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in-game trade in / recycle item

Tue May 15, 2018 3:34 pm
is there any way that a player can trade-in their old item to the ones they want? 

for example (player's item) 2pcs epic AAA grade any tier = 1pc epic AAA of their choice (from game)


2pcs legendary AAA item = 1pc legendary AAA item of their choice


4pcs epic AAA items to 1 pc legendary AAA item of their choice

every player have their inventory full of items they dont use.. sometimes they just transmute them or just use them as fusion materials which is really a total waste...

why cant we just recycle our items to a better one ... of course we need to pay the price like 2:1 for same grade or 4:1 on different grade

hoping this will help get more players back or get in the game...