so its clear that he touched so many lives in a positive way.

Mickey:  (Sniff)  Thanks, I'm happy to hear you say that.  (Hears train whistle)  Hey, isn't that the last train of the night to take you home?

Oswald:  Yep.  I know I'll probrably get an earful from Ortensia when I come home tomorrow morning, but I just wanted to help you feel a little better.  (heh), isn't that a part of what being a brother is about?  

Mickey:  I suppose so.  So I guess you could spend the night with me then.  We're a little busy with a parody of a virus, but you'll be safe if you stay at my house.

Oswald:  (stands up and walks towards Mickey's house) (heh, heh), I'm certain I will (gives Mickey a noogie)

Mickey:  haha, hey stop that, or I'll have you sleep outside.

Oswald:  (Mock shock)  You wouldn't dare.

So Mickey and Oswald, a little cheered up from spending time reconciling about Walt Disney, headed back to Mickey's house, while the park P.A. which was playing the instrumental of the feed the birds song on repeat while Oswald and Mickey were talking, added Mary Poppins part as they walked back.

(Park PSA):  Though her words are simple and few, listen, listen, she's calling to you.  Feed the birds, tuppence a bag, tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag.

Edit:  I found this picture I haven't seen before, only saw it after writing this, but its definatly not mine, its made from someone named twistedwind from deviantart, that somehow fit this fanfiction perfectly.

https://i.pinimg.com/736x/0f/b9/1a/0fb9 ... y-love.jpg

I will take this link down if its somehow breaking copyright.
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Re: Fan Fiction

Tue Dec 25, 2018 9:05 pm
Flower and his family managed to load all of their boxed gifts to the rest of the characters from their cave in the secret forest, into their borrowed toboggan, and they managed to pull it out of the forest, (with Bambi riding), into the secret village, where the characters are planning a get together for a few hours for a little christmas celebration.

Bambi:  Wow.  Look at the big Christmas Tree, and all those lights and colors.  If this is what christmas is, I really like it.

This earned a chuckle from Bluebelle and Flower, and they were heading towards the tree with boxes of presents underneath.  The problem however, is that the pile was very big, and their gifts were sizable, but small in comparison.  They really couldn't get any of their gifts under the tree, because their gifts were fragile.

Half an hour later, every character that is in the kingdom showed up around the tree, in their winter wear, huddiling around the tree with some soft christmas music playing.

Mickey:  Hiya.  Merry Christmas everyone, glad everyone managed to make it.  Now, this is going to be a fairly casual affair, since we have to be back in the kingdom in two hours, so I thought we would just allow us to pick our gifts from the tree, express our thanks to each other, and have a little buffet.

So the characters were rushing towards the tree, picking out gifts, giving them to the correct characters, but mostly seeking out those they made or bought for the others, as well as gifts that are for them.

There was a lot of unwrapping all at once, with Wall-E and Eve managing the wrapping and boxes waste.  There were a lot of gifts of a wide variety being opened, practical things like coupons for concession goods, vacation hours in coupons, things like sweaters and candy, and also things that can decorate or make better their house in the secret village.

Flower was watching all of this, and felt really intimitated.  Admittainly he was often shy, but today he felt really intimitated.  Looking at all the gifts that were handed out, all of them must've cost a fair amount of effort and money, and everyone was happy to get them.  His gifts seemed extremely small and cheap by comparison.

Not only that, he realized that all the other characters make much more of an effort in terms of doing what they do to bring happiness into the kingdom with providing food, or giving all their classes, or maintaining the rides, etc.  All Flower seems to do by comparison is sleep and look cute.  He dosen't even have a happiness task that the guests can enjoy.  And to make matters worse, there are some guests that deliberatly make fun of him for being "****" or "lazy".  It made him feel less valuable of a character than the others.  

He already hit level 10 a while ago, as well as the other Bambi characters, so he can't earn any tokens, until the next useful thing comes along, which who knows how long that will be.  A though occured to Flower that he was simply tolerated here, that if the chance came for the characters to be able to leave the kingdom, Flower would leave and nobody would miss him.  It was enough to leave some tears in his eyes.

Bluebelle:  Flower?  Are you alright?

Flower:  (sniff)  I suppose, but I don't know if I'm valued enough to be here.

It was around that time when Mickey and some of the characters managed to give several small gifts and one big gift to the family.  Bluebelle and Bambi managed to get Flower out of his little slump, and the three of them opened their gifts.  

Flower:  (chuckles)  Well, a nice set of Pajamas.  Thank you.

Bluebelle:  Wow.  A complete cave bedding and decoration set, with pillows and all.  Thanks you very much.  We'll definatly enjoy it

Bambi:  Ahhh... a Flower plush.

Mickey:  Yeah, so you can see daddy all you want even when he's at work.

Bluebelle:  Hey thanks.  That teddy bear he cuddles at night was getting a little old and worn out.

Bambi:  (embarassed)  MOM!!!

Bluebelle managed to unwrap the big package, which was apparently a joint gift from all the characters.

Bluebelle:  (gasp)  Oh my, hey Flower, look at this.

Flower:  What?

Flower looked and his eyes widened and was amazed at what he saw.

It was a complete tool set, several bags of fertilizer, enriched soil, and many, many packages containing seeds of many different types of flowers.  

Judy Hopps:  We know you were thinking of growing a flower garden here and throughout the kingdom, but know you really didn't have any materials to do it with, so we all chipped in and bought all this from some of my brothers back home.  It just barely arrived along with the latest produce shipment.

Flower:  Uhhh...

Judy Hopps:  Oh don't worry, there's no 'Night howlers' in there, me and my brothers triple checked that ourselves.  We did manage to catch one of Maleficent's trolls trying to sneak one in during shipment, but we cleared that up.  We're looking forward to what you come up with.

Bluebelle and Bambi were each expressing their thanks to the group, but Flower was still moping.  

Minnie:  Flower?  Is something the matter?  If we got the wrong tools, we could exchange them for something else.

Flower (sniffing):  No no, It's perfect.  I definatly feel that I can grow something really nice with all of those.  I just feel like its more than I deseve.

Mickey:  Huh?

Flower:  (pointing at the tobaggan)  I... I got a gift for each of you, but I don't know how you would like them compared for what else you got already.  Each of you can take any package since its the same gift.  They're fragile though, so be careful.  And Piglet can get his Toboggan back.

Each character got a little box and opened it up.  It was a simple flower vase, with a small arrangement of flowers from the forest.

Flower:  (sigh)  Its supposed to be a gift of simple friendship, a little color to brighten your room.  It was honestly the best I could come up with to show my appreciation and friendship.  It won't last long, but I thought it was a nice setiment.  But with all the gifts you got already, I doubt it will be much.  (sniff)

Mickey:  Hey, hey, whats with the crying?

Flower:  I don't know... I guess with how busy the kingdom is, and with me and the other Bambi characters leveled up, I'm just wondering if you don't need me anymore, especially since I'm not as productive as many of the others are.

Mickey:  Flower, look at me.  (Flower looks at Mickey.)  Flower, all the characters are doing their best to benefit the kingdom and the village, and its true that we need to work hard to fight off Maleficent and her curse.  But here's the thing.  I look and I see you watering and tending the entrance garden.  I hear you talk about all the little gardens in the kingdom you would like to grow if you had the tools and seeds to do so.  Sure we need to keep preparing for an attack, but I think its important to keep remembering the simple things, the simple joys that comes from mother nature, the things that helps us keep our spirits up even in our toughest times. 

And Flower, those guests that do make fun of you aren't nice.  There are many more times when guests tell me that they come into the kingdom feeling blue, and you come by with a flower in hand, and it helps them feel better.  That kind of thing you can never have too much of.  I know that what you do, you do it well, and I'm happy for that.  I know I consider many characters a valuble part of the kingdom, and while I don't think of you as a fighter, I consider you to be a cheerful and loving soul, and I consider you just as important.

Flower:  (Sniff... crying, hugs)  Thank you Mickey.... and I really have to thank you for bringing my family back together.  Its much easier to do all of that cheering up and trying to make families happy, when my family is nearby, happy and safe.  I... I wouldn't have been disappointed if you didn't give me anything... you've already given me so much.  (sniff)

After another half an hour, everyone went back to work, since the kingdom was still open.  Everyone went back with a happy feeling that comes with the celebrating of Christmas, but also a little appreciation of the simple reasons why they work so hard against the curse, and the happiness that comes with it.  A lot of characters kept Flower's gift close.  Sure it will need to be thrown away in a few days, but they'll keep the spirit of friendship that came with it much longer.
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Re: Fan Fiction

Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:19 pm
Roo was a happy and healthy kangaroo joey, thanks to the love and nuture of his mother Kanga, and the support and playfulness of the Winnie the Pooh friends.  But Roo has a passion that started small, but has been growing ever since he moved into the kingdom, and that is to be an artist.

His happiness task is to draw pictures for the guests.  While he always liked drawing, it was something else altogether to draw for someone else, and to look up and sometimes see the guests enjoying seeing Roo drawing, and to see the reactions for his finished work.

He learned that a lot of art works and even animated features often came with drawing.  And as he thought about it, the idea of spnding hours on end in Roo's little world, and using pencil and paper, sketch and coloring, taking something that is simple like paper, and creating something fun, and even inspiring, seemed to click with Roo.  One reason or another, he liked the idea, and wanted to improve his talent.

It wasn't easy.  Sure he could continue to practice at his home, but he wanted to do something more challenging.  He discovered Merlin had a Library and he could check out books on drawing and art, but Roo wanted a quiet and inspiring place to practice his talent, so after searching, he found it.

Rabbit had a room in his house in the secret village that was fairly large room that had a good amount of room, that let in a good amount of natural sunlight, and also lots of natural beauty with the grass, and garden.  After speaking to Rabbit and Kanga, he was allowed to practice and learn art in Rabbit's room. 

Rabbit allowed it since he generally liked the kid, and had the assumption that it was o.k. to learn how to be an adult, provided that he balanced it out with being a kid from time to time.  Kanga was a wonderful parent, but maybe a little too protective, so he supposed Roo wanted an environment where he could learn to be a responsible adult, and Rabbit thought that was very healthy, since Roo would become an adult one day.

So an arrangement was made.  Roo would come into Rabbit's room, and with a checked out art book in hand, practice drawing and art with a sketchbook or canvas.  However, for every eight hours that Roo was spending in the room, Roo had to spend ninety minutes helping Rabbit with the gardening, or help with the cleanliness of his house, as well as keep it clean.  Rabbit did this not to be mean or lazy, he still did the majority of the work, but to teach Roo that you can't get something for nothing.  Besides, the work he assigned Roo wasn't beyond what Roo can do.

Learning the craft was not easy or straightforward, and there were times where Roo felt that he was getting worse, or not going as fast as he wanted.  Roo felt frustrated at times, and quit for a few days or weeks, but his love of art seemed to bring him back.  Through Rabbit's encouragement, Roo's experience, and even Kanga's encouragement, Roo learned the value of hard work, determination, persistance, as well as the knowledge that great artists and animators started out where Roo was, and through practice and effort, they became great.  Roo did notice that, slowly but surely, he was getting better, and that encouraged him to keep going.

First and foremost however, he is a character of Disney Magic Kingdoms, and whenever he was needed in the kingdom, he was there, playing with the guests and drawing pictures for them as well.  When the second tower challenge happened, he and his mother were there, hugging, spending time together, and reminding the kingdom of the love of family in exchange for cookies and cocoa.  During that time, Roo and Kanga talked about things.  Kanga is a little sad that Roo is starting to grow up, since that meant less time together, while Roo assured her that there will still be plenty of time spent together, and Rabbit said that even responsible adults need times of fun, and that there's no shame in being a kid, just make sure to keep things in balance.  Through those talks, Kanga and Roo grew closer, as well as an understanding of what is needed to make both Kanga and Roo happy.  After all, when Roo is happy and sucessful, Kanga is happy.

After a few months of discussion, they made a decision.

During the Christmas celebration, Kanga, Roo, and Rabbit were celebrating with the rest of the characters, but afterwards, they went inside Rabbit's house on Kanga's insistance.

Rabbit:  I dunno why you wanted to come here Kanga.  I already thanked you for the winter coat you made me, and Roo already thanked me for the art set I gave him.

Roo:  I know, I just wanted to say thank you so much...dad.

Rabbit:  Uh...dad?  Roo, are you alright?

Kanga:  Oh, he's alright.  Me and Roo wanted to give you another present, but I wanted to give it privatly.

Kanga hands Rabbit a brown folder with something inside, Rabbit is unsure what this is all about.

Rabbit (reads):  This form legally states that Kanga has named... wait a minute... you want me to be a father to Roo when you pass on?

Kanga:  Why, yes.

Rabbit:  But..but why?  You know I can have a terrible temper at times, and that I can be selfish and too focused on my garden, why ask me to be a father?

Kanga:  Rabbit, I thought long about this.  Ever since we came into the kingdom, you've been like a father to Roo.  I've been raising him and will continue to raise him for as long as I'm around, but I can only do so much as a mother.  Roo told me that because you've been teaching him to be responsible, you've helped give him a brighter future, something that I couldn't do.  I don't expect to go away, but in the off- chance that I do, you're the only one that I fully trust to look after Roo.  Me and Roo have signed the form, all it needs is your signature to make it official.

Rabbit:  wait...Roo?  You signed this?  But why?

Roo:  Rabbit, I've been starting to call you dad at home for a while... but I didn't know if that was o.k.  A few nights ago, I had a dream about my real dad in heaven.  He told me that he is happy that I'm hanging around with you and teaching me, and he's o.k. with me calling you dad.

In any case, I think you're smart, funny, and I can tell that you love me... (hugs) and I love you too, and I would love you to be my dad.  Please Rabbit?

Rabbit was very shocked about all this, not to mention it was all so sudden.  He knew what being a father would mean, and he looked deep inside himself to make sense of it all.

In his reflections, he discovered that ever since that wonderful easter celebration, as seen in 'Springtime with Roo', he always found himself thinking about Roo, his wellbeing, his mood, and his safety.  Its as if something opened up in Rabbit's heart that let the child in.  If was similar to the time he took care of Kessie.  Even before they moved here, he was having those thoughts and concerns.  And when they moved here, it got to a point where he's thinking of Roo's future.  He realized within himself, that he really does love Roo, and he would be a great father to him.

So when he opened his eyes, there were tears in then, overcome with emotion because Kanga and Roo loved him so much that they want him in their lives, in spite of his flaws.  He picks up the pen and writes his signature.

Rabbit:  Kanga, Roo, the honor is all mine.

The three of them gave a great family hug, with rabbit sobbing his heart out.  And so was Roo since, ever since his father passed away, he had a dad.

That day forward, Roo would still be raised and nurtured by Kanga, but he often went to Rabbits house to learn and hang out with him.  As Kanga sees him go, he knew that Roo will have a successful and happy life.

And after all, that's what all mothers want for their children.
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Re: Fan Fiction

Tue Jan 15, 2019 1:36 am
Rapunzel might be a better fit if your willing to retcon at that level Tail. She totally covered the walls of the tower with her murals before hooking up with flint, after all. and several of her in game activities include art as well.
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Re: Fan Fiction

Thu Jan 24, 2019 8:31 pm
(This fanfiction is in Scar's POV)

I'm walking through the kingdom on my semi-weekly patrol throughout the kingdom, looking for any wild mice that happened to sneak its way into the kingdom, which happens occasionaly.  If I find any, they're all mine.  During my patrol I also meet any kids that call for me and want to see me, to which I say my sarcastic remarks, sign autographs, or even play hunt them.  Those that are wearing my 'Scar Ears hat' receive a hug and a sticker saying 'I'm a smart lion.'  The kids seem to enjoy it, and when they play along with my character and my little 'acts', I enjoy it too.

I really enjoy it when during my patrol, Mickey comes to me and says "Hey Scar, how's the mice-hunting going?"  And I look a Mickey and say "Very well."  to which Mickey realizes his mistake and runs, and I give chase.  As I tackle him and roar for victory, Simba tackles me and chases me away, and I curse Simba for denying me a tasty meal.  It was all playfully exaggerated, and most guests recognize the humor and laugh, and when they do, that makes me happy.  It was an act that I cane up with, and Mickey seems to like it, at least when nothing else is going on.

As I head through the gate of Toontown heading towards the Walt Disney Plaza, I see Cinderella, and the newest Premium Character, Lady Tremaine, staring at each other.  They look at each other, not saying a word.  At this I think, 'It Begins again.'

As I pass through, I can't help but think of what is considered one of the more akward and difficult parts of living together, when the Disney Villians are welcomed into the kingdom, and especially when the heros are in the same kingdom.

One of the major parts of the curse is that, as long as the curse exists, no character is able to leave.  No doubt it was a measure meant to wear down the characters so their resistance to her curse would be minimal, but also saw it as an opportunity when the villians of the Disney universe were welcomed in.  No doubt Maleficent thought when the heros and villians met, they would tear each other and the kingdom apart.

And that plan wasn't without merit.  Eighteen months ago, thet managed to welcome me in.  Whenever a villian and hero first meet, especially if the hero finished off the villian, nine times out of ten, they usually fight to finish what they started, or for revenge.  When I saw Simba in the kingdom for the first time... granted if the hyenas were in the kingdom, they woud've been first on my revenge list... but since Simba was next on my list, I saw red and pounced, intending to go in for the kill, and Simba noticed and was perfectly ready to defend himself.

That was when the blue shield kicked in.  When that happens, it sends a jolt where it seemed to paralyze my muscles and even my mind.  And I guess even Simba got a little bit too.  Afterwards, the staff took me away to the secret village, caged me, and when the effects wore off, Merlin, Mickey, and even the strange fat man I would know later as 'Tailmister' was there to talk to me.

I learned later that the blue shield was no only for protction not only from Maleficent, but also from the contengencies that I nearly invoked, villians and heroes fighting and killing one another.  The message they said to me was "We need to work together in order to prevent evil from winning, and that it was better to be friends rather than enemies"

I was of course furious that I couldn't do what I wanted, and there were several episodes after this.  One time the yellow shield activated.  This shield would make it physically impossibe for me and Simba to get close to one another, a last resort to be sure.  

Incidently, I heard Lady Tremaine and the fairy godmother has those yellow shields from the start.  Guess they don't want what happened in 'Cinderella 3, A Twist in Time' where Lady Tremaine could use the wand to reverse time and destroy the kingdom.  Though why the Fairy Godmother dosen't change her wand so that only she can use magic, I'll never know.

It wasn't an easy path and it took the better part of a year, but through patience, the other characters treating me with genuine respect, which is clearly not the way most would treat a murderer and a selfish rule that devastated a kingdom, and learning of different ways to use my strengths and talents, I slowly, but surely, opened up to the ways of the kingdom and how to benefit it and myself.  They seemed to care less about what I did, and rather what I can do.  It got to a point where I was sorry for what I did, and really enjoy being here.  Lately, Simba became a friend... not a close one because I hurt him too much, but a friend regardless.

So I'm a contributing member of Disney Magic Kingdoms now, hunting wild mice, entertaining guests, and writing essays on various topics, using my smarts to question or inspire, rather than villianly.  Sure, as part of my 'Stay in character' order, I'll play my part in shows, and for the guests, but more for show, and not for real.  The point now is that now I'm a fairly happy and contributing character of this kingdom, enough for me to look Maleficent in the eye, who brought me back to life, and can take it away, and say "I am a character of Disney Magic Kingdoms, and fully support its values and ethics", and 100% mean it.  

As I finish my patrol and head towards the secret village, I look and see Cinderella and Lady Tremaine still looking at each other, unsure of what to say.  I don't know how the stepsisters, and especially the stepmother, one who nearly all the guests don't like, can end up contributing to the kingdom and not against it.  Its a case-by-case basis, but if they could somehow make me into someone that loves the kingdom with my free will, I'm not too worried.
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A Hiro's Journey....

Fri Feb 01, 2019 10:00 am
Hiro’s Journey (Part 2)…

(Takes place mid Big Hero Six event)

It was a safe bet that if you needed to find “Star Ranger” Thunders, the best place to look was where the water was.   Which was why Helen Parr, aka Elasti-Girl, aka Mrs. Incredible, was surprised she hadn’t found him yet; having started her search in the most obvious place, the ISAW main pumps room.  She’d forgotten about how many water features were included in the rides that now resided in Frontierland at first, which was slightly embarrassing because that was, in fact, where Star was, checking pipes and pumps in the various support rooms under Frontierland.  He was just wrapping up what looked to be a simple swap of one of the minor pumps associated with Splash Mountain; he probably intended to tear down the pump he’d just swapped out and rebuild it at his leisure because he had a replacement for it.  That leisure was going to have to wait a bit longer in Helens mind.

“There you are!  Come on, we have a situation!” Helen informed Star, grabbing him by the collar of his green ‘boiler suit’ and getting halfway to the door before his resistance overcame her powers of stretching because he had shifted to his alternate, armored, and therefore much heavier form.

“Slow DOWN Helen!” Star countered.  “What situation?  Where?”

“That new Kid, Hiro!  He’s trying to take down that rogue battle-bot of his all by himself.  He’s going to get himself KILLED, Star!”

“Kuso!  Hang on, Helen!” Star barked as turbines snarled to life on his back, shooting the pair up through the interior…

                        *          *          *         

‘Not good!’ Hiro Hamada admitted to himself when his ankle refused to support his weight, dumping him back to the ground.  He raised his eyes…  to see his doom filling his vision in the form of a red rocket fist. ‘Sorry, bro. This wasn’t what I…’  That train of thought suddenly screeched to a halt as Hiro realized he wasn’t dead?  In fact, he wasn’t even hurt… and he knew how accurate Baymax SHOULD have been; Hiro had written that code himself.  Even if he wasn’t dead, shouldn’t he be in some serious pain right about now? 

Opening eyes he didn’t remember closing, the answer was revealed.  Helen Parr… no, she was in costume.  Mrs. Incredible then, not Helen, was helping him to his feet while Muck?  No.  He was ‘Star Ranger’ in that form; Star Ranger was playing a sort of areal pinball with Baymax’s rocket fists, using concussive blasts from his hands to deflect the fists as they came rocketing in.  Which meant there was going to be some sort of tactic shift right about…

On cue, each fist blossomed additional smoke trails as secondary submunitions launched and spread out in an attempt to overwhelm Star’s abilities to block them all; from the set of his shoulders Star had his doubts as well, but also resolved to do his best and take his lumps from the rest.  Hiro had worn that expression once or twice back when he was first getting into the bot fight scene when he found himself almost outmatched and the only way through to victory was to dance on the edge of defeat.  Then the micro-missile barrage… didn’t hit.

“NO!” shouted Violet Parr, popping into visibility and enclosed them all in one of her bubble barriers. 

The missiles still struck, and detonated; but didn’t hit them, when they could see, Dash Parr was showing Baymax just how annoying a little brother that also possessed super speed could really be, Hiro could easily imagine Dash was pretending Baymax was actually Violet as Star gathered Hiro into his arms. 

            *          *          *

A short time later, the five were gathered at Jessie’s Snack Roundup, Helen wrapping Hiro’s sprained ankle with an elastic bandage; Violet and Dash were being… well… Violet and Dash while Muck, once more in human form just sat and watched everyone with a look of detached bemusement. 

“There we go.  Overall you got really lucky Hiro.  This could have been a lot worse, you know.  Which prompts the question…  WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!”  Hiro couldn’t help but shake his head at Helen’s tone.  He’d always assumed it was an Aunt Cass thing, but apparently it was more of a Parent (surrogate or otherwise) thing.  This was followed by a wince as Hiro realized what was coming next; the worst part was that Helen was going to be right, just like Aunt Cass was.

“Can I take a stab at this for you Hiro?” Muck asked.   “Not to try and claim I know what is going on in your head better than you do, but more to be sure we are all on the same page here?”

“Uh, I guess?”

“Okay Kid.  Let’s start with some facts before moving into the suppositions then.  Baymax is all you have left of Takashi, right?  And to lose him would be like loosing Takashi all over again for you?”

“Pretty much,” Hiro agreed, his chin sinking down to rest on his forearms.

“As it happens, Hiro, I happen to think the problem isn’t what you were trying to do, or why.  Its how you were going about it.  Pretty certain that’s Helen’s opinion too; that you’re ignoring your greatest strength in doing so.”

“My Friends,” Hiro sighed.  Muck nodded and smiled, leaning back and pointing at something behind Hiro, causing Hiro turn around in time to find himself the recipient of a Honey Lemon Tackle Hug.

“We may not have been related by blood,” Wasabi observed, as the others joined the conversation at a slightly more sedate pace.  “But Takashi was our friend too.  Preserving his memory is important to us too”.

“Not only can we help, we WANT to help”, Go Go added.  “There may be times we have to go it alone, but this isn’t one of them”.

“Besides, that only works when the author decides it needs to,” Fred observed.  “And given what Honey and Wasabi found, I don’t think so...”

Helen looked over at Muck, who was leaning back with a smirk of profound satisfaction.  “Ah, my padawans.  You have just taken your first steps into a wider universe,” he observed sotto voice.

“Sir Alec as Obi Wan, Muck?  Really?” she teased.

“What…  Mangled vocabulary like Oz prefer you, Helen?” Muck replied, earning himself an eye roll from her.  “Much to learn have you…”

“I’m not going to win this, am I?”

“mmmm…..  Nope.”
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Re: Fan Fiction

Thu Feb 14, 2019 2:26 am
(Warning:  The following fanfiction contains some romance, but considering its Valentine's day, some of that is to be expected.

I know that the plot of the Princess and the Frog event is already written, but its based on an idea on what I think could happen.  Anyways, let's begin.)

During the event, some animated voodoo dolls managed to capture Naveen, and managed to drag him over to Dr. Facilier.

Facilier:  Ah, Prince Naveen, good to see you again.  I hope my friends weren't too rough on you.

Naveen (Struggling):  Ugh, Facilier, what do you want?

Facilier:  Hm, jumping straight to the point are we?  Very well, I can do that since you're so busy.

I've been looking at this new place that we both managed to find ourselves in.  I noticed this place is quite nice, but is also filled with magic.  Magic that can be transformed into power, and whoever weilds it can be very powerful, perhaps even more powerful than that sorceress that seems to take a big interest in this place.

I have power, and I have plans that, little by little, I can charm the magic away from this place and become more powerful.  I have the influence, but I also need prestige, charm, and money, something that you have in abundance.  Cooperate with me, and we can rule this place together.

Naveen:  Ugh, and why do you believe I would help someone like you?

Facilier:  Well, funny you should mention that.  You see, I managed to find this frog hopping around in the kingdom.

(The voodo dolls yank off the blanket covering a cage, which holds Princess Tiana all tied up, caged, and a frog.)

Naveen:  TIANA!!

Facilier:  mmm, hmm, such a mighty fine specimen of a frog too.  Lovely even.  (Strokes her)


Facilier:  Temper, temper.  Perhaps we should just skip to the next phase of interrogation.

So, I've heard you recently expanded and opened up Tiana's Palace in the kingdom, but are struggling to find a steady clientelle willing to try out such fine dining.  I have a soft spot for fine dining myself, so I think I should make a suggestion.  (Looks at Tiana)  I've heard that Frog Legs is a delectable dish with lots of local flavor.

(Tiana gasps)

Naveen (shocked):  You wouldn't DARE!!

Facilier:  Oh come now, you serve that dish and it will be given RAVE reviews, and it will definatly place Tiana's Palace on the map of the kingdom for years to come.  But... if you really wish to deny a struggling resturant such a fine dish, and more importantly, you give me what I want in exchage to keeping what you need, you better cooperate.  Agreed?  (holds out hand)

Naveen:  Grr...

(Throughout the course of the event, thanks to Naveen's friends and his new friends of the kingdom, they were able to beat Facilier and forced him to retreat, thus allowing the chance to welcome Tiana.  Prince Naveen managed to rescue Tiana, but she was unconcious and felt really dry.  After tearfully checking to see if she was still alive, Naveen headed over to the Goin' Down the Bayou attraction to wash her in the river for severel hours, with Naveen staying by her side, praying she will be o.k.)

Tiana:  (cough), ugh... Naveen?

Naveen:  Tiana?  (Laughs in relief)  Thank goodness, you're O.K.

Tiana:  ugh... my head.  Wait... Where's Facilier?

Naveen:  Facilier has retreated, and can't hurt us anymore.  Although with this event, apparently we're supposed to help welcome Facilier into the kingdom at some point, after we welcome you in.  But don't worry, some mouse told me that he won't trouble us when we're successful.

Tiana:  Well, that's a relief.  So... What happens now?

Naveen:  Well, I talked to Madam Odie.  She told me the way to turn you back into a human was for you to recieve a kiss from a prince, who loves you.

Tiana:  Well, that's wonderful.  So, I guess we'll be doing this now.  (Closes eyes and puckers lips, but after a minute she opens her eyes and sees Naveen hasn't moved.)  Uh... Naveen?  Is something wrong?

Naveen:  No, nothings wrong... I think... or... I don't know.  (Sits away from Tiana)  Its crazy, I don't know if I should be concerned... I love you Tiana... but I also love you as a frog.  Do you think that's crazy?

Tiana:  Hmm... what are you saying?  You want me to stay this way?

Naveen:  No, No.  I love you either way, but both as a human, and as a frog.  I dunno what to do...

Tiana:  Well... (holds Naveen's hand) not that crazy.  The thing is, we had our experiences, getting to know each other, even developed our feelings as frogs.  Even when we were too late to break the curse on you, even if we had to give up what we always wanted, we were happy, because we had what we needed, we had each other.  We even married as frogs.

Naveen:  I guess.  I look on you as a frog, and I remember our times together and how we fell in love, and I guess it makes me feel really happy.

Tiana:  Oh Naveen.  (Sigh)

Naveen:  Tiana... I have a hypothetical question for you.  Say if in the future... I was to turn back into a frog...

Tiana:  Naveen?  But didn't you say...

Naveen:  No, hear me out.  We do have work to do in the kingdom, and with our dreams.  But say if sometime in the future, It would be possible for you and I to change into a frog and a human freely.  How... how would that make you feel?  

Tiana:  Huh.  Well... I do remember as a frog I'm able to see the beauty of nature that I couldn't see as a human.  Even with our experiences together, I still struggle to see those things as a human.  It would be nice to get away from things once in a while to remember all those lovely things, and exploring the waterways of the kingdom does sound nice.  But I do know one thing for sure...

Naveen:  Yes?

Tiana:  I met this rather cocky, conceited, lazy, but also nice frog out there.  If I knew he wouldn't be out there, I would rather not be a frog.

Naveen:  Oh, is that so?  Well I met this uptight, hard working, serious, but also lovely frog out there.  I'll stay human if she wasn't out there.

Both start to laugh, with a few croaks escaping from Tiana, much to her embarassment.  

Naveen:  Well, ok, if for some reason such a thing were possible to happen in the future, I would gladly do so, and to spend time with you, to swim and date you as a frog.  But today, we have work to do here, so how about I reveal the crown jewel of New Orleans to the kingdom?

Tiana:  (giggle)

Naveen then kissed Tiana, and after a light show, Princess Tiana was turned into a human, wearing a lovely green dress with flowers, still as beautiful as ever.  Naveen helped her up and was about to leave the bayou, when they heard a trumpet playing to the tune of 'Ma Belle Evangeline.'  They didn't know where it came from, only it came from the direction of the Bayou.  

Naveen:  You know, we still have a few hours left until we have to help.  It may not be the same... but would you like to dance?  (Holds out hand)

Tiana:  Agreed.  Uh, I mean, I love to.

So Naveen and Tiana danced a slow waltz to the tune, taking in the atmosphere of the bayou.  Many of Raymond's friends, seeing a romantic moment, decided to help light up the bayou with their firefly lights.  As they danced around, Tiana noticed Ralph, barely hidden thanks to the lights, was the one playing the tune.  Tiana smiled and waved to him.

As the two continued, they were slowly illuminated by two stars in the sky, one from Evangeline, and the other from Raymond.  It was a romantic time that will never be forgotten.  As the two kissed, they could almost hear Raymond singing.

Raymond:  Look how she lights up the sky, I love you Evangeline.

(P.S.  When I first thought of this, I thought of the tune 'Kiss the Girl' to justify the Little Mermaid crossover, but I discovered the way its written now is more romantic.)
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Re: Fan Fiction

Thu Apr 11, 2019 7:28 pm
While Browsing on the Wiki, I came across an interesting side quest.  The Story of the 'magic feather' seems to have made a hit with the bird community, so lots of them have sent a feather or two as fan mail or something.  At the end of the quest named 'Down Time' (Get it?), this happened

Timothy:  So?  Some haul, right?  You got a lotta birds out there who-- Hey, what's that long white feather you got there?

Dumbo:  !

Timothy:  It comes with a letter, too? Let's see..."Dear Jumbo Jr."... So on and so forth... "knew you were special since the very first day"... So on and so forth... "Sincerely, Mr. S."    "Mr. S." huh? Must be a really old friend of yours if he's still callin' ya "Jumbo Jr." Nice to know he still cares!

Dumbo:  !!!

As Timothy leaves, Dumbo looked at the letter and feather with curiosity.  There was only one being he knew who called Dumbo "Jumbo Jr.", and this letter wasn't from her.  So he picked up the letter and feather, and he went into the Dumbo Flying Elephant attraction, which doubled as a circus, and as the entrance to the tents around the park, where the elephants were being housed for the circus.

As he passed by the other elephants, who were gossiping about anything under the sun, as usual, he came across the one being who always brought joy in his heart, his mother, Ms. Jumbo.

Admittedly she would've liked to be in the kingdom, but when the circus management saw how tightly packed the park is, they had to stop the elephants from wandering into the park, and Ms. Jumbo had to agree.  Having her get stuck everywhere, smashing into attractions, and risk stepping on guests was not the best way to bring happiness into the kingdom.

Ms. Jumbo was resting and couldn't help but overhear the latest gossip from the other elephants, and wasn't happy with what she heard, but she brightened up quickly when she saw her son coming her way.

Ms. Jumbo:  Jumbo, Hi.  How are you feeling?  Is the kingdom treating you well?

Dumbo:  Very well Mom.  The kids and characters are in awe.  Guess they still can't get over the fact that an elephant can fly.  But can I ask you something mom?  Why do you call me "Jumbo Jr"?  Everybody else calls me 'Dumbo'

Ms. Jumbo:  Oh?  Don't you like the name 'Jumbo'?

Dumbo:  No, no, you can call me that, its just I'd like to know why?

Ms. Jumbo:  Oh.  Well you see, your father was named Jumbo, and in the short time we knew together, he was a wonderful and supporting elephant, and it was the happiest time of my life.  We then decided to have a baby elephant together, so we filled out a mail-order to the storks, mailed it in, and a week later we got a positive response in the mail.  They congratulated us and said you would be delivered to us in eighteen months. 

Dumbo:  Huh?  Why so long?

Ms. Jumbo:  I don't know, but I knew it was standard procedure for the storks regarding elephants, I was happy we were having you regardless.

I and Jumbo performed together while we waited, and the circus loved us.  Sadly, he was diagnosed with a serious illness fifteen months after we met... and he passed away a few months before you were delivered.  I was anxiously waiting for you to arrive, but when the delivery was late, I was worried and sad.  If you didn't arrive, I would've felt like I lost Jumbo all over again.  But then you came, and I named you 'Jumbo Jr.' because you brought that happiness back in my life.  You look so much like him you know.

Dumbo:  Aww mom... but then why keep calling me that when everyone knows me by Dumbo?

Ms.  Jumbo:  Well, you remember the movie we saw several days ago, the animated one about you?

Dumbo:  Yep.

Ms. Jumbo:  Well, when people today say 'Dumbo', they talk about the worldwide sensation, ninth wonder of the universe and all that, and I take it in that spirit.  But when I hear Dumbo, I can't help but remember the other elephants laughing and giving you that name out of mockery, just because you had big ears.  They mocked a minute old baby for something he couldn't help.  Add in when that kid blew in your ear and hurt you, and it was like my ability to be happy with you and remember my husband was being attacked and mocked too.  I guess that was why I got angry and lost my head a bit.

You know, a few minutes ago, I overheard the other elephants saying they want to do a quest with you, where they want to officially declare you an elephant again.  (Hears other elephants laughing at the latest gossip, while Ms. Jumbo starts to get angry)  Yeah yeah, ladies, go ahead and laugh, try to **** up to Jumbo and ride on the coattails of my baby's fame.  You mocked my baby, called him a freak, and rejected him when I was locked up, even go so far to say he's no longer an elephant.  If he had died, you wouldn't have ever shed a tear for him, would you?  You rejected him when he was down, you have no right to share his fame while he's up.  You are not touching or hurting my baby again. 

(Calms down)  So anyway, that's my story and why I named you Jumbo Junior, and why I continue to do so even with your fame, because you're my son, and you are precious to me.

Dumbo:  O.K.  The reason I asked is that Timothy received a letter calling me by that name, and I got a feather that came with it.

Ms. Jumbo takes a good look at the feather in Dumbo's trunk and gasps.  She then takes the letter, skims through it, and exclaims "Well I'll be.  I didn't think he'd be allowed to write.  Who else would know your real name?"

Dumbo:  Timothy skimmed through the letter, and I want to know what it says, but I can't read yet.

Ms. Jumbo:  Well, that's wonderful, I'm curious to see what he wrote too.  Here Jumbo, snuggle by me and we'll read it together.  (Dumbo then snuggles next to his mother.)  Comfortable darling?  Good.  (Flattens out the letter and begins to read out loud.)

Dear Jumbo Jr.

You probably don't know who I am... or maybe you do, I heard most characters see the movies they come from soon after they're welcomed.  My name is Joe Stork, and I'm the stork that delivered you to your mother.

I'm writing to give you a message.  You see, I'm retired now, but you may see me flying around the kingdom giving Bundle tokens as the kingdom earns it.  (Don't worry, the bundles are comforter blankets that contain high-end supplies like shampoo, cleaning supplies, razors and shaving creams, and some gifts from the characters' homes.)

During my career, I've delivered thousands of babies to their mothers, and while I can still be a little light-headed and clumsy, I got better over time.  (Though I did deliver a lion to a lamb at one point, but I'd rather not talk about that.)

During those deliveries, I seem to instinctively gauge the mothers' responses, and it often translates to how well the child-mother relationship will be, and consequently, how well the child will be.  Most are happy, others very surprised, others not so happy... and a few that... me and my co-workers wish we could take the child back since we felt the parents would do very bad things to the child... but we have taken oaths and follow policies to be completely neutral and deliver to all.  Its the way of life after all.

I was about a month into my new job when I was given the assignment to deliver you.  As I looked at you, I knew you were special since the very first day, but I was also concerned because of the big ear thing.  Not many places in the world seem to fully accept someone that's different in that way, no questions asked.  I watched the animated movie about you recently, and it seemed I was right.  I know life can be rough, but its not something I wish on anyone.

But I was right about something else.  When I finally found Ms. Jumbo and delivered you to her, my instinct told me that she was the perfect mother for you.  The one who I think would've loved you no matter who you were or what you do...

Ms. Jumbo:  *heh*  What a sap, but he's right.

Dumbo:  Mom?

Ms. Jumbo:  Jumbo, I'm happy you're famous, and it's easy for everyone to like you... but the thing is... When I saw you... I loved you.  And I didn't care if you had big ears or not, or turned out good or bad, or are famous or not, but I love you because heaven gave me to you, and I love you... because you're you.

Dumbo started to sniffle and cry because deep down, Dumbo knew it to be true.  Hugging Dumbo with her trunk, Ms. Jumbo finished the letter.

... and it made me feel so happy in my heart because your mother will love and support you no matter what.  Such love is rare, but I and my co-workers agree that it is the most precious thing on earth, and if there were more of that kind of love in the world, the world would be a nicer place to live.

So all I ask you is treasure that love your mother gives you, let it nurture you and help you grow, remember that love.  And if it so happens that you find a significant other and maybe even have a child, share that love with them, because it truly is an invaluable treasure on earth, and no amount of fame can ever match it.

We might see each other in the air again, though try not to bump into me when you do.

Sincerely, Mr. S.

As Ms. Jumbo finished reading the letter, she looked down only to find Dumbo hugging her.

Dumbo:  Mom... I really love you too, and I'm glad you're my mother.

Ms. Jumbo:  Thank you.  I appreciate that.

Dumbo:  Mom... I know that Mother's Day is still a month away... but... 

Ms. Jumbo:  Jumbo... even if you don't do anything for me on that day, I won't be offended or put out or anything like that.  You've already given me so much already Jumbo.  You gave me you.

At that point, Dumbo broke down and cried for a full ten minutes into Ms. Jumbo's side.  He was crying because he was so emotional and filled with happiness and love because he will be loved all his life.  He cried himself to sleep, to which Ms. Jumbo then picked him up gently and set him down on his little straw bed.

Ms. Jumbo:  Sleep well and fly high Dumbo, but more importantly, sweet dreams my little Jumbo Junior.
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Re: Fan Fiction

Wed Jun 05, 2019 9:11 pm
In the Jungle Book section of the kingdom, and lurking in the greenery of the kingdom, lives a character that, in spite of his two years living in the kingdom, is just as feirce and deadly as ever.  His name?  The one and only, Shere Khan.

Now he knows that he's not considered one of the great villians of the Disney family, considering he stared in a movie that not many people see nowadays, how he had so little screen time in said movie, and how he was 'Defeated' in a rediculous matter, but to be fair what animal isn't scared of wildfire?  But, as so many people have observed, what he lacks in prestigue, he gains in strength and skill that no other has even come close to, by wild animal standards anyway.

In his home, it was wild, and it was 'hunt or be hunted', and in that game, Shere Khan was on top of that game.  Sure in the back of his mind, he knew he could be bested by a better animal one day, but he wouldn't settle for complaicency, in the game of 'Survival of the fittest' he played to win.  Even animals who hunted tigers were killed or at least heavily wounded.  It made him extremely feared amongst the animal kingdom, that even his name brought fear.  No animal in their right mind would dare cross his path.

When he was welcomed into the kingdom, he was confused and angry, and was a danger to everyone.  Thanks to timely intervention, training, educating and coxing, he became a character capable of entertaining families in a theme park.  But he still kept a lot of his tendencies, primarily, his need for strength and skill.

The best way to provide that kind of training was in Gaston's gym, but even that was too soft for him.  The gym had to undergo six months of renovation and upgrades before it was to the standard suitable to him.  He would spend his time running around in the flatlands in the secret village, and then work out his body to keep him sharp, healthy, and able to survive in the jungles when he gets home.  

He wasn't beating standards for animal fitness and fighting prowess, he IS the standard, the example for other animals to follow.  The other animals would see Shere Khan and his skills, and are motivated, either to try to keep up, or to become the best animals they can be.  Simba, in spite of him spending most of his childhood eating bugs, gradually got bigger and stronger to compete with most lions.  Even Scar, Shere Khan's rival for disney villians, was showing some improvement.

Today, as Shere Khan was walking through the jungle towards the gym, he picked up a new scent.  It was a scent that he never smelled before, but his instincts told him, that another tiger was heading towards him.

Tigers are very territorial, so it their nature to prepare for danger.  So, in spite of the fact that he picked up the scent of shield, indicating the tiger was another disney character, he crouched down as he prepared to sneak up on the unknown intruder, but the intruder found him first.

It's Rajah the tiger, exploring the new kingdom, but also following his instinct to engage the new tiger.

Shere Khan took one look at Rajah... and started to laugh, and laugh some more.  

While Rajah was an impressive tiger to the public eye, if you compared the two side by side, there was no contest.  Rajah really hasn't spent a day in his life in the wild, and thus had zero experience in how the wild worked.  His senses and instincts were dull, his muscles were weak, his claws barely scratch, and he was breathing heavily from all the walking he did to get here.  In short, while Shere Khan was the definition of a wild animal, Rakah was the definition of a house pet.  It was as bad of a mismatch as you can get.

Rajah didn't know this, and charged to attack.  Shere Khan kept dodging, laughing all the while.  And even if Rajahs attacks landed, it was questionable wether he can knock a deer to the ground, let alone a tiger in combat.  It also only lasted a minute before Rajah was tired, to which Shere Khan lightly pawed him to the ground, and pinned Rajah, while he whimpered and pleaded for his life.  It was truley the definition of pathetic.

Shere Khan then said "You've never been a proper tiger in your life hmm?  Tell you what, come to Gaston's gym, where I'm giving a demonstration on my physical and hunting skills on some full sized manikin dolls.  Then you'll see what a tiger can really do."  He then let go of Rajah and went on his way, leaving Rajah winded, sore, and his pride broken and shocked.

Why do the animals try so hard to be fit and healthy?  Well for one, many of them have high metabolisms, and too much sitting around and not enough exercise will leave them sick and weak, which their instincts interpret as being someone else's meal.  Second, its somewhat common knowledge in the kingdom that sooner or later, Maleficent and her army will attack, and the characters will have to defend themselves and the kingdom.  By encouraging the other characters, by word and example, to keep fit and healthy, the characters will be in the best possible position to defend against, and drive out Maleficent and her curse once and for all.
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Re: Fan Fiction

Sat Jun 29, 2019 1:59 am
This fanfiction takes place on July 24th, 2019, just after the tower challenge has concluded.  The Three hyenas, Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, were hanging around, getting reacquainted, sharing a laugh, and just plain happy to see each other again.  It was a strange new environment they managed to find themselves in, but they figured they would be okay as long as they stuck together.

Shenzi was the leader of the group, and yet, for now, she needed the most help.  The other two tried to help her get her strength back, to which she was grateful for since she was the one most affected by the curse, as well as tied up and gagged the longest.  For a while, she thought she wouldn't be able to be rescued from the evil sorceress, and yet these characters seemed to help, in spite of the fact that their not the most loved of characters.

During that time, there was a lion that fought hard against Maleficent and her goons.  Shenzi couldn't get a good look at the lion since he was in the shadows, and being tied up and gagged couldn't give her much ability to find out, but she was almost certain it was Simba since he could be the most likely to help, being a responsible king and all.  That thought made her emotional since it seemed he was ready to forgive them.

As they were healing up, they saw the mysterious lion that has constantly fought hard and got Shenzi out of the tower.  It was just standing there and looking at them, almost as if unsure if he wanted to reveal himself.

Shenzi:  Oh, It's you.  Hey Simba, thank you for getting me out of there.  Hey listen, I know we haven't had the best past together, but I can explain a lot of things.  I was thinking we can sit down and just talk about things.  I think we can be friends if things work out.

Immediately afterward, the mysterious lion stepped out into the light.  When Ed and Banzai saw who it was, they paled.

Banzai:  Scar?

Scar:  Friends?  (muffled laughter)  I thought you were the enemy.  And believe me, the three of us are going to have a long talk indeed.

Scar's intentions were to give the three of them a good scare in the name of 'revenge' and then head on his way to recover from his wounds from the battle, but he never got that far, since he discovered that there was only two of them.  Then out seemly nowhere, Shenzi has pounced and attacked Scar.  In spite of Scar's increased ability to fight thanks to his efforts in Gaston's gym, his previous wounds made it near useless against Shenzi's attacks, and he was pinned to the ground, unable to fight back, and staring up into a really angry and snarling Shenzi.

Scar:  Hey, hey, take it easy, I'm wounded from that battle to get you out of there, and 

Shenzi:  AND DO WHAT?  Get revenge on us?  Revenge on wounding you and leaving you to burn alive?

Scar:  Well, not exact...

Shenzi:  SHUT UP!  You never gave me a chance to speak back during your tenure as king.  If you don't want me to wound you further, shield or not, SHUT YOUR MOUTH FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE!  It's MY turn to speak.  Interrupt me and I'll make sure you feel MORE pain than even that sorceress can dish out.

Scar was so stunned and so shocked that Shenzi could get so mad that he did exactly that.

Shenzi:  Scar, I'm the queen of the pack of hyenas in the Outlands, we and our kind were banished for a crime that our parents may have committed, but we never did, and yet we were still banished, though we didn't do anything wrong.

Scar:  I know that, but...

Shenzi then slapped Scar and screamed SILENCE.

Shenzi:  In the Outlands we could barely survive, but the pridelands had everything we ever wanted.  They had plenty of food, water, and greenery that can cheer up any animal on a bad day.  It was the perfect place to live and grow, and have children in, which was all part of the circle of life, and yet we were denied of all that, all because our kind committed a crime that we never participated in.  So of course, we were resentful and hateful of the pridelanders.

Scar:  Exactly. That's why...

Shenzai then growled so loudly that Scar was silenced.

Shenzai:  So then you came, the prince of the Pridelands, the fallen Lion Guard leader, and you promised us all the pridelands in exchange for you to be king, and because most of us were starved and desperate, of course, we agreed.  We may not have understood all that you asked, but we did them anyway.  So then the night came when you became king.  And for a few months, it was indeed everything you promised.  But yet, when some of the pridelanders fought back, when some of my herd was in danger... you did nothing.  So they killed them.  And while the rest of us were mourning, you weren't there.  You didn't care.  

After a few years, we discovered why the rules of the Circle of Life were in place.  We overhunted.  We drove out our prey.  We interrupted our food chain.  We were destroying the pridelands.  Voices were rising against you and getting louder.  Your subjects were crying to you, and so were we.  We were dying too... and you did nothing.

It was always one excuse after another, but all YOU ultimately cared about was the throne, getting revenge on your brother.  You had no clue or inclination on how to rule, and yet here you were, in power, and every time somebody spoke up against you, they were put to death.  Even when the day came when everything was gone, and literally no one could survive, you still demanded us to stay.  Because that's all you cared about didn't you.  The pridelands, your throne.  If we all died and you lived, that was all you would've cared about.

And then... in the fight against Simba... you DARED to try to pass off your misdeeds and your murders ON US!  Many of us starved for you, gave you your rule, even enforced your rules... and you never cared at all.  

Believe me, is it any wonder that when the opportunity came... I wounded you, I left you to die, and I didn't care one bit about it.  If I ever had the opportunity, I would do it again, and again, and AGAIN.  My only regret was that I wasn't the one that dealt the finishing blow, but being queen, I had to lead what little of my clan I had left away from the wildfire, and flee into the Outlands.

It was bad enough that I was left at the mercy of the sorceress that brought YOU of all animals back to life, but in the tower, I had to watch some lion guard episodes... and my kind was STILL serving you from beyond the grave.  (Angry tears were forming in Shenzi's eyes)  That was the most torturous thing I had to go through, that my kind was still serving a PATHETIC MONARCH THAT DIDN'T CARE ONE WHIT FOR ANYBODY EXCEPT FOR YOU BEING KING!!

Shenzi then let Scar go.  Scar at that point was so in shock and in tears that he couldn't speak or move.

Shenzi:  I don't know where we are, but it looks like we're stuck here, and apparently I cannot hurt you that much because of some unknown force, so I guess we have to put up with you.  But if you want any kind of peace from us... STAY AWAY FROM US!!  We may have been **** hyenas before, but we aren't anymore.

Shenzi then gathers his other two companions and the group walks away to explore the new land they managed to find themselves in.

Scar laid on the floor for about five minutes, in shock and starting to cry.  He knew that things weren't going to be the best among his former 'subjects', and he wanted to eventually try to make some kind of friendship work, but today wasn't the day.  He wanted to make friends and tell them he was no longer the lion he was in the outlands, but he knows now that only time can pass before he can speak to them without them trying to kill him.  Guess he still needed to pay for his actions in his life.

And inwardly, Scar had to admit, he deserved it.