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Re: Fan Fiction

Thu Oct 25, 2018 8:39 pm
Mickey and his friends are giving away trick or treat candy for cookies and cocoa.  They're doing great in earning the cookies, and the candy is going slowly, but steadily.

While they're doing this, they hear a few screams of terror and excitement by the Walt Disney plaza.  When Mickey and his friends stop to investigate, they discover a little black foot hopping around, with a note attached.

Donald:  What?  What is that thing?

Mickey:  Huh, I know a popular show had a hand named thing running around.  I wonder... 

Mickey then picks up the note and reads

' To Mickey Mouse.  Hiya baby brother, heard you were puting on a show of your first sound cartoon.  I know you're way out of touch from the animation style, so rub my foot for good luck.'

While the others are confused and a little freaked out, Mickey starts to laugh, which scares them even more.

Goofy:  Uh, Mickey, what's this all about?

Mickey:  Oh, its nothing malicious, just a prank from my brother.

Minnie:  What?  Your brother?  You don't have a brother.

Mickey:  Well not brother per say, but brother in spirit and heart.  Hey brother, come out and let me introduce you.

Except for the wiggiling foot in his hand, there was silence.  Mickey then gets an idea and pulls a large feather out of his pocket.

Mickey:  All right then, guess I'll just have to rub the foot and take it home with me.  (Starts to tickle foot)

??? (From a nearby bush rustiling slightly):  Wha...haha...what are you dohihihing... That's not Fahahair.

Mickey:  I think it's fair you know, maybe i should tickle the toes next.

???:  NOOHOHO.  Not the toes, NOT THE TOEHOHOHOS.

[Mickey starts to ticke the toes and the spots between the toes]

(Bush rustles more vigouriosly) Nohoho, you dirty cheahahater.  Sthahahop.  I can't sthahahand it.  (A cartoon black rabbit, minus a foot, rolls out laughing like crazy.)  GUYS, HEHAHAHAHALP. 

Mickey:  (giggles)  Fellas, meet my brother, Oswald the lucky rabbit.

Oswald:  O.Kahay.  You got me alrehahady.  Sthahaop alreahahady and give me bahack my fohohot.

Mickey:  Not until you cry uncle.

Oswald:  Fihahane.  Unchale, do you hehar me?  UNCLE.

Mickey stops tickling the foot and hands it back to Oswald, who then pops it back onto his left leg, wiggiling his toes a bit.

Oswald: (with some tears in his eyes)  You jeheherk, I stop by to see my baby brother and the kingdom, and this is how you welcome me?

Mickey:  Sorry, the opportunity was just too good to pass up.  I'm sure you would've done the same.

Oswald then manages to put Mickey in a headlock and gives him noogies.

Oswald:  Yeah?  Well maybe I should give you lots and lots of noogies for my baby brother.  You know you like em.

Mickey:  Baby?  I'm only a year younger than you.

Oswald:  Which makes me a year older you know, nothing will change that.  Not to mention we're both characters Walt created, and I would've been in your place as disney mascot if mintz gave me back to Walt Disney.

Mickey:  HEY!!

Oswald:  O.K., O.K.  If that happened, I wouldn't have a baby brother to play with.  Ginme a hug Mickey.  (Hugs hard)

Mickey:  (gasp)  Fine, fine.  Your the best older brother.  Let me go.  (Oswald lets go and mickey gasps and catches his breath.)

Daisy:  Uh, pardon me Mr. Oswald, but what are you doing here?

Oswald:  I'm here to watch my brother in his recreation of 'Steamboat Willie'... but I guess I shouldn't have bothered.  Mickey is so out of touch with his twenties animation roots he's not even in costume.

Minnie:  Oswald, you're at least a week early.  The costumes and attraction aren't available yet.

Oswald looks at his portable calender and discovers that Minnie's right, November hasn't come yet.

Oswald:  Oh, I see.  Hehe, sorry about that... but may I ask what you're doing?

Mickey:  We're in our Halloween costumes giving out trick or treat candy in exchange for cookies to fight off maleficent, who's trying to turn the kingdom into a park for evil.

Oswald:  Hmm... I see.  

Mickey:  Yeah we got a great deal on the candy. only problem is that got we bought too much of it, and I'm afraid a lot of it will go to waste.

Oswald:  Hmm... O.k.  Well, since I'm here, can I help?  Where's your basket and candy?

Mickey:  Our supplies are hidden on the ground over there...but what...

When Mickey said that, Oswald extended his arm and cast it like a fishing pole.  He used his other hand to reel in his arm which now held a lot of jack o latern baskets and candy.

Donald:  What in the world?  How are you doing that?

Oswald:  I'm an expert of the twenties animation style, and with that style, anything's possible.  Want to see what else I can do?

Minnie:  Wait a minute, if you're going to do something you could only get away with in the twenties because censorship in film was too new, I'm going to have to stop you.  We had to change our Steamboat Willie routine to make guests less uncomfortable after all.

Oswald:  Don't worry, I have too much respect for the guests to do anything like that.

Oswald jumped, and after flapping his ears a bit, he was swimming in air, picking up the baskets and candy.  

Oswald:  No need for the guests to run all the way from the other side of the park to come to you, I will come to them.  See you.

Oswald then airswims away.

Donald:  Sheesh, a bit of a showoff isn't he?

Eight hours later, twenty bags worth of candy was given away, and the guests were thrilled that it was delivered by Oswald, not to mention it gave him great opportunties to entertain them too.

Goofy:  Gawsh Mickey, the guests really seem to like him.

Mickey:  How could they not?  I'm a gem that is widely known, but Oswald is like a brand new gem that is largely unknown, and most guests want to know more.  That sense of discovery is bound to get them excited.

Oswald:  You better believe it.  So now that we're done for the day, how about we head to your house and watch some good old twenties cartoons from me and you?

Mickey:  Actually, I need to work for about eight days more, but there's a secret village we have outside the park.  You can hang out there until I'm done, then I'll head over and we'll watch them together for laughs.  Perhaps I need to brush up on my twenties animation style.

Oswald:  Well, I say that at ninety years old, you'll definatly need it.

Mickey:  Hey, don't underestimate me.  If the actor who played Bert from Mary Poppins can dance at ninety years old, so can I.

Oswald:  (teasinly) We'll see old mouse, we'll see.

Oswald and Mickey then laugh and part ways, the latter looking forward to spending some quality time with his long lost big brother, and a little bit of time relaxing from the stress of running the kingdom.
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Re: Fan Fiction

Fri Oct 26, 2018 9:48 pm
Thank you Tailmister . i thoughily enjoyed it . :) :) :)
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Re: Fan Fiction

Sat Nov 17, 2018 6:02 am
So when I was researching Disney Princesses, I was shocked to discover that Anastasia, from the 20th Century Fox picture, was being considered as a Disney Princess.

Well I guess with Disney now practically owns Fox, (song begins) I can do this without reprecussions.

Maleficent (singing):  Way back in the fifties, I wasn't invited,
rejected from Aurora's birthday party,
So I cursed an infant to death, I covered her kingdom in thorns, and fought her true love as a mighty dragon.

I was once the most feared villian in all of Disney, (ooh ah ooh)
when they made me live action they made a mistake.  (ooh ah ooh)
My curse made each of them pay, but one little mouse got away,
Mickey Mouse beware, because I'm awake.

(Troll army Chorus)  In the dark of the night, evil will find him, In the dark of the night, his park will fall.

Maleficent (singing):  My park will be sweet, when the curse is complete.  (Everyone else is cursed), So will he.

The Disneyland parks may be about happiness, hope and creativity will take lots of effort.
But Sadness and subservience, little to no effort needed, so for besmirching my evil name, farewell.

(In the dark of the night, terror will find them)  Terror is only the start.  (In the dark of the night, evil will bre-e-e-w)
This will soon be a park, where their nighmares are real, (In only a matter of time)  It will be real.

(In the dark of the night, just before dawn) 

Troll:  Disney will pay

(For giving the edge that made movies great)

Troll:  Evil will play.

Maleficent (singing):  My park may be bad, but for us, this is good.

(In the dark of the night, In the dark of the night)

Maleficent (singing and casting spell):  Attractions of Disney Magic Kingdoms, awake and cast my spell.  (Heed her now, heed her)  Spread my curse and spread out my evil.  (Happiness out, Evil is in, and before the night is through)

Maleficent:  THE KINGDOM'S MINE!!!

How come I get the feeling that this could be her motivation for all of this?  I dunno.
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Re: Fan Fiction

Sat Nov 17, 2018 7:10 am
mmm... Matches my own vision, only thing different is I sort of view the Kingdom as a cross dimensional hub kind of like the way the power strip connected game (worlds) in Ralph.
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Re: Fan Fiction

Sat Nov 17, 2018 10:08 am
So is this a song from Anastasia, then? I saw it once decades ago and did not like it at all.
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Re: Fan Fiction

Mon Nov 19, 2018 5:10 am
So for Mickeys 90th birthday, the guests were being seated by the moat of Cinderella's Castle (near where the hot air ballon rests) in order to watch a special presentation of Steamboat Willie, performed by Classic Mickey, as well as Classic Pete and Classic Minnie.  (The latter two rented the costumes for the occasion.)  The guests were curious to see how this was going to play out.

However, ten minutes before the show started, out of nowhere, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Ortensia the cat, performed together in a presentation of their cartoon 'Oh what a Knight' for the public.  They brought in Rapunzel's Tower for the occasion, and had Pete play the part of the rival knight.  Some audience members were confused and didn't know what was going on, but others were laughing and saying things like "Oh you naughty rabbit".

Of course, Oswald and Ortensia had to change some things around in order for the performance to be more 'family friendly', but the thing is, as long as the original cartoon was available and guests who wanted to see the original can, Oswald was O.K with the changes for the performance.  Besides, The Steamboat Willie Boat attraction doubles as a theater where they can show 20s and 30s cartoons of Mickey Mouse in their original form.  (With parental warnings signs before they entered)  And they were even kind enough to add an extra section of Oswald cartoons (even more parental warning signs were needed, but maybe they would learn more about the rabbit)

As the two of them floated down to the ground kissing each other, ending the performance, the audience was laughing and applauding, some from the performance, some from the hilarity of the stunt, and a few other things as well.  But there was a section that was comprised of all of the Oswald Junior children, all 420 of them, along with Judy Hopps (who learned a thing or two from her mother, Bonnie Hopps, mother of over 275 kids, how to control a crowd.) And Rabbit was there for the more laid-back bunnies. (He's so comfy to hug, like a doll), that was clapping and cheering their father and step-mother for their performance.

Oswald:  Well, I'm glad you all liked it.  Just wanted to give them a taste of true 20s animation magic.

Rabbit:  Well I must say, I never knew someone who would kiss another so many times in a short amount of time.

Ortensia:  (hee hee)  Yeah, pretty sweet isn't it?

You see, the reason that Oswald and the gang are here is because Oswald knew about Mickey performing his 'Stemboat Willie' cartoon, and seeing as how its his kids favorite cartoon, he wanted to see it.  Oswald was a few weeks too early, but it gave Oswald and Mickey a chance to be together as brothers in spirit, but also for Oswald to reaquaint Mickey in the 20s animation style, which Mickey discovered that he was way out of practice.  Oswald spent a lot of time re-training mickey in the 20s animation style roots, and things were going slowly, but steadily.  When Mickey got his Classic Mickey costume, it was much easier, and they just managed to get it down fully the morning of the performance.

Two days before the performance, Oswald and Mickey invited Ortensia and all the Oswald Juniors to come into the park to play and watch the performance.  Judy Hopps was needed to help things become managable for everyone, and Rabbit volunteered to help, espeically when they found out a lot of the bunnies liked to hug him.  It was a crazy time for the park, and their caretakers trying to keep everyone under control.

Shortly after everyone settled down, The Steamboat Willie performance started, which got a big cheer from the audience, with a set of Steamboat Willie chugging around the moat of Cinderella's Castle, and Mickey Mouse in his classic costume, whistling his merry little tune like it's 1928.  Then Classic Pete (after a quick change of costume) saw Mickey and got mad.

At this point, Oswald was starting to get nervous and sweated, knowing the most difficult part of the 20s style was coming up. 

Oswald:  (Okay Mickey, remember your training, think loose.)

So Classic Pete pulled on the back of Mickey's neck... and Mickey had performed the stunt perfectly, with his body stretching like rubber, to which the audience was both horrified, but also impressed that this was possible.  The performance proceeded like normal, including Mickey pulling his body back into normal shape, Classic Pete ordering him off the deck, and Mickey blowing a raspberry at Pete, to which Pete planned to kick Mickey off, but the force of the kick stretched out his leg and kicked himself in the butt, to which Oswald, the children, and the audience was laughing hard at, seeing that stunt in live action.  

Mickey then fell down the stairs, slipped on a bar of soap, and fell into a bucket of water.  Mickey was slightly winded, but fine.  Iago was on the perch watching this.

Iago:  Hey Mickey, Getting a little too old to do this kind of stuff?  (laughing)

To which Classic Mickey threw the bucket at Iago, soaking Iago in the process, and earning a good laugh from the audience.

The performance proceeded similar to the cartoon (with some alterations), including Classic Minnie running out of the costume shop and into Main street, and then around the parade route shouting for the boat, to which Mickey operated a crane that lassoed a rope around Minnie and pulled her aboard, with her dropping her ukelele and songbook onboard.

As Minnie was cranking the goat like a gramophone for the music to come out, Ortensia started to giggle.

Oswald (whispers):  What's so funny?

Ortensia (whisper):  Remember in 'Rival Romeos' when you played a goat the same way to me?  Only it was 'The more we get together' song?

Oswald (whispers and gives a light kiss):  Yes, I remember.

Other alterations included Pluto chasing the cat around and off the stage, and the duck rapping trying to woo Minnie, both in the rythm of 'Turkey and the Straw'.  Mickey got mad and tried to kick the duck off the stage, but ended up kicking himself in the butt, which got quite a laugh from the audience, as well as Minnie, who almost lost focus, but pulled back quickly.  Mickey then walked over to the cow and played the cow's teeth like a xylophone.

Judy Hopps was in the audience thinking 'Thank goodness for the alterations.  First time I saw the cartoon I wanted to arrest Mickey for assault and battery.'

As Mickey was peeling potatoes, Iago came in again.

Iago:  Hey Mickey, I think this censored version of your old cartoon sucked.  (laughing)

Which of course, earned a hit from a potato and a drenching in the moat.  And of course a laugh from classic Mickey.  

As the performance ended, the audience was applauding like crazy, and the vast majority of the Oswald Children was applauding, cheering, and jumping up and down.

Oswald (playfully):  Oh, so you liked Uncle Mickeys cartoon better than my own huh?  O.K, those who did are grounded when we get home.

This of course got another laugh by the audience.

The park then sang 'Happy Birthday' to Mickey Mouse with a giant cake, (a character from each franchise had to help blow out the candles), and everyone got a slice of birthday cake.  Last in line was Oswald who Mickey decided to smash Oswald's face into some cake and laughing.  Oswald then threw cake at Mickey and there was a mini-cake war.  (It was all in good fun.)

An hour later when everybody and everything was cleaned up, Mickey and Oswald was backstage.

Oswald:  So Mickey, how was it being back in the twenties, hm?

Mickey:  It felt pretty weird.  So much has changed since then.  I never thought I would say this, but I never would've pulled this off without you.

Oswald (teasinly):  Well, my family's a big fan of this cartoon, and they would be disappointed to see a watered down version of the same thing.  Couldn't let that happen you know.

Mickey:  Well, all the same, thank you.  It was fun connecting to my roots again.  And the fact that I have the voice of Walt Disney himself is definatly a plus.  Will you be around long?

Oswald:  No, Me, Ortensia, and all the children are taking the morning train home to Wasteland.  (starts to tear up) I will say, I'm grateful for asking the builders of the Steamboat Willie attratction to add a section for me.  I know my cartoons are less family friendly than yours, I hope guests don't get too upset.

Mickey:  Well, I think they added enough Parental warnings to give them a idea what to expect.  And anyway, maybe they'll know a little more about you and we can perform in something great together.

Oswald:  That would be great.  Its really great to see you again Mickey.  (Hugs)  Never forget me?  

Mickey:  Of course.

Mickey and Oswald hug for several minutes, then break off.

Oswald:  Well, I better head back to my family, make sure they don't wreck the park before Ralph has a chance to.  By the way, does your 'Small World' attraction go nuts if it hears the song for too long?

Mickey (laughs):  Haha, nope.  Its very friendly.

Oswald:  (Whew) That's good.  Maybe I can convince my children that were afraid of it to ride it now.  See you later.
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Re: Fan Fiction

Fri Dec 07, 2018 4:41 am
This is a continuation of my Golden Era Event Thread, the little Figment dragon in my head won't shut up about it.

So it starts off with Mickey enjoying the day, when all of a sudden the sky gets dark.  Maleficent casts a spell on Bald Mountain to awake Chernabog (The devil in Fantasia), in order to spread horror and sadness into the kingdom, so Meleficent can retake the kingdom.  (Hope and Happiness is whats keeping the curse out.)

So Mickey realizes that he needs to not only study magic, but be able to cast magic.  So he asks Merlin for help.  After a back and forth, knowing that Mickey flooded the place last time he tried to learn magic, then, after Mickey earns his sorcerer costume, Merlin helps him.

While all of this is going on, Jiminey Cricket travels to the kingdom and finds Ghepetto's house.  After settling in, he meets his old friend Pinocchio, but he's been turned back into a wooden puppet.  Pinocchio explains that he went to sleep as a real boy, but when he woke up he's in the kingdom and a wooden puppet.  He said that Ghepetto was looking for the wishing star for answers, and asked Pinocchio to stay here until he got home.  But he's been gone for a long time.  Jiminey goes to look for him.  While both are away, Pinocchio sees the park, and with his curiosity and fun loving nature, decides to disobey his father and explores the kingdom.

Meanwhile, Jiminey finds Ghepetto and they both head home, only to discover Pinocchio missing.  They search the park until they find the Pinocchio's daring journey ride, when they find Pinocchio riding it.  Ghepetto takes him home, saying that Pinocchio was in danger exploring a new crowded place without supervision, and could've got lost or hurt. Pinocchio tries to explain why he disobeyed his father, but his nose grows big everytime.  Ghepetto then diciplined Pinocchio, saying that "In order to be good, you must accept the consequences of your actions, both good and bad." 

After Ghepetto and Pinocchio both thoroughy clean the house, they then discover the wishing star, and decide to pray to it, asking for answers as to why Pinocchio was turned back into a wooden puppet.  The Blue Fairy comes (non-playable), and explains that there is a curse in the land that has overriden her magic, and changed him back into a wooden puppet, not because he was bad.  She then explains that she sent them here because they could help overthow a plot to turn a park that was being used for good, and turning it into evil.  By helping the guests and spreading happiness and hope into the kingdom, the curse can be dispelled, and Pinocchio can return into a real boy.

After she leaves, Ghepetto, Pinocchio, and Jiminey, decide that the best way to do so, is to set up shop here, making toys and other things for the children to buy.  So they stock and set up shop.  After all that hard work, they decide to celebrate the opening of the new shop.  Pinocchio asks Ghepetto if they can explore the new land, both to promote the shop and for exploring their new home.  Ghepetto agrees and explores the kingdom.

While out and about, they hear some Circus music, and decide to investigate.  They discover that the circus has come into the kingdom, and they decide to go exploring, knowing that Pinocchio hasn't been to a circus.  They explore and have a good time, but when they got to the elephants, they discover that one elephant is rather anxious and worried.  While worried themselves, they decide to let her be for now.

That elephant is Ms. Jumbo.  She's worried about her son.  You see, Dumbo decided to go flying around one day, but a sudden storm blew him away.  Dumbo had still not returned when the circus packed up and moved to the kingdom, so Dumbo is likely very lost.  She goes out and calls for Dumbo in the kingdom, but she still had rehersals to perform for the show.  After the rehearsal, she convinces the makers of the kingdom to build something resembling Dumbo so he could find his way.  So they build the Flying Dumbo Elephant Ride.  Ms. Jumbo is a little happy that they did that, but she still watches and waits...

A little ways away, Pinocchio and Ghepetto, noticing a sudden shift of light from the sun, decide to look up and sees a flying elephant flying around.  While Pinocchio is fascinated, Ghepetto dosen't believe what he's seeing and drenches himself with water.  After the water cleared up, the elephant with big ears is still there.  Pinocchio and Ghepetto decide to lure him into the circus with peanuts, seeing if they know something about him.

When they get to the Circus, they see Ms. Jumbo, and she is estatic that Dumbo is here, Dumbo running to her mother and they embrace.  Ms. Jumbo then takes her son to a private part of the circus, where she folds his ears into a blanket, and rocks him to calm him down.  After a bath, the two of them rehearse a routine that makes Dumbo nervous, telling her the last time they tried it, he was very hurt, and very humiliated.  Finding out about this, Ms. Jumbo goes to another part of the park to angrily rant, knowing she very well couldn't in the circus or they'll lock her up again.  (Part of that rant would be against Timothy Mouse for suggesting they place him in the show putting him in danger)  When she gets back, she tells him that everything will be alright, since it will just be the two of them.

Ghepetto and Pinocchio get free tickets to the main show, and they watch the show.  For the finale, Ms. Jumbo is balancing hereslf on a rolling ball with a platform on her trunk.  Dumbo then flys in, stands on the platform, and waves his little flag in his little trunk.  A Triumphant routine from a past failure that allows Dumbo to finally overcome his fears of performing in the circus, crying tears and sounding cries of joy and triumph.

Hearing those cries, Chernabog, who has been causing a lot of problems in the kingdom by sending in skeletons scaring the guests and cursing the rides, starts to feel pain.  Mickey sees this, and discovers that it is the influx of Hope and Happiness thats causing him to weaken, and that hope and happiness is the only thing that can drive him away.  So, after a meeting, Ghepetto and Pinocchio are celebrating in their house, Jiminey is singing his "When you wish upon a star" song, Ms. Jumbo and Dumbo are having a "Baby of Mine" moment, showing love to her child, Woody and Jessie are yodeling, Goofy is playing his tuba...

And Mickey is on the mountain, showing Chernabog all of this, and explaining to him that the kingdom, to which Walt Disney left Mickey in charge of, is filled with happines, hope, and strength, and a park where it is the happiest place on earth.  In spite of everything that happens in the world, its a place where anyone can go to be happy and feel like a kid again.  And that Chernabog, and not even Maleficent could take that away.  Mickey then casts a spell for Chernabog to be gone, to which Chernabog retreats, and everyone celebrates.

Maleficent is upset that her plan failed, but she knows her time will come that she will attack the kingdom, and that Chernabog was only an appitizer compared to what Maleficent has planned for them.  She then laughs and teleports away.

*Whew*  So there it is, the main story of my Golden Era event idea, a event that celebrates the Golden era of Disney, and works in both Pinocchio and Dumbo, two franchises that I don't think have enough material separately for a limited time event.  There Figment, you happy?

Figment:  Yep, until next time.
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Re: Fan Fiction

Fri Dec 07, 2018 11:16 am
CONFOUND IT TAIL!!!! Even in script form this beats anything I wrote!!!! *sad* sad* *sad*
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Re: Fan Fiction

Sun Dec 09, 2018 7:13 pm
I agree Star- I gotta stop by here more often.
Bravo again Tailmister. You truly have the spirit of Walt Disney himself.
May it live forever!
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Re: Fan Fiction

Sun Dec 16, 2018 6:10 am
Figment:  (Yawn), Aw tailmister, I can't sleep.  Read me a story.

Tailmister:  Uggh.  O.k.  How about if I read you my Timothy and Ms. Jumbo sidequests for my Golden Era event idea?

Figment:  Yeah, sounds great.  I think I'll like this.

(So this is a series of side quests involving Timothy Mouse, Ms. Jumbo, and Dumbo in my Golden Era event idea, told in script form)
Timothy Mouse:  Being Dumbo's personal manager is great, all the food I can eat, especially when Dumbo shares it with me.

(Eats some of Dumbo's food)

(Ms. Jumbo walks in and sees Timothy)  MOUSE!!!  AAAAUUUUGGGHHHH!!!!! (Starts to run away)

Timothy:  Oh rats, I forgot about that.  Hey Ms. Jumbo, don't run away, you don't have to fear me.  I'm Timothy Q. Mouse, Dumbo's manager and friend.

Ms. Jumbo:  Huh?  You're Timothy Q. Mouse?
Ms. Jumbo:  So, you're Jumbo Junior's friend?  

Timothy:  Well, yes, I take it from your reaction that Dumbo didn't tell you about me?

Ms. Jumbo:  Well, no.  You know what, I have been wondering how you and Dumbo became friends, and what happened ever since I was locked up.  Nobody else seems to know anything about it.  So, as 'Dumbo's' mother, can I ask, what happened while I was locked up, and how did my baby learn how to fly?

Timothy:  Well, I guess as Dumbo's mother, you do have a right to know what happened.  Well, it all started when I was eating some peanuts on the ground, when I heard a bunch of overstuffed haybags, er, I mean elephants, gossiping amongst themselves...

Ms. Jumbo:  *Snorts with laughter* .... sorry... please continue.

(Timothy tells his tale)

Timothy Mouse:  So I came up with the idea to persuade the ringmaster to have Dumbo be the climax of his idea.. but... 

Ms. Jumbo:  (starts to get angry)  Aw yes, that idiotic 'Pachyderm Pyramid' act.  I heard my baby got very hurt and very humiliated.  If that ringmaster was here, I would... wait... YOU DID WHAT?
Ms. Jumbo (very angry):  MY BABY!!  YOU HURT MY BABY BOY!!!

Timothy:  Ms. Jumbo, please, not here.  I don't want them to lock you up again.

(Ms. Jumbo grabs Timothy by the tail and leads him to another part of the park, with Timothy yelping with pain.  After she gets there, she sets Timothy down not to gently)

Ms. Jumbo (Angry):  There, now nobody can hear us.  Now let me tell YOU something...

(Timothy hears Ms. Jumbo angrily rant on and on)

Ms. Jumbo:  So you LITTLE RAT, what do have to say about THAT?

Timothy:  Ms. Jumbo, please, I only wanted Dumbo to be a star so you could get out.  I though that would work... but I guess I got a little ahead of myself, and I didn't think about what could... and did happen.  If I had, I wouldn't have done it... and I'm sorry.

Ms. Jumbo:  Hhmph... well, since you are sincere about it, I will spare you... but I WILL keep a closer eye on you from now on.
Ms. Jumbo: (Deep breath)  So now that we got that out of the way, keep going with your tale, and don't skimp on any details.

Timothy:  (Gulp), O.K then...

(Timothy finishes his tale)

So, thanks to a group of crows we met, as well as a little psycology, Dumbo learned how to fly, and the rest is history.

Ms. Jumbo:  Hmm... Well, after hearing all of that, I guess there's only one thing I can say to you.

Timothy:  (Gulp)

Ms. Jumbo:  Despite your faults, I really want to thank you for being a friend for Jumbo Junior, and being there when I couldn't.  And you can continue to be his friend and manager... so long as I'm in the know whats going on.

Timothy:  Well, I guess thats fine.  Guess I better find Dumbo for some ideas I have.  See you.  (Timothy leaves)

Ms. Jumbo:  (Though I will have to teach my son to look and not to drink any strange colored water, I didn't like the sound of that.)
Timothy:  Heya Dumbo, where are you? I have some new... hey... what you hiding in the hay for?

Dumbo:  Timothy?  Um, I was hiding because I heard my mother, and she sounded scary.

Timothy:  Oh dear, you know about that, I think you and I need to talk, walk with me a bit.

(Timothry and Dumbo talk, with animation of Timothy walking and Dumbo following behind with trunk on tail)

Timothy:  There's nothing wrong with your mother, she's just very protective of you, just like any decent mother would.  And speaking of which... (starts to tear up) I must apologize for putting you in the 'Pachyderm pyramid' act.  I didn't think that you would get hurt, and if I did, I wouldn't have done it and would've thought of something else.  I'm sorry Dumbo, would you forgive me?

(Dumbo hugs Timothy by the trunk)

Dumbo:  Aw, thanks Timothy, you're such a good friend.
(O.K. to calm you down from all that drama, here's something in the main story wihen Ms. Jumbo and Dumbo are reunited)

Ms. Jumbo:  Oh, my little Jumbo Junior, I'm so glad you're alright.

Dumbo:  Yeah, but everyone knows me by 'Dumbo'

Ms. Jumbo:  I know, but to me you'll always be my little Jumbo Junior.

Dumbo:  Yeah. (sighs contently)

Ms. Jumbo:  Anyway, the circus was worried about you, and wants to put you in an act.  Ah, but we can't have you in the circus being all dirty like that.  What you need... is a bath.

Dumbo:  (giggle), aw mom.

(Ms. Jumbo gives Dumbo a bath, an active animation at the circus attraction)

Dumbo:  Hehe, thanks, I feel all clean.  Can I get out now?

Ms. Jumbo:  Ahahah, not yet Jumbo Junior, I still have to wash behind your ears.

Dumbo:  haha, Mohohom, that tihihickles)

Ms. Jumbo: *giggle*  (I know, I love hearing my baby laugh... and with such big ears, I can tickle him a little longer)
Figment:  Aw, that was such a good story.  Well, I'm off to bed.  Goodnight.  (zzzzzz)

Tailmister:  (sigh), you may be a brat sometimes, but I love you all the same.