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I want my account back

Wed Mar 14, 2018 5:29 am
I want my god damned account back. Your shitty crashes-10-times-per-hour game made me go out and buy a new phone just to try and getting it to stop crashing every 3 seconds. So of course when I installed the game on the new phone, it forced me to sit through the garbage tutorial for about the millionth time now. But instead of syncing my existing account when it was done, it over wrote my account in Google play games with the useless new account. Which of course promptly synced back the other way and over wrote the game on the old phone when I tried to access that to fix it. So now, my 2 year old account that I play daily(accept when you guys decide it should be broken for weeks for no reason), and I have spent money out the ass for gems and crap on, is just gone, with no means of recovery. I want my damn account back. Or refund me all the money I've wasted on your broken game.