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I know that DH5 is pretty old now so I can't expect an account architecture overhaul at this point but just in general across Gameloft games, cross-progress needs to be a real thing. Asking customer support for a 1 time transfer just isn't intuitive and causes friction for players that want to take your games everywhere they go,

It's awesome that Gameloft games are on iOS, Android, Win10 and even Switch. I'd love to play DH5 on my TV and earn Xbox achievements via Win10 then go to bed and finish a few strongholds on my tablet, then the next day play some Legendary Hunts on the train. Right now, we can't do that and it ****, as we're forced to choose which version to play and then ignore other versions even though we'd love to support all the platforms you publish on.

For DH6 and other future games, please focus on universal accounts with cross-progress/play. In an era of games embracing 1 account for all, Gameloft needs to catch up.