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Cannot paly anymore

Sun Jan 26, 2020 6:45 pm
I have installed the latest update of DH5 on Friday. I played many times since then (restarted the game many times as usual with this game :(((  until Sunday afternoon.  The game quit once more while loading a scene (as it usually does every 6th-8th.time loading a new screen, please fi this ugly bug).
Okay, I started it again, the starting screen ran until "loading" or the next time until "initializing" and the game window suddenly closed. One or two times I even reached the character screen -> bumm, game closed.
Restart of the Windows PC several times did not bring any success.

I looked if might be maybe another update in the store, but it wasn't.  So I uninstalled the game and installed it again from the Microsoft Store.
When I started it after the re-installation, I had to play the intro with a newly created character. After finisheing I connected it with my MIcrosoft Account.
I was asked whether to keep the newly created account or if want to take the my old account (the old account, BTW,  is offered correctly). 
Well, I choose the "old" accont, then I am presented with a window saying "Blabla.... social networks, bla... saved games, bla ...." and tells me the game has to be restarted. When clicking "Ok", the game windows closes and I start the game again ==> Same procedure then, new account, playing first part of intro choosing account, restart ==> Same procedure then, new account, playing first part of intro choosing account, restart  ==>

I didi this 5 times, now I am tired of this. The game is willing to start with my "old" character after selecting it.


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Help me pleaseeee!!

Mon Feb 17, 2020 10:33 pm
So I'm trying to access dh5 and it keeps saying cannot connect to server I just spent over 500$ on this game within past 2 weeks playing. I sent some messages cause of some glitches I really need help I've tried to call support a bunch of time pls help me