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Hi all,

This is my first post on the GL Forum, though I've been enjoying Gameloft releases since DH1...
After somewhat enjoying DH4 I started a player named Bsterama. 
After some 'niggly' apps my wife did a Hard Reset on the old Ipad2 I'm still using, and I lost my player.
After trying to "restart" my player, and several mails between myself & GL with no success (a shame, Bsterama was VIP8, spent a fair amount on creating him).
I was playing tonight with my new character, " Bsterama2", who I've spent months on building up, with only the gems etc I'd collected (I'm sure people would agree my last character paid well, so I'm happy to work harder on my new dude. I was in between battles in the Guild War, tried to get the 30 gems for finally connecting to FaceBook, then everything restarted, and I was asked to do another character creation!
GameLoft have been somewhat helpful, they said my first character Bsterama is still linked to a FB account, though I'm really struggling to find it, or my new character.
It's no excuse, though I was almost kicked to death in my own home during a break-in & robbery last year, and my memory has been severely affected. I have been remiss in keeping character ID #'s, so I'm concerned I'm going to have to endure the whole level 1 character again?
Any help greatly appreciated, I know this is a much discussed topic, I hope I'm not being redundant,


Brendan. (Bsterama2)