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Purchase was not delivered

Mon Nov 26, 2018 4:23 pm
Admin, you may not be able to help me but pls help direct my concern to the right person.

I have purchased Incredible Legendary Offer amounting to around $66 (converted from my currency). It contained 2 legendary chest tickets, and some other stuff. The other stuff have instantly arrived except for the legendary tickets.  After I wrote to customer service, they have given me the 2 legendary chests within 12 hrs. 

I thought it was just a bug, so I purchased another one - Fantastic Pack for the Real Hunters. This time it contains 2 legendary, 1 vip, 3 medieval chest tickets. And none of them arrived! Wrote once again to customer service. They came back after 3 days, just to say they have just credited my account with 325 gems! Like really??
That is no where close to what I paid for.
It is just unacceptable.

Please help me.
Ticket ID# KMK-84395-967

Thank you.
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Purchase was not delivered

Tue Nov 27, 2018 3:36 pm
Hey, Kenjixxx!

Thanks a ton for letting me know. I've escalated you ticket to the team so they can look into this and get back to you with a real solution. ;)

All the best, Hunter!