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Thu Mar 24, 2016 3:03 pm
·  What is "Daily Login"?
Daily Login is a feature that rewards players for logging into UNO & Friends on both consecutive and non-consecutive days.
·  How can I get these rewards?
Simple! Log into UNO & Friends and claim your Login Reward from the Daily Login screen. Log into UNO for 15 days in a row to earn a special new avatar!
·  I forgot to log in on a certain day. Will I still get rewards?
Missing a login will reset your Consecutive Login count to 0; you'll have to work your way back up in order to earn your special avatar. You will still be eligible to receive your non-consecutive Login Reward, though!
·  Do I have to log in to earn my Login Reward, or is it awarded automatically?
Yes. To obtain your Login Reward, you must go to the Daily Login screen and tap Claim to earn today's reward.
·  What rewards can I win in Daily Login?
You can win anything from Coins, to House Points, to much more. Participate and find out what else you can win!
·  Can I win two Daily Login rewards in one day?
No. You must wait until the next day to claim another Login Reward.
·  Can I play UNO & Friends with a controller?
Yes, you can! Simply plug in a supported controller and enjoy.
·  Can I continue to use touch controls while a supported controller is plugged in?
·  Can I use custom controls with my supported controller?
No. Check out the Controls section in the Settings menu to see the control schemes available for your controller.
·  Can players from different platforms interact with each other?
No, unfortunately all players are limited to the platforms they play on. It means you will not be able to see any iOS player if you play on an Android or Windows 8 device.
·  Can I invite players from different platforms?
Unfortunately cross-platform play is not not supported by the game. This means that you can only invite players within your platform (iOS, Android, Windows 8), otherwise those friends will not receive your invitation.
·  How do I get VIP status?
You can gain VIP status by visiting the VIP Menu, located in the top-left corner of the main menu, or through the store. VIP status grants better scratch cards, a token bundle, a doubling of level-up rewards, and an exclusive item bundle.
·  What type of items can I buy in the Store?
You can buy new card designs, backgrounds for your UNO play space, exciting new special effects that will trigger during a game of UNO, new chat options to interact with other players, and new chat bubbles.
·  What are Companions?
Companions are helpful sidekicks that you can bring into games to help you win!
·  Can I play with my Companion in Quick Play?
·  Which controllers are supported?
UNO & Friends supports all MFi controllers.
·  How do I get the Shiny and royal Companions?
Shiny Companions are only available in the Golden Crate, while royal Companions are found in any kind of Crate -- but only during special events.
·  What do the Shiny and royal Companions do?
The Shiny Companions are Companions with some sparkle and provide an extra charge for the Companion's power. The royal Companions are fancier versions of the current Companions.
·  How does the Mega-Event Item Doubler work?
When you have the Mega-event Item Doubler enabled, you'll earn two Mega Event items whenever you would earn one. This means you'll earn the Mega Event rewards faster and contribute more to the world total.
·  How long does the Mega-Event Item Doubler last?
The Mega-Event Item Doubler lasts until the end of the current Mega Event.
·  What's Team UNO?
Team UNO is a new way to play UNO & Friends where you and a partner work as a team to defeat another pair of players. Use the fact that you can see your partner's hand to plan a strategy for victory.
·  What boosts does Team UNO use?
Team UNO shares its boosts with tournaments, and if you buy boosts in one game they will be available for use in the other.
·  The timer ran out and my team lost. What happened?
If the game ends because the timer runs out, the team with the lowest combined score wins. Check out the instructions to see the value of various cards.
·  Where did Create Game go?
You can still create a free-for-all game with your friends from the Create Game tab in Team UNO area.
·  What are the UNO-corns?
The UNO-corns are special Companions you can get from winning the various UNO-corn Tournaments. There's an UNO-corn for each color, and a rainbow one that unlocks once you win all the colored ones.
·  I can't find the Leaderboard icon anymore! Where did it go?
We've conveniently put it under the Social menu! Just tap the Social icon to find it.
·  What is the Daily Login icon?
The Daily Login icon lets you check your progress towards various daily login rewards.
·  How do I add friends to my Friends list in this update?
To add friends, go to the Social menu and tap the Friends & Mailbox icon, then select the Friends tab and tap "Add."
·  I can't see any options for free tokens in the game. Where can I find them?
You can get free tokens from tapping the button on the bottom-right of the Token Store, and watching a brief ad.
·  How many Companions are there in total?
·  Hey! Where did my mailbox go?
Not to worry! We've put your mailbox conveniently with the other social features, like your friends list.
·  I can't find the leaderboards button anymore! Where did it go?
We've put it conveniently in the Social menu! Just tap the Social Button to find it.
·  Where did houses go?
Houses can be found in the new Social menu.
·  What is the Daily Login button?
The Daily Login button lets you check your progress towards various daily login rewards.
·  How do I add friends to my friends list after this new update?
To add friends, go to the Social menu and tap the Friends & Mailbox button. Then select the Friends tab and tap "Add".
·  How do I send gifts to friends in the new Friends menu?
In the Social menu, tap the Friends & Mailbox button, and then tap the Friends tab. Then, tap the gift button next to your friend's name.
·  How do I request gifts?
In the Social menu, tap the Friends & Mailbox button. Then, in the Gifts tab, tap the "Request" button.
·  Is there help available to first-time UNO players?
Yes! First-time players will be given a tutorial whenever a new feature, such as tournaments or Companions, are unlocked for them. If you need a refresher, tap the "Instructions" button in the Options menu. Answers to most other questions can be found right here in the FAQ.
·  What is UNO Journey?
UNO Journey is a brand-new way to play UNO! Adventure across a grand map while playing games of UNO to complete challenges and earn exclusive rewards!
·  How do I unlock stars in UNO Journey?
Unlock stars by completing the objective for that level, as well as its ranking objectives.
·  How do I unlock the gate to the next Journey map?
Each gate will open when you collect the amount of stars indicated above it.
·  What is the Geolocated Leaderboard?
It's a new kind of leaderboard that you can use to see the scores of players in your area.
·  Why are my friends visible on the Journey map?
Your friends' indicators on the Journey map show you the farthest level they've completed. Race them to the gate!
·  How do I get rewards in UNO Journey?
House points are awarded with every star you earn. Special rewards, such as boosts or avatars, can be earned for collecting all three stars in a level with a special icon on its card on the map.
·  Oh no! I started a game of UNO Journey and I forgot what my objective is!
Not to worry! You can see the objective on the screen while the game is loading. You can also see your objective by tapping the button on the bottom-right corner of the screen.
·  How do I get to the UNO Journey game mode?
Simply tap the Journey button on the main menu. You can find it with the UNO Dare button.
·  I have a problem with the game. How can I get support?
Please submit your issue to our Customer Care site, here: can choose any options for the required mobile-specific fields, and just note in the "Description" that you’re using the Facebook version.
·  My game is crashing. What can I do? (Fully online games, iOS)
Please make sure your operating system and game version are up-to-date. If your game still crashes upon launch or after playing for some time, here are a few possible solutions. First, try a simple soft restart: Hold down the lock button located at the top of your device for a few seconds, then slide to power your device off when prompted. If this does not help, try a hard restart: Hold down the lock button and the home button for a few seconds until you see the Apple logo. Ignore the prompt to power off and just keep holding those two buttons. This method involves a substantially longer restart than the soft restart mentioned earlier. If neither the soft nor hard restarts work, try deleting the game from your device and re-downloading it. To download your game data back onto your device, make sure you log into the same social network account as before (Facebook, Game Center, Gameloft LIVE!, etc.).
·  How do I add Friends from my social network to the game?
You must simply connect your Facebook or Game Center account to your UNO & Friends profile by providing your login information at the beginning of the game or in the options screen for Facebook (or in the Game Center app for Game Center) Once this is done, press the “Friends” button on the main menu to invite Facebook friends, while Game Center friends will be invited automatically.
·  How do I invite friends to play a game with me?
At the Main Menu tap the “Create Game” button. When brought into the game lobby you will see 3 “Invite” buttons. Tap one, then select friends you wish to play with. If they accept, they will join the game with you. You can only invite the same person up to three times in a row to a game, otherwise, you need to play a game of UNO to send that same player invites again in the same day.
·  How do I invite friends from a social network?
You can add friends from Facebook at any time by pressing the Add Friends button on the main menu. To invite Game Center friends, simply log into Game Center when you play. Any Game Center friends that have UNO & Friends will automatically be sent an invite.
·  Why does UNO & Friends tell me I'm not connected to Game Center even though I am logged into Game Center in the Game Center app on my device?
This means either you've decided not to connect to Game Center within UNO & Friends, or that you've switched to using a different game save/Facebook account that is not related to the Game Center account you're logged into on your device.
·  How do I change game saves?
If you want to start a new game save, disconnect from both social networks you're connected to, then log into another social network account (either Game Center or Facebook) that you haven't used in UNO & Friends before.
·  Why am I asked to switch game saves when trying to log into a social network?
This is because you are trying to log into an account that is already linked to another social network account, or the current social network account you're logged into is already linked to another game account. Each game save can only be linked to one Facebook account and one Game Center account in total.
·  How do I send free gifts to my friends?
You can send gifts by accessing the Leaderboards screen. To do so, tap on the purple icon in the bottom left corner of the Main Menu. While on the Leaderboards screen, make sure you are viewing the Friends Tab, on the left-hand side, and tap the Gift icon beside the name of the player to whom you wish to send a gift.
·  What type of gifts can I get?
All gifts are randomly selected amounts of UNO Tokens or UNO Coins.
·  How often can I send gifts to my friends?
You may send up to 5 gifts to 5 different friends each day.
·  How do you send other players gifts during a game?
Tap their Avatar, and then tap the gift icon to open the gift shop. Buy one to send it to them instantly.
·  What activities can be shared via posting to my social network?
The following can be shared as a post to your social network: unlocking an Achievement, gaining a level, and winnings from the Scratch Game. Also, when inviting a friend from a social network to be your friend in the game, a message for them will be posted to their social network page. You can also request gifts and post the request on your social network.
·  What are “UNO Stories”?
Publishing UNO Stories to Facebook allows UNO & Friends to automatically post the following events to your Facebook Timeline: unlocking an Achievement, gaining a level, and increasing your total score.
·  How do I add a friend when playing with them during a game?
If you wish to add another player you meet in a game as a friend, simply tap their avatar picture to bring up their in-game profile. Tap the add friend icon (the icon which is an outline of a person) to send them a friend request. If they accept your request, they will be added to your friends list.
·  How do I access the Leaderboards?
Tap the yellow Leaderboard icon near the middle of the Main Menu. Use the tabs to sort the information by Friends or by Worldwide rankings, and use the icons in the bottom-left corner to sort by This Week or by All-Time, and to view your own position on the Leaderboards, tap the Me icon near the bottom-center. You will then be shown where you rank on the Leaderboards.
·  How do I chat with other players?
During a game of UNO, tap the Chat icon (just under the Call UNO! icon). From there, choose a category, then select a message within it to send. Note that some categories need to be purchased once before you can send any messages from them.
·  Some players talk too much! Is there any way to turn off their messages?
Yes, there is! Simply tap on their avatar, then tap on the chat bubble icon in the pop-up, and voilà -- no more messages from them! Tap it again to re-enable viewing their messages.
·  How do I enter a Weekly Contest?
Enter the weekly contest by playing games of UNO. The higher your score, the better the prize bracket you'll be in when the weekly contest ends and you receive your prize. The higher the prize bracket, the more UNO Coins you'll receive!
·  Can I play with players that use platforms different from my own?
You can play with players on the following platforms, no matter which platform you use: iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, Facebook and Android.
·  Where can I buy Text Chat Packs or Chat Bubbles?
You can purchase the text Chat Pack and Chat Bubble items in the store, where you can also access additional information regarding these items.
·  Do I get currency for adding friends?
You will now be rewarded for adding friends to your profile. For the first few friends you add, we will send you some great rewards of tokens and coins. You will be rewarded some amount of coins for all friends you add from this point onward.
·  What are the stars in my chat pack and stickers used for?
Players can add stars to their favorite chats and stickers to organize them into the new Favorites tab. This tab will provide easier access to exactly what you want to say to your friends in a game of UNO.
·  What is COPPA and how does it affect my playing experience?
If you are a resident of the United States, COPPA requires that you be 13 years of age or older to access UNO & Friends' social features. If you enter your age and are 13 or older, then you can enjoy all the social features as you normally would. If you enter your age and are below 13 years of age, then you must wait until you turn 13 to access UNO & Friends' social features.
·  What is the highest level I can reach?
The maximum level is 200.
·  Do I have to be connected to the Internet to play the game?
Yes. Without an Internet connection, you will be unable to play the game.
·  How do I get points to level up?
The way to earn experience is to play UNO matches. You win 80 points every time you win a game of UNO, 30 points every time you come in second, 20 points every time you come in third and 10 points every time you come in fourth. There is also bonus 10 points awarded for completing a Bonus Goal in a game of UNO.
·  What is my leaderboard rank based on?
Your rank is based on your total star earnings from all games of UNO & Friends for the given time period (either for the week, or all-time).
·  How many achievements are there in the game? Where can I view the full list?
There are 31 achievements to unlock in the game. Tap your Avatar in the top left corner of the screen and then tap the Achievements ribbon tab to view the full list of achievements.
·  What features are available for experienced UNO veterans?
Experienced UNO players will enjoy a leaderboard for competing against friends, as well as a global leaderboard for everyone that keeps track of players' scores on both a weekly and all-time basis.
·  What is the difference between creating a game and choosing Play?
The main difference between Create Game and Play is that choosing Create Game allows you to play with specific friends easily by inviting them to a game, while choosing Play will match you up with 3 random players to play with.
·  How long do boosts last?
Each boost is for one-time use. If you don't use a boost in a match, you can keep it and use it in the next match.
·  How many boosts can I have active at once?
You can have all of the boosts equipped at once.
·  What is the Level Bonus at the end of a match?
The level bonus is an extra amount of stars awarded to you based on your level. You earn more coins through this bonus the higher your level is.
·  Why do some items have an hourglass and a timer beside them in the store?
Some items are limited-time items -- you can only buy them during a short period of time, after which they are no longer available for purchase!
·  What is the Win Streak and how does it affect my game?
The Win Streak is a bonus that accumulates as you win games consecutively. As your number of wins increases, so will your score and the coins won from games. Placing first will increase your Win Streak, while placing second will maintain your streak. Placing second twice in a row will also increase your Win Streak. Your friends' Win Streaks are visible in the results screen; beat them to win great rewards. Keep winning to gain huge score multipliers.
·  What should I do if my game freezes or crashes or is stuck trying to perform an action that cannot be cancelled?
First, try completely closing the application and restarting. Next, check for updates, reinstall the app and restart your device. If the problem still occurs, please contact Customer Care.
·  What happens if I leave in the middle of a game?
You will lose any score or Coins you might have earned, and the UNO Tokens you spent on the match. You will keep any Achievements earned in the game though.
·  How do I change my avatar?
Your in-game avatar depends on your profile picture on Facebook/Game Center.In order to change your avatar, you'll have to change your Facebook/Game Center profile picture.
·  How do I get free scratch cards?
If you do not have a lot of Tokens and have no scratches, you will get a free scratch after a short while.
·  How do I unfriend randomly added friends?
Unfortunately, there is no way to delete a friend.
·  Why is there a number beside my boost on the Boost Menu?
There is a number beside the boost in the menu because the game now gives you the option of having more than one boost in your inventory. Any boosts you purchase, win, or receive, will now be stacked in your inventory, ready for you to use when you play your next game!
·  Why do I have an icon in the corner of my screen during matches?
The icon in the bottom left of your screen is your boost menu. Activate it to see what boosts you have available to use during a game and what boosts you should buy before entering a match to increase your chances of victory.
·  What are Limited-Time Events?
Limited-Time Events are events that expire after a set amount of time. You can see how much time is left for an event, as well as what the goal is, on the Main Menu or by entering the Leaderboards.
·  What can I win from the Limited-Time Events and Tournaments?
These offer different rewards, depending on their difficulty level and duration. You can win temporary bonuses like a Coin-Doubling Boost, huge amounts of Tokens and many other useful rewards. Check the Event details for the full information pertaining to it and its rewards.
·  How do I win a Limited-Time Event or Tournament?
Events have an objective specified on the Leaderboards. Tournaments are like any other tournament: Finish 1st or 2nd through the first three rounds, then finish 1st in the Final Round to win. Check the details in the Tournament screen.
·  I won an event and now there's something on the corner of my avatar image. What is it?
The new item on your avatar is a Rosette. This denotes that you successfully completed a special event.
·  Do I get to keep the Rosette I won on my Avatar forever?
No. The Rosette will only last a set amount of time on your Avatar before being removed. Usually, they last a week before disappearing. Select your profile to view all the Rosettes you have won in the past.
·  Can I only win an event by playing regular games of UNO, or will my tournament games count too?
Daily Events can be accomplished through both game modes for the most part. If the objective is to "Win Games," this can be done in both standard games of UNO as well as in tournaments; you can use either mode to add to your score. If the objective is to get a high "Win Streak," then you can only do this in regular games of UNO. Read the details of the events, just to be sure.
·  How do I view my profile and statistics?
To view your profile, tap the icon in the top left corner where you see your avatar picture and profile name. This will bring you to the Profile menu which allows you to view information about your profile, including statistics and Achievements.
·  How do I edit my UNO & Friends Profile name?
Access the Profile by tapping the icon in the top left corner where you see your avatar and profile name. In the Profile menu, you will see an icon labeled "Change Username". Tap this icon and you will be provided with the keyboard interface to type in your new profile name. If you turn it off, you'll use your social network name instead.
·  What features are not available to a guest profile?
Guest profiles have full access to the game except for the following featureleaderboards, adding friends, and requests/notifications.
·  How do I change profiles?
Tap the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen. Tap any social network to disconnect from all of them. Once the disconnect is confirmed, select the social network (or none if you wish to be a guest) account you wish to log into and then you will be prompted to enter or confirm your login information. Note that if you wish to use a different Facebook profile, you will need to log out of the Facebook application first (or log out of Facebook in the browser); otherwise the game will always log you back into your previously used profile.
·  How do I change settings, like audio?
These settings are found in the Settings menu. Tap the gear icon in the top right corner, and then select Settings.
·  How do I change my language?
These settings are found in the Options menu. Tap the gear icon in the top-right corner, select Settings, and then select Languages. Tap the Language you wish to switch to and then confirm by tapping OK.
·  How do I disable/enable Notifications sent to my phone from UNO & Friends?
This must be changed in the Options menu. Tap the gear icon in the top-right corner, then select Settings. Inside the Settings menu, select the Alerts icon. In the Alerts Menu, switch which Notifications you want to be set to "Off."
·  Where can I enable/disable the Suggested Card?
You can turn the Suggested Card on and off in the Settings menu.
·  What are UNO Coins?
UNO Coins are the in-game currency used to purchase virtual items for customizing your game of UNO.
·  What are UNO Tokens?
UNO Tokens are the in-game currency used for playing games of UNO in UNO & Friends.
·  Can I buy more UNO Coins?
Yes. Coin Packs are available to purchase in the UNO Coin Store. Tap the UNO Coins icon at the top of the screen to access this menu.
·  Can I buy more UNO Tokens?
Yes. Token packs are available to purchase in the UNO Token Store. Tap the UNO Tokens icon at the top of the screen to access this menu.
·  What can I win from the Scratch Game?
Prizes for the Scratch Game are various amounts of UNO Tokens, which are used to play games of UNO & Friends.
·  How often can I play the Scratch Game?
You will receive a new free scratch once every 8 hours. You can receive and store up to a maximum of 3 scratches. You are able to purchase more scratches as well by tapping a scratch card when you have no more scratches remaining.
·  How do I get free UNO Coins?
You can receive free UNO Coins by completing Achievements in games of UNO and by asking your friends to send you free gifts.
·  How do I get free UNO Tokens?
By playing the Scratch Game, leveling up, getting free gifts from friends, and earning free UNO Tokens from special offers available by selecting the 'Free Tokens' icon found in the Store menu.
·  If I accept an invite to play a game with a friend, and I'm in a game, do I lose my UNO Tokens?
Yes, all the rules that apply to leaving a game apply to accepting an invite to play a game with a friend if you have to leave a game currently in progress to join them.
·  How are coins earned at the end of a match?
Coins earned are based on the amount of stars you have earned in the game.
·  What is the Coin-Doubling Boost?
The Coin-Doubling Boost is a boost that can be bought as an in-app purchase in the store for real money. It permanently doubles the number of coins you win from games.
·  Can I purchase coins during a game if I forget to buy them before entering?
You cannot purchase coins once a game has started. This rule applies to all game modes.
·  What is the tournament?
The tournament pits 16 players against each other in three 4-player rounds of UNO. The 2nd- and 1st-place players in the first round advance to the second, and the 2nd- and 1st-place players in the second round advance to the third. All entrants in the final round receive prizes, but only one of them will leave a winner.
·  What are the tournament crowns?
Tournament crowns are special items worn by a player's avatar. A player may only obtain a crown by winning a tournament. Crowns are viewable by other players in-game.
·  What are the tournament prizes?
The winner of the final round wins the crown for that rank of the tournament (i.e. the winner of a Green rank tournament will win the green crown). The player will also unlock the next rank of the tournament. Players in the final round of a tournament also win tokens based upon their place and entry fee. 1st place receives 3x their Entry Fee. 2nd place receives 2x their Entry Fee. 3rd place and 4th place each receive 1x their respective Entry Fees.
·  How do I enter a tournament?
To enter the tournament, a player must first reach level 6, and then pay the entry fee for the rank they wish to participate in. Players will have the Green rank tournament unlocked by default but all other ranks must be unlocked by winning the tournament of the previous rank.
·  How do I advance in the tournament?
You must place 1st or 2nd in a tournament round to advance to the next round.
·  How do I unlock the next tournament rank?
You must come in 1st place in the highest-unlocked tournament rank to unlock the next tournament rank.
·  What are Tournament Boosts and how do they affect me?
Tournament Boosts are special boosts you can only purchase and use in the Tournaments. Each one is designed to help the player who uses it, preventing them from being skipped, missing turns or having far too many cards in the last 30 seconds of a round.
·  What are Limited-Time Tournaments?
Limited-Time Tournaments are tournaments that will only be available for a short amount of time. You can view or enter these tournaments by selecting the Tournament icon in the Main Menu.
·  I can't play the tournament I want. Why not?
Some tournaments may require you to have won a previous tournament. If a tournament is greyed out, view its info to see why you can't enter, and then achieve whatever is required to unlock it.
·  I won a tournament round, but it wasn't added to my event win total. Why is that?
In order to obtain a point for a "Win Tournaments" event, you must win the tournament overall. A single tournament constitutes a game. Each round doesn't count as a game; it is the end result of the final round that counts. If you don't make it to the final round and win the tournament, you won't add to your game win total for any event that may be running at the time.
·  How can I play UNO™ & Friends on Facebook?
You can visit this direct link: . After playing once, the game will appear under the "Apps" section on the left sidebar of your News Feed.
·  Which browsers are supported by UNO™ & Friends?
On Windows, we officially support Mozilla Firefox (latest version), Google Chrome (latest version) and Internet Explorer 9+. On Mac, we officially support Safari. However, the game should work on most modern browsers.
·  Can I play the Facebook version of UNO™ & Friends on smartphone/tablet?
Unfortunately, the Facebook version cannot be played on mobile devices. However, UNO™ & Friends is available as a native application on most major platforms. Please visit the application store on your device and search for "UNO & Friends" by Gameloft.
·  I used to play UNO™ & Friends on my iOS/Android device. Will my profile be synchronized if I play on Facebook?
Yes, if you use the same login credentials, your profile (XP, level, currency, etc.) will be synchronized across all supported platforms.Please note that you cannot log in on 2 platforms at the same time.
·  I cannot play the game; the loading screen seems to be stuck. What do I do?
Sometimes (especially the first time the game is played), loading may become slow due to network issues. Please be patient and wait for 2 minutes. If it remains stuck after that point, clear the browser’s cache and then refresh the page.
·  What are Leagues and how do they affect me?
Leagues are the latest way to compete and gain huge rewards in UNO & Friends. Simply by playing regular games, you will gain or lose points based on your position in the match. Gain more points and you will climb to higher Divisions until you gain enough to climb into a new League. The higher you climb, the greater your rewards will be.
·  How does the League Leaderboard work?
Based on the Division you are in, you will compete against a small group of people who possess the same skill level. Reaching a higher Division requires a certain amount of points; obtain that amount and you will be promoted. If you, however, lose too many points, you will fall into the Division below.
·  What are Divisions?
Each League is made up of four Divisions. You must climb through all 4 Divisions in order to enter the next League.
·  What will my Rewards be?
Each Division offers a bonus reward which is applied to each game; higher Divisions and higher Leagues offer greater rewards. You will receive an amount of Points and Coins based on your position.
·  What are the Leagues' point distribution?
While playing in a regular game, the following list represents how many points you will gain or lose depending on your position:1st: +3 League Points2nd: +2 League Points3rd: -1 League Point4th: -2 League Points
·  Why did my rosette from a Limited-Time Event disappear?
Your rosette will be visible for the duration of your tournament period. If you win another tournament during that period, or that limited-time tournament ends, your previous rosette will be replaced by a new one. Once the limited-time tournament ends, your rosette will no longer be displayed on your avatar.
·  What is the Mega Event and how do I participate?
The Mega Event is a community-based event where all UNO & Friends players must work together to reach goals and unlock rewards together. Each player will have personal goals they must meet as well as community goals to reach in order to collect rewards. To participate, players need only take part in whichever game mode they desire. During gameplay, users will collect items related to the event (Cupcakes, Footballs, etc.) and they will be added to both the player's personal progress and the community's progress. The events are limited-time and some items may remain exclusive to the event.
·  What kind of rewards do I get and how do I collect them?
By completing your personal progress, you will collect a small reward plus you will unlock the global gifts, which you will receive when the community reaches their checkpoints. Once you have unlocked an award and the community has reached the relevant checkpoint, you can collect your reward from the Global Goal screen in the Mega Event.
·  How do I win the Jackpot?
To win the Jackpot, you must purchase Premium Scratches from the scratch screen. This is done via in-app purchase. By using a Premium Scratch, you are eligible for a chance to win the Jackpot. Premium Scratches have a better payout than regular scratches even if players do not win the Jackpot.
·  What is UNO Dare and how do I participate?
UNO Dare is an event where, whenever Draw 2 cards are played, a player can take a Dare instead of picking up 2 cards. Accepting a Dare will exchange the player's avatar with a random Dare Avatar and themed chat pack. To participate, a player just has to tap the UNO Dare icon in the main menu.
·  How do I get Avatars?
Every time you take a Dare and finish in first place in that round, you will add the avatar to your list of unlocked avatars. You can use that avatar anytime you want.
·  How do I customize my Avatars?
Go to your profile and tap on the Customize icon. From there, you should be able to select an avatar and decide what crown and rosettes you want to use.
·  When do the Avatar Bonuses apply?
As soon as you get an avatar from a Dare, that Avatar's bonus will apply to the game. If you manually select an Avatar
·  How does the Dare Wheel work?
At the end of every UNO Dare game, each player gets a spin on the UNO Dare Wheel, where they can take a chance at increasing their winnings from the round (1.5x or 2x as many coins), but with the risk of losing coins. Additional spins can give you the chance to win exclusive items or other prizes.
·  How have the Overdraw and Mirror Boosts changed?
For improved game balancing, each use of Overdraw now only affects 3 draws. After 4 draws, another use of the boost will be required. Each time the Mirror effect is triggered, it uses up one boost.
·  I’ve encountered a player with an inappropriate profile picture or an inappropriate username. What do I do?
As UNO & Friends allows players to connect to popular social networks such as Facebook, Game Center and Google+, there is a chance some players may use an inappropriate image that is then pulled into the game and displays as their avatar picture in-game. Should you encounter a player with an inappropriate profile picture or username, you can report these players directly to us by tapping their avatar and selecting the “!” icon. This new procedure will enable you to report the user directly to us so that we can take the appropriate action.
·  What are Houses and how do I get into one?
Houses are grand teams of players, working together to earn rewards. To be placed in a House, all you need to do is play a game.
·  Can I switch Houses?
We aim to provide fair competition between Houses; therefore, the ability to switch Houses is not available at the moment.
·  How do Daily Missions work?
Each day will offer 3-star missions. Completing all three of them will earn you a daily reward. Missions will also earn you House Points that improve your personal League Score, as well as that of your House. Once you complete a star mission, it will be replaced by a non-star mission, allowing you to continue earning House Points.
·  How do I earn points to advance in my League and help my House?
There are two ways to earn points for both your personal League and that of your House: completing daily missions, and winning tournaments.
·  Where did my League tier go?
When we introduced Houses, we also simplified the leagues. Don't worry; none of your progress has been lost. By improving your League Score, you are also contributing to your House's score, creating more opportunities to earn rewards.
·  What are House Gifts?
House gifts are a new type of gift that can only be sent to other players in your House. Sending these will earn you House points. House gifts are the gifts marked with a "House" banner.
·  How many House gifts can I send?
You can send up to 5 House gifts per game.
·  How can I get a Companion?
Companions are obtained from four different types of Crates: Wood, Steel, Titanium and Golden. The Wood Crate is the most common, while the Golden Crate is the rarest.Each Crate contains a different set of prizes and Companions to win.
·  How can I get a Crate?
Crates are obtained by either winning one of our new Companion Tournaments or by purchasing them directly via in-app purchase.
·  What is a Companion Tournament?
There are 4 tiers of the "Companion Tournaments." The low-level tournament will be unlocked right away. When you win a Companion Tournament, you will get a Crate of equal rank. To unlock the next-level tournament, you will need to own a certain number of Companions.
·  What are the chances of getting a Companion from a Crate?
Rare Companions are harder to obtain. If you don't happen to receive a Companion from your Crate, you'll receive other great prizes as a consolation.
·  What do Companions do?
Companions provide bonuses for their owner or dish out negative effects for opponents. For example, one Companion might allow you to discard any Red 9 that you pick up, automatically!
·  How can I make my Companion better?
Each Companion has 10 Levels to progress through. Level them up by earning the same Companion from a crate. Each level will improve the Companion in the form of better rewards for the owner or a stronger Companion power.