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Oh discordia

Tue Jun 11, 2019 3:14 pm
I cannot find Dungeon Hunter 5 in discord. I've been communicating with discord about this but they say they do not have any sort of control of Dungeon Hunter 5 in discord...which seems odd.
What they do say is:
Oh, I see! Thanks so much for elaborating. So, to answer your question: users are unfortunately not notified whether or not they're banned from a server, though generally speaking, the only ways that a server would disappear from your server list are 1) if you left the server or got kicked/banned, or 2) if the server itself was deleted, either by the owner or because it was in violation of our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
and what they reccommend is:  you would need to request the access back into the server.
I cannot think of why I might've been banned, so I must have inadvertantly left the server.
Bottom line: could someone with admin capabilities on discord please add me to the server or whatever it takes so I can join in?
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Re: Oh discordia

Sat Jun 29, 2019 9:45 am
So if you have Discord, what you have to do is go down to the bottom left of your Discord until you find the serach glass icon, click that and type in Dungeon Hunter and you should see the DH5 Discord Server. NOW! I Warn you, the community isn't that great. Last time I was in there I was searching for a guild so I can learn from others on how to play this game better, what I got was a bunch of "slack" and people telling me to move on with my life because essentially you have to have "no life" to play this game. Now mind you, I am a casual gamer and do not mind joining in any gaming community or guild to learn to play a game better, but when I hear someone tell me what they just told me, red flags start to go off. So, Im warning you now.