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Hi everyone i have a question. Durin legendary hunt event i see that a lot of people are getting hundreds of thousand points and I dont understend how its possible if the max posible VP count per orb is 490 points. I play This game for third week so I m curious.
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u need to have at least 2000 gems to spend on it if u wanna get below 35  rank. Those in top 10 spend around 10k - 15k gems to get that insane score. And yeah if possible crap loads of rush tickets. then u make it out with a respectable score. It's similar to an auction. They're giving out the leg gear in the hunt, so u need to bid with ur score and gems. The highest bidder get the best and so on. Very rare chances are there where u may be extremely lucky and u get the gear itself in the reward in the master hunter's chest.