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Re: Fan Fiction

Tue Apr 10, 2018 10:52 pm
I love this one .
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Re: Fan Fiction

Thu Apr 26, 2018 8:37 pm
One day, Rabbit was working in the garden, when she spots Lilo watching him.

Rabbit:  Oh, hello.  Can I help you?

Lilo:  Hi, my name's Lilo.  Sorry, just never saw a live rabbit working in a garden before.  [Shakes hands with Rabbit, only to discover a strange quality to him]  Strange... your hands feel fluffy, like a doll... are you a plush bunny?

Rabbit:  Why yes, yes I am. 

Lilo:  (In awe)  Wow.  How is that possible?  I'm sure Jumba would love to find out what makes you work...

Rabbit:  Please don't!  I think that guy is rather creepy, and much too curious for my taste.

Lilo:  O.K then, but how are you alive and interacting with me?  I bet some big secret alien experiment caused you to walk and talk huh?

Rabbit:  Oh no, nothing like that.  It's rather complicated, especially talking to a sentient about stuff like this.

Lilo:  Huh?

Rabbit:  Sorry.  Well, if you're willing to not tell Jumba about me, maybe I could share a little light about how this is possible.  Promise?

Lilo:  Pinky swear.

(After an awkward pinky swear, since Rabbit only has four fingers, rabbit starts to explain)

Rabbit:  O.K.  First of all, did you play with toys or dolls when you were younger?

Lilo:  Yep.  Still do.  (Pulls out Scrump)  This is Scrump.  He's my favorite, as well as interested in Zombies and Aliens and such.  He's recovering from surgery, so please be careful with him.

Rabbit:  Hmm... Interesting doll.  So i bet in your imagination, scrump is a living thing with backstories and strengths and such hm?

Lilo:  Yep, he's a great friend, especially when I'm lonely, since he comforts me.

Rabbit:  I'm glad.  Well, in your imagination, Scrump IS real, exactly as you picture him.  The same with me.

Lilo:  huh?  Then how come Scrump isn't walking and talking like you are?

Rabbit:  Well, like I said, its a bit complicated.  First off, My life isn't the same as sentients.  I'm referring to those that are born, live, make decisions for themselves, and die.  And the ones who have imaginations to dream up things, following me so far?

Lilo: O.K...

Rabbit:  And then you have dolls like myself and scrump.  In reality, its nothing more than fabric and buttons, but because you imagine Scrump as a real thing to talk to you and comfort you when sad, within the realms of your imagination, he's real.

Lilo:  What happens when I stop believing in him?

Rabbit:  Well in that case, he loses his conciousness and becomes nothing more than fabric and buttons.

Lilo:  (gasps)  that's tragic.  I don't want that to happen to scrump.

Rabbit:  I know, but in short and simple, dolls conciousness is solely based on the kids imagination.  Whatever the kid imagines a doll to be, thats what he is.  Want him to be happy, he'll be happy, want him to be sad, that's what he'll be.

[Lilo then starts to cry thinking Scrump will lose Conciousness when she grows up]

Rabbit: (hugs Lilo) Hey, shh, shh, shh, its ok really.  In the end, the time you'll spend with scrump will be very precious to you, right?

Lilo:  (cries)  Yes.

Rabbit:  And you'll have fun and learn good thing in the process right, learning about morals and lessons in such a way that only a kid's imagination can do, using the imagination to help connect to the real world, right?

Lilo:  I guess so...

Rabbit:  So, when I was Christopher Robin's doll, through me and his other dolls, he learned many things that helped him in life.  Through me and the adventures we went on, he learned the value of hard work, patience, tolorence, how to manage a bad day, and learn that's its o.k to call for help when needed. In the end its all really a good thing, and Scrump and all the other dolls are happy to take part of it, to comfort you when sad, share your joys when you're happy, and help you manage your uncertainties and fears to help you to be a better person.  This is why a child's imagination is so great.  And even as an adult, if you still wish to talk to scrump for comfort, you can do so.  Imagination isn't limited to just children.

Lilo:  It dosen't hurt to lose conciousness right?  

Rabbit:  Of course not.  Its like going to sleep.  And waking up when the kid believes in you again, or oftentimes when they pass on the doll to other kids, and theu in turn imagine new stuff for us.
Lilo:   Then how come you're here?

Rabbit:  Well, from what I remember, I'm based off from an actual doll that a kid played with from long ago, then an author wrote about me and my friends based off from what the kid told the author about the imaginary adventures he had with the dolls he played with.

Lilo:  You mean like how i can write about the adventures i had with scrump?

Rabbit:  Exactly.  Then, Disney got the rights and re- told the stories, re- imagining and adding to our aventures and details, which is why I'm the character I am today, being a gardener, but also obsessed with details, anxious, even angry and frustrated when things don't go right, but willing to help when necessary.  Then Disney Magic Kingdoms got the rights to allow me and my friends to be playable the kingdom, allowing me conciousness for as long as the game exists, and entertaining the younger kids that come into the kingdom, which is a detail that tailmister's imagination added i should add,  and thus, here I am today.  I'm here because Gameloft allowed us into their virtual kingdoms, which allows players to share the imagination that Disney provided the players, shared from what Disney shared from the original stories.

Lilo:  Sounds interesting.

Rabbit:  Yeah.  I know its confusing, but everything is as it should be.  Be sure to enjoy Scrump as long as you wish too, and if you need someone to talk too, i could be one if you wish.

Lilo:  Thanks Rabbit.  Well, i gotta head back in the character book now so we can eventually rescue my dog from evil aliens.

Rabbit:  (sigh) Yes, I know.  When you do rescue your "dog", can you train him not to tear up my garden again?  I work hard for my food and I really hate it when someone destroys it.

Lilo:  But... wasn't it Tailmister's imagination that sent my dog to destroy your garden in order to parody Lilo and Stitch trailers?

[Rabbit waves Lilo off]

Rabbit:  Wise alec.  Oh and Tailmister.. [Knocks on computer screen] It wasn't nice to use your imagination like that to me.

Tailmister:  Alright already, sheesh.

I know I went weird and out of depth with this one, but I imagine toys like Winnie the Pooh and Toy Story knows about stuff like this, and I've been thinking about this for a while.
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Re: Fan Fiction

Thu Apr 26, 2018 10:40 pm

Well, this explains the Krump Zombie tapper part of the event.  Lilo is imagining Krump is real so hard the magic reacts.
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Re: Fan Fiction

Fri Apr 27, 2018 11:39 pm
Odd realy odd ; but enjoyable .  ;) ;) ;)
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Re: Fan Fiction

Fri May 11, 2018 7:39 pm
As Stitch is wondering around the park, he's become irratable and impatient lately, especially with how crowded the place is.  He's been wanting to lash out at the kids who kept wanting to 'Pet' him,  Mickey ordering him to be good because he's a popular character, and with how difficult its been to wondering around the place, he can't really roll around.

With all that frustration pent up, Stitch takes a bite out of one of the concession stands, causing it to topple over.  As he starts to giggle, he is apprehended by DMK security, and Mickey sentences him to the DMK jail.

As he stews in the jail, Stitch just gets madder and madder, having to take orders from a lowly mouse, and wanting to destroy stuff, but cannot due to his being 'good'.  

Suddenly, a thunder boom is heard, and a figure emerges out of the shadows.

Maleficent:  Awww... Experiment 626.  Feeling angry are we?

Stitch: Grr...

Maleficent:  The great destroyer of worlds, built to destroy and to be feared among the stars, taking orders from a mouse and a little girl?

Stitch:  I just want to exercise, to feel that rush... to destroy.

Maleficent:  Well what's stopping you?  You have the power, and there's nothing that can stop you.  You do what you feel like, and nothing can stand in your way.

Stitch:  Hmmm....

Over the next 90 minutes, stitch did everything he felt like.  He ripped open the bars, went into the park, whipped out his balsters and fired, tearing, clawing, scaring, heard the screams of terror and tears, fighting off those who dared try to ruin his fun, and ultimatly doing what he did best, which was to destroy everything he saw.

And it... felt...really good.

Until he found nothing else to destroy, and his adrelline and rush wore off and saw what happened.  The Cinderella castle was in flames, and the park was in ruins.  The kids were injured, crying, and saying "why stitch, why?" and the remaining disney characters who survived all looked at stitch with a mix of fear and anger.

Stitch, upon seeing all this, and realizing that it was all his doing, broke down and wept into the heavens, crying "monster!"

As he continued to weep, he heard a computer voice saying 'Simulation terminated'.  The park faded into a sinulation room, and a door began to open.

Jumba:  (laughing)  Ah, 626, just as destructive and effective as the day I made you.  (Sniff) It was so beautiful.

Stitch: (through tears and anger)  But... Stitch... MONSTER!!

Jumba:  Ah, definatly what I wanted to do when I made you, but i know now that you want to be good and use your abilities for the benefit of the kingdom, and for your friends and ohana.

Stitch: (breathing heavily)  But... when I destroyed... it felt.. so Great and wonderful.  Like i was in ectasy...  I'm... MONSTER!!  (Sobs again)

Jumba:  No, no.  You see, you're growing up, and your hormones are influncing you to be antsy and inpatient,  just like what human youth grows into adulthood.  Can't build an evil genius experiment that is built to destoy without having that experiment wanting to chomp on a few buildings now and again hmm?

Stitch:  (sniff) naga.

Jumba:  Come over to me, and let me show you something.

As Stitch walks over to Jumba, Jumba types in some commands on a keyboard.  Suddenly, the city of France showed up in the room, with Stitch running into a building.

Stitch:  Ow (rubs nose)

Jumba:  heh, heh, sorry.

Jumba types some more commands in and suddenly, Japan showed up, and a few commands later, San Francisco showed up, while Stitch wonders in awe.

Jumba:  You see, I knew sooner or later you would get the urge to destroy like I've built you to do, which its very important for exercise and my experiments well being.  So I built this chamber in my labratory in the secret disney village outside the park, and placed you in it.  Using the most advanced alien technology, you can destroy and cause worldwide mayhem to your hearts content without any reprucussions whatsoever.

Jumba types in a command, and a simulation of Disney Magic Kingdoms showed up, fully built as if it was never touched by stitch's hands.

Jumba:  What you just did was participate in this chamber's simulation.  And judging how much exercise you got and how much calmer you are, I say this experiment became a success, no?

Stitch:  (huff)  Then... Stitch not monster?  But, it felt so real.  (Yells)  What if I destroy kingdom for REAL?

Mickey steps in.

Mickey:  You wouldn't be the first to try, nor will you be the last.  This kingdom is in danger, and will continue to be in danger until the curse and Maleficent is gone.  That's why Maleficent was there, she will do everything in her power to take it over.

Stitch:  Mickey?  Have you been watching me?  (Gulp)  Aren't you scared of me?

Mickey:  I'll admit that when i watched you destroy that kingdom, I was very scared.  But I knew that the real kingdom has plenty of contigencies and methods to make sure to keep us, the guests, and the kingdom safe.  I do want to be ready when Maleficent does make an attack on the kingdom.  You could be in full destruction mode and you couldn't hurt us that much.

Stitch then looks down in total shame.

Mickey:  But Lilo and Jumba told me all about you.  I know that in spite of your destructive programming, you have a heart of gold.  

Stitch:  Huh?  But, I destroyed everything in that kingdom... I ENJOYED IT!!

Mickey:  And you showed so much remorse afterwards right?  I've been watching the movies and how you interact with everybody.  You really do care, and you seem to be great with the kids.  I know you acted out of frustration, but apparently it was your hormones acting up.  I knew i may have had to deal with that problem, so i was more than glad when Jumba came up with a solution.  I'm simply allowing you to automatically teleport here when something like this does occur again.

Stitch:  (sniffle)  Really... you don't think...

Mickey:  Nope.  I know you have your flaws and such, but I know you've been doing your best to get settled in, and use your talents in a productive and useful way.  I'm glad to have you in the kingdom.

Stitch then starts to really cry and gives Mickey a four- armed hug, knowing that he will always be welcomed and happy here.

Stitch: (sob)  Thank you!

Mickey:  You're welcome.  And just for the record, I get frustrated with how everything is cramped in together too, but you've gotta do what you have to do right?

Stitch:  But (sniff) this kingdom has so much magic.  Why not use more land?

Mickey:  (sigh)  If I could, I would.  Why Merlin and I can't uncurse more land, I don't know.

As he hugs Stitch, Mickey then looks at the camera that the gameloft devs are watching from, and gives the hand gesture that says 'I'm watching you.'
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Re: Fan Fiction

Fri May 11, 2018 9:29 pm
A good one Tailmister so far . I am looking forward to see the finished item . a)
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Re: Fan Fiction

Sun May 20, 2018 10:51 pm
As is typical with every new set of characters that comes into the kingdom, the characters watch the movie that the characters came from so that everyone is on the same page in familiarity and making the new characters feel at home.  However, there was some debate on the characters watching this particular movie.  Some were saying they should just skip the movie and give them the general gist instead.  Others were thinking to show the movie but in an edited form.  In the end however, it was decided to allow everyone to watch the movie in its full form, so that there won't be any ignorance or misrepresentation of the facts, and it doesn't become disrespectful to Bambi.

So the movie is playing, and everyone seemed to be enjoying the artistic great moments, and the cute and good moments.  Everything was proceeding nicely and everyone was having a good time... until...

On Screen:  *Gunshot*

Suddenly, the general background noise from the audience went silent.

Bambi: (on screen) (pants) We made it.  We made it mother! ... (pause) ... mother?

In one part of the theater, Lilo was starting to cry, and Nani was comforting Lilo while also sad, both remembering the day when they knew that both their parents died in a car crash, and they would be alone.  However, Stitch started to hyperventalate, not only seeing Lilo and Nani cry and comfort each other like that, but also something else that was more real.

A few weeks ago, Stitch unknowingly took part of a simulation where he destroyed a simulation of the kingdom.  During that time, he happily and without remorse, tore apart all the rides and buildings in the kingdom.  But he also didn't care in the slightest who lost their lives in there, and some he even took their lives directly.  Now, seeing Bambi in the snow, looking and calling for his mother in increasing desperation, he finally made a connection.  The people in that kingdom, most of them were probably parents, and with their lives gone, there were a lot of kids who were now without their parents, crying and suddenly facing the weight of an uncertain future without the love of their parent(s).  Just as 'man' in the movie took the life of Bambi's mother without remorse, and likely for sport and pride, Stitch too unremorsefully took the lives of those parents for his own enjoyment, leaving hundreds of kids crying.  The moment when a kid looked at Stitch and said "Why Stitch, why?" suddenly took on a whole new level.

Thereby, when Bambi's father appeared on screen and said "Your mother can't be with you anymore.", Stitch stared to bawl, weep, and cry noisily and with his arms flailing around.  At one point he was hitting Jumba and saying "Why did you make me?  Stitch murderer... Stitch MONSTER!!"  (Breaks down uncontrollabily)

Nani:  I think we better go, we can watch the rest later.

So Jumba, Nani, and Lilo walked out the of the theater, Nani carrying a crying Stitch out of the theater.

As they were exiting the lobby, they passed by two characters that may not have been expected to be affected by this.  It was Kanga trying to confort a crying Roo.

Kanga (Holding Roo and Rocking him gently):  Shh, shh, shh, It's alright.  Everything works out alright in the end...

Roo:  (crying) But.. his mother... why?  Why does Disney hate us?

Kanga:  Huh?

Roo:  (sniff)  I heard Disney bought his mother a house... and lost his mother in it...

Kanga:  I know.  Walt was definatly mourning the loss... and I guess that influence went into a lot of his works... It was definatly a sad and harsh way of life... and maybe he wanted other kids to prepare for the same...

Roo:  But... that was tragic.  (Sniff)  That happens everyday in life... What if it happens to me?

Kanga:  (gasp)  Is this what this is all about?

Roo:  I know I want to grow up and be independent, and Rabbit did say it was very healthy, but I love you and I need you.  What if you suddenly (sniff) were gone?  (cries)

Rabbit and Tigger who were watching this, decided at that point to intervene.

Rabbit:  Roo?  Roo, look at me.  (Roo looks up with tears in his eyes)  Roo, I know your mother, and I know she would do everything she can to stay and raise you to be a happy and healthy Kangaroo.  And we've moved to a very safe place where safety is top priority, and with countermearures to protect us should Maleficent, or anyone attacks us.  But if the worst does happen, me and tigger can look after you.  I know I couldn't take the place of your mother, but I would do everything I can to raise you.

Tigger:  Yeah, Roo boy.  And I can still play and have fun with you, and still teach you everything about bouncing, but you won't have to face the world alone if the worst does happen.  We and all the rest of us would still love you and raise you to be the best Roo you can be.

Roo after hearing this is still crying, still with the sadness, but also with some happiness knowing he won't be alone.  Kanga even starts to cry too.

Kanga:  (To Rabbit and Tigger) (Sniff)  Thank you.  (To Roo) So, do you want to watch the rest of the movie?

Roo:  (Sniff) No, not today, maybe later...

Kanga, Roo, Rabbit and Tigger, then left the theater.

Those were the most noticable incidents from the viewing.  The rest were still shocked, and overcome with emotion, especially the characters who have missing parents or those whose parents were lost during their respective movies (There was plenty of characters in there who fit that discrpition).  A few sobs and curse words at Disney were uttered, but they stomached and continued to watch the rest of the movie.

A few hours later, after a rough viewing, Mickey sat on the bench alone looking at the Gold Statue of Walt Disney and Mickey holding hands.  While looking at it he remembered the times when many kids took the loss of Bambi's mother pretty hard.

Mickey:  (Sigh)  I know you mean well Walt, and wanted to prepare kids for the harshness of life... but how did you sleep at night?

Tragic I know, but I guess you couldn't talk about Bambi without mentioning that particular part in there.  I wrote this to express how some may have felt, but if anyone was upset at this, I deeply apologize.
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Re: Fan Fiction

Thu Jun 21, 2018 8:38 pm
Bambi has been in the kingdom for a week, and he has been noticing something odd.

Admittanly, walking around the park, seeing all the new sights and smells, meeting all these new characters and people can be very overwhelming, and thankfully there is a forest near the park that he can explore should the new environment become too much, but its something even more than that.

Bambi noticed that the guests love interacting with the characters from time to time, and yet most of the guests seem to avoid him.  They tend to speak in hushed tones and akward stares.  When they do speak to him, its inevitablty is in the realm of "sorry about your loss" and walks away hastily, like if they stick around, they would get scolded.

Even worse, Bambi likes to see many families interact off of one another, kids with their mothers and fathers and such, and yet when they see bambi they suddenly stop and walk away.  Yesterday Bambi got a reason for this odd behavior when one of the mothers hastily explained to her kids who were asking why they were avoiding bambi, saying "we don't want to hurt bambi's feelings."

Even a kangaroo and joey, who are apparently characters in the park, seem to feel extremly awkward hugging each other when he's around, and someone named "Lilo" and "Nani" are being a bit too nice and gentle to him, even if its out of character.

Now Bambi has done research on why this is happening, even watching his own movie, including the part where he lost his mother.  He noticed the reactions of the audience during that scene and discovered that's why they avoid him, because they're afraid that if Bambi sees the families interact with each other, it'll remind him of his own mother, and he'll weep from reliving such a trumatic experience.

Maybe it was a bit of mixed emotions that caused him to be so determined, but he decided to himself "enough is enough."

After reciving permission from some mouse, who apparently is the boss of this place, Bambi came onto the park p.a. and called everyone's attention to the castle entrance where he wished to speak to everyone.  When he got there, there was a lot of people.

Bambi was getting very timid seeing all those people all at once, and wanted to bolt, but with some encouragement from his good friend thumper, and even the mouse who gave him permission, he went up on the stage.

"Heh, heh, well this is awkward"  Bambi said, chuckling nervously, "but I just wanted to get something off my chest"

Seeing all those people, he was nervous and wondered if he really should continue or if this was the right thing to do, but his heart assured him it was right, so he gathered up his courage and began to speak.

"Now I'm sure many of you already know that I recently lost my mother, being hunted by man.  I still feel sad and cry about it at night, but ever since I came here, many of the staff and characters has helped me cope and feel better, and I'm grateful for that.

But I've also noticed that a lot of you are scared of me, avoiding me because your afraid that if I watch a family have a good time, my feelings will be hurt because It'll remind me of mother, and I'll cry because I miss her.  I've even heard one person asking the mouse if it's better off if I leave, since it's too awkward for me to be in the happiest place on earth given my loss.

Now I'm not blaming or accusing anyone for any of this, and i guess in many respects I appreciate the condolences, but if your afraid of ineracting with your mother and father, a parents with your kids when I'm around because you're afraid my feelings will be hurt, I'm here to say, don't be."

After some mumuring from the crowd, Bambi continued to speak.

"Another thing, I know that the only 'man' I knew before this was the 'unknown evil force' that hunted and killed us, and some of you may feel akward that I'm in a park thats meant to entertain man, but many of the staff and characters told me, that just as there are evil men out there, there are also many good men out there as well.  I may not understand it fully yet, but I know that given time, I will, since I've seen that good when you play with your families and making the kids feel happy, (Bambi then gulped and started to tear up) and I don't blame any one of you for my mother being gone.

Some more mumurs in the crowd was heard, and Bambi wanted to wrap this up, since this was making him nervous, so he continued.

"So all I ask is that, if you do see me, there is no reason to shy away from me or stop interacting with your parents in fear that you'll hurt my feelings, because I'm not upset when you do.  When you're happy, I'm happy.  Hearing you talk about the rides is interesting to me, especially since I can't ride on many rides, being a deer and all.  (That got a chuckle from the audience) and I'd love to be a part of making everyone happy, if you'll give me a chance.  If there is anything I want you to take from my movie, it's this, treasure and love your parents as much as you can, since its very precious and they will help you be a better person.  That's all I have to say."

After saying all of this, Bambi jumped down off the stage and bolted through the secret exit out of the park and into the forest surrounding the secret disney village, where the stress of losing his mother, finding and getting adjusted to the kingdom, and that speech in front of hundreds of people got the best of him, and he passed out.

When he woke up, he could tell it was mid-evening, and that his father, the Great Prince of the forest, was sitting next to him.

Father:  Well, I'm glad you're up.  I was beginning to worry.

Bambi:  Dad?  How did you get here?

Father:  (chuckles)  I came here.  I'm not allowed in the kingdom, but I'm allowed to live in the forest next to it, and I've been watching you from the hills ever since you moved here.  I saw and heard that speech you delivered this afternoon.

Bambi:  You did?  (Gulp)  Did I do anything wrong?

Father:  Shortly after you fainted, the mouse came to me, and told me what happened.  He told me that he was feeling similar in terms of the guests alienating you like that, even though I know you wanted to contribute to the happiness that makes this kingdom flourish.  That's why the mouse gave you permission to speak, so it would come out of your own mouth and make the message stronger.  So no, you're not in trouble, and I thought you were brave to do this.

Bambi:  But that was the scariest thing I've ever done.

Father:  Perhaps, but you acted according to what you felt was right.  A prince does not let fear prevent him for doing what's right.

Bambi:  I guess... but I'm sure the guests hate me now.

Father:  Well, you can't control how they feel or act, but from what I've observed, they seemed concerned for you after you ran, and want to treat you like one of the beloved characters.  You just need to be patient.

Bambi:  (sigh)  I guess so.  Guess I better go back before anybody gets worried.  (Starts to walk away but then turns around)  Dad?  If the kingdom becomes too much and I need to talk to you, or just some alone time, will you be there for me?

Father:  Of course, that's why I moved here.

Bambi then ran back and nuzzled his father that basically said "Thank you", while his father nuzzled him back basically saying "I'm here.", then Bambi walked back to the park with a warm feeling in his heart.

Over the next few weeks, there were guests that still shunned him away, but there were more and more guests willing to allow him to share the happiness of the kingdom, and the guests giving him the same in return.  Sure, its a much different live than the live he grew up in, and he will still need to learn how to be the great prince of the forest as he grows up, and yes, he still misses his mother, but for the first time since he moved here, he knew that everything will be alright.
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Re: Fan Fiction

Tue Jun 26, 2018 8:40 pm
Bluebelle and Bambi, Flower's wife and son respectivily, decided to visit the park that Flower moved to.

Bluebelle:  Wow, what a nice lively place.  I can see why daddy would like it here.

Bambi:  Yeah... but I don't understand... why did daddy leave?

Bluebelle:  I think what happened was that some Disney recruiters approached Bambi, Thumper, and daddy, and persuaded them to join the park in order to help spread the happiness and get rid of the curse, whatever that means.  It sounded like an urgent task, and the cause was good,  so the three of them joined the staff of characters.  

Bambi:  There sure are a lot of flowers here.  I'm sure daddy would love it here.

Bluebelle:  Yeah, but remember, mickey said that he regressed into a little kit, before he met me, so he likely won't remember us.  

Bambi:  (gulp)  really?

Bluebelle:  (sniff)  yeah, so were here to meet him and wish him luck in his new job, before we head back.

Bambi:  (with tears)  o.k.

So Bluebelle and Bambi headed over to the meadow attraction, and a little private cave, where Flower was likely to be.  Sure enough, as they approached, he was yawning and waking up from a long nap.  Bluebelle smiled to herself knowing Flower really loved his naps, as well as how cute he looked as a kit.  

As flower was yawning and looked around, he noticed the two skunks looking at him, and got quite a shock.

Bluebelle:  Sorry, we didn't mean to startle you.  Let us introduce ourselves.  My name is...

Flower:  Bluebelle?

Bluebelle:  Um... yes... and this is my son... 

Flower:  Bambi?  What are you doing here?

Bluebelle:  Wait... you know us?

Flower then hopped out of the cave, kissed Bluebelle's hand and whispered some lovely things in her ear.

Bluebelle:  OH MY GOSH!!  You DO remember us!

Bambi:  (running towards flower with happy tears in his eyes) DADDY!! 

Bambi then goes in for a hug, both flower and bambi were crying with happy tears in their eyes.

Flower:  Oh, son, I've missed you.

Bluebelle:  But how?  I thought you would've forgotten us.

Flower:  I don't know, but I don't think I've totally forgotten.  When i saw the Bambi movie and saw you and my son, I remembered you both, and i got a copy thinking that would be the only way I'll ever have to remember you by.  But... you're both here... why?

Bluebelle:  Mickey invited us here.  And we wanted to see you in your new job.  (Picks up and hugs flower)  and I wanted to see you as a little kit... and by gosh, you are so CUTE!!

Flower:  (blushing)  yeah... (thinks up something)  wait a minute, I'm a kit, and my son is...  hey son, I have a vacation day I could use today, how about we play together, not as father and son, but as two little kits?

Bambi:  Really?  Can I mom, huhhuhhuh?

Bluebelle:  Really?  You think that's o.k, what with your new job and all?

Flower:  Mickey told me earlier that I can take the day off, i would definatly love to spend it with you two.

Bambi:  YEAH!

So they went to the forest outside the secret Disney village, where throughout the rest of the morning and all afternoon, Flower and Bambi played together as well as two young kits ever could, and Bluebelle joined in their games from time to time.  There was a lot of wrestling, tickling, laughing, crying, and smelling the flowers between the three of them.

Bluebelle, seeing all of this and having quite a day, got her thinking... Flower may not have all of the traits that most men have, or even act like a boy or a man, but he more than makes up for it in his love and happiness, she has never met a skunk, or anyone else for that matter with so much love and happiness in his being, and ever since they became mates, he was more than happy to share that love and happiness with her, and then eventually with their son.

And seeing Flower as a liitle kit, playing, laughing, and sharing that happiness with their son, just made her fall in love with him all over again.

In the evening when everyone was all tired out Flower then used some of the kingdom's magic to transform back into his adult self that will last until tomorrow morning, so he can give Bluebelle a lovely kiss.

Bluebelle:  Oh Flower, this was such a wonderful day.  I missed you so much.

Flower:  Me too Bluebelle, me too.

Flower spent the rest of the day talking to his family about his job and what he does to keep the happiness up and keep the kingdom flourishing.  Bluebelle and Bambi was scared when he mentioned Maleficent and the curse, but they were happy to hear that everyone was doing their best to combat it.

Eventually, Bluebelle and Bambi decided to move here to the forest near the park, to which Flower was estatic and shared a wonderful kiss together. They even discussed plans on how to build a flower garden for the characters to enjoy when they need time away from the park.  Even Bambi seemed excited with the idea of helping out.

That night, Bluebelle, Bambi, and Flower were asleep together in a cave they found.  Seeing the moonlight shine on Bluebelle, making her glow, made flower feel happy and full of love. Tomorrow, Flower will need to head back to the park, with him being a little kit again, but for now, he is extremely happy that he will get to work on keeping the park happy, while his family will always be nearby, happy and safe.
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Re: Fan Fiction

Tue Jul 31, 2018 7:32 pm
Its always interesting when new characters move into the kingdom, because they don't have any prior knowledge about the kingdom or any of the other characters that reside there, they only know the story or movie they came from, so there's always that period where they're unsure of the place or what to do, so its very important for the characters to help them adjust and make them feel at home.

Thumper from Bambi was rather timid and curious at the same time, the kingdom being a completly different environment from the forest.  A few months ago, the Bambi franchise was starting to be welcomed in, Flower being in the kingdom for about a week before Thumper moved in, and both of them searching for Bambi.  Along the way, they came across some unusual sights.  But the biggest was Thumper coming across Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde.

It was strange enough seeing Judy Hopps, a bunny like him, standing on two legs and wearing clothing, but there was Nick Wilde, a fox that, coming from the forest, Thumper was scared of, being a predator to him.  Nick Wilde noticed this, but rather than trying to explain to Thumper that he dosen't eat rabbit, decided to have a bit of fun with him first.

That opportunity came when Nick and Judy were dining at the Daisy's Diner, which was very overcrowded, and their food was taking a long time to make.

Judy Hopps:  Uugh... we're cutting it fine with our lunch break.  I would hate to cancel our order, but if our food dosen't arrive in a few minutes, we'll have to and hopefully get something from the hot dog concession stand.

Nick was about to respond, but noticed Thumper looking at the two of them, and Nick, who was having a boring week, decided to have some fun with the new bunny.

Nick Wilde:  Well, you go ahead and do what you have to do, I however (going on all fours) will have a little appitizer first. (licking chops)
Thumper may not have known all that he said, but he knew enough and ran away, with Nick giving chase.

Judy Hopps:  What the... oh for... (sorry cancel our order)... NICK ( takes off running)

For the next ten minutes, Nick was giving chase, though a rather playful one, with Nick giving sing song taunts like 'I'm gonna get cha little bunny' and 'you better run' and 'I love fast food', but Thumper took it serious, who didn't trust the fox, and is convinced that he's being hunted for real.  It was a crazy scene, with Thumper dashing between the concession stands and guests, with Nick Wilde on all fours giving chase, it was natural that some of the guests and characters seeing this was getting a little concerned. 

The Chase ended when thumper had to stop just short of the old green gate leading to adventureland and found himself trapped, with Nick starting to close in. 

Nick Wilde:  Mmmm.... time for me to have a little taste....
Thumper backed up as far as he can go, closing his eyes, whipering and starting to cry...
All of a sudden, a loud commotion was heard, with Judy tackiling Nick to the ground and strangling him with his tie... Thumper saw this as his chance to get away.

Judy:  Thumper... Thumper WAIT!!!  (But Thumper kept running,  knowing him he'll be shaking scared and crying in the meadow for severl hours)  Uugghh... (forces Nick to stand up)  WHAT WE'RE YOU THINKING YOU ****?  (Slaps him hard)  What did you have to go and scare Thumper for?
Nick:  He was being distrustful of me, and I was bored, so I thought I could play with him and...
Judy:  HE CAME FROM THE FOREST FROM THE FORTIES!!  FROM THE WILD!!  He dosen't know about Zootopia and our ways.  (By this point a large crowd was gathering around the two)  What makes you think that Thumper is going to trust us now and get settled into the kingdom, HUH? 

Nick:  But... I thought it was funny...

Judy:  Thought it was funny pretending to chase a stranger bunny like that?  I know I find it funny when you do it to me, but anybody with half-a-brain cell can tell you were scaring him to death, AND YOU FIND IT FUNNY?  I hope Mickey confines you to cleaning toilets for a month you ****!! (Storms off with the crowd parting to let her through)

Maybe it was because it was the crowd looking at him with concern, but Nick felt really ashamed think abou what he had done.  He thought Thumper thought it was all in good fun, but now he knows that thumper's very scared of him.

Mickey was seriously considering doing what Judy suggested, but it was in the middle of the tower challenge, and he was busy fighting Maleficent at the time.

Whenever Maleficent curses an attraction, it creates powerful illusions that any characters and guests in the attractions see, taking the concept of disneyland that creates hope, happiness, and promotes the best parts of humanity, and twists it on its head, creating dispair, fear, and promoting the worst parts of humanity, basically what the park will become if Maleficent takes over.  Fortunatily Maleficent cannot curse main attractions, mickey DOES NOT want to see what a cursed 'It's a small world' attraction looks like, the guests have been warned not to go in until the curse is dispelled, and the characters are strong enough to dispel the curses off their attractions, but there's been concern with bambi being new, may not know how or given enough training to do so.

Four days after the thumper incident, Judy was working at her desk at the ZPD, smirking that chief bogo chewed out wilde and forced him to clean the toilets, when the curse hit.  Oh, and the curse also gives the illusions based off the character's fears too, so not surprisinly, she was surrounded by many of the predators that were hurt after her first press conference, angry, cursing, and showing their sufferings.  Judy focused and dispelled the curse, but left her shaken all the same.  

Chief Bogo:  Hopps, are you alright?

Judy: (breathing heavily)  Yes chief, but everytime that happens its very scary.

Bogo:  I know, I know, the kingdom is trying to minimize the damage, but (his radio crackled with an urgent message, with bogo shocked at what he heard.)  We just received a report that the meadow has been cursed, thumper and flower are in there.

Judy:  WHAT?  But they're too new.  They may not know how to dispel it.  I better help them.

Ben Clawhauser:  That may not be neccesary.  Nick just ran out the door, he said he'll check on the meadow and assist if nessesary.

Judy:  Nick?

In the meadow, things looked the same, but it was a grey sky, and 'Man' was on one of his hunting sprees.  It wouldn't hurt them, but it felt real and scary.  As thumper and flower ran their seperate ways, thumper was glad bambi wasn't welcomed in yet, he did NOT want to see bambi reliving that tragic day.

As thumper backed away where the hunting didn't feel so close, he felt a hot breath on his back.  As he turned around, he saw Nick Wilde, on all fours, without any clothes, but definatly much more feral, and clearly wanting rabbit for lunch.

The following chase, which lasted for only a few moments, felt much more urgent, much more life threatining.  While Thumper did think about the last chase and had some thoughts that Nick was just 'playing' with him, This Nick was much more threatining, and he felt he would become lunch if he didn't run.  It ended with Thumper hitting and tripping over a log with his foot getting hurt in the process.  Unable to run, Thumper was helpless as he watched Nick sneak up towards him, and started to pounce...

However, in the next instant, the regular sounds of the park were back, the sky was blue, and there was no gunshots in the distance.  He looked up and saw Nick Wilde, on two legs, fully clothed, and looking shocked.  He dispelled the curse in the meadow, but did see what Thumper saw as his worst fear, and felt very bad about it.  Thumper, unable to take any more stress and confusion,  broke down and cried a lot that day, noticing to his relief that his injury was an illusion too, but felt real.  After some time, Nick came back and tried to comfort him, saying soothing words and saying that everything will be alright.

For about two weeks, Nick visited the Meadow every day to talk to Thumper, comforting and cradiling him as needed, as well as properly introducing him to the life of the Magic Kingdom.  He also told him about Zootopia and what the animals are like there and how prey and predators were doing their best to be treated as equals, and he apologized for his chase over and over again, saying that it was just for fun.  Thumper understood overtime and even managed to giggle about it.  They talked and they became pretty good friends, Judy, Bogo, and Ben were watching with awe, and Ben even blowing his nose to show his feelings.

The Characters like to create new stories outside of the Disney norm, in order to give the guests something new to look at, as well as an incentive to come back again and again, because they'll never know what to expect.  Some are better than others, but the best ones remain.  This can be why whenever you visit the park, you may see Nick Wilde and Thumper playing and giggling, the former pretending to hunt the latter, while the latter screams, but laughs too, and the guests know its just for fun and laughs.