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Game doesn't boot after last update

Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:41 pm
I installed the last updates a few days ago, after installing the game starts show boot screen and saids that it will download some data. After that the game doesn't init. Just this screen that saids "CONTENIDO DESCATGABLE(0/15460)" I left the game open for a while, but nothing has happend. I tried reinstaling the game but it doesn't helped.
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AlexYs FromGameloft

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Game doesn't boot after last update

Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:50 am
Hello Debrec, please try to troubleshoot this issue by doing the following:

- Force close all unnecessary applications running in the background.
- Restart your internet router/modem if you're connected to a WiFi network. If you're running on a 3G/4G network switch off the connection for a few seconds and then switch it back on.
- Reboot your device by turning it off for a few seconds and then powering it back on again. This can help to clear the memory of your device from any tasks that should no longer be using resources.
- If you're still experiencing the issue, you may need to try a different network connection to the one that you're on. If you're on 3G/4G, try using a WiFi connection instead; or, if you're already on WiFi, try seeing if you can get access to the game on a different WiFi network.
- Check that your firewall (if you have one) is not restricting your access to the App, or other third party apps such as Facebook that may affect other parts of your game.

If none of the above fixes the problem I'll advise opening a ticket with customer care:

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