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James Le

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Nintendo Switch


=16pxI got an error when purchasing stuff on the eshop, I got receipts from Nintendo and it says i purchased them but it keeps giving me the Failed Error message.   I'll post the links to the images of proof. Included is the transaction ID's.   I got a reply saying to go in the game and submit a ticket but there is no option there on Nintendo Switch.  I purchased too many thinking it didn't go through because of the 002 error.   

So I need help refunding them all.  I'll then Purchase the one Pack i wanted to buy.  Also the error pops up every time i start the game.  That error pops up like 6 times in a row within a second of each other.   I don't know what to do can somebody please help me with this?

I'll link my transactions below:

This link is where I got a reply saying to go in game and go to customer care and submit a ticket, but there isn't one.

This last link is a picture of where I was told to go to submit a ticket but there is no option there as this photo will show. ... t.JPG/file

So Please I need help with this and to refund the money all back from those transactions, because I never got any of the items I was trying to buy and its been charged on my debit card already, which is roughly $50 or so.