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Legendary hunts, rings, ToE, etc

Tue Mar 13, 2018 10:33 pm
Hello everyone
So here are my sugestions
1.I think in leegendary hunts each dificulty point count per orb needs to be duble. It simply seems wrong that only thouse who hawe ton of gems can reach those higts. Besides every one who will be willing to figt for the best prizes will do it anyway amd spend them, but atleast everyone else will be able to get two master hunter chests.

2.I think you guys should start to bring the rings in and make them special new stats like extra damage to mini boses and maybe even some kind of passive skills like if you health gets belove ten procent you gain extra damage for ten seconds. I know this kind of staff exists in difrent game already like diablo and World of Warcraft but eventualy such a small thing makes thouse games so popular. Such a thing whould bring bigger variety of choices in the game.

3. I know that this poin most likley will be ignored but please listen to me. In the VIP levels when you reach rank where you unlock the (Firts Waypoints are cleared) i think that evryone needs to get choise which waypoint they whant to skip. Because not everyone hawe all sets eneough powerfull to complete them. I know that that is most likley to get other pleayers to work on all sets not one or two, but i simply doesn't hawe any good water and fire items. They simply are not droping for me and in higter levels thouse specific trials are too dificult to complite, and when they get dificul and longer i get crasheas a lot of times and my potions gets wasted for nothing.

4. Give us posibility to trade. Atleast trinkets between guildmates. Like if after the guild wars player gets trinket whith the stats they dont need but hes guildmate gets one that he needs make it posible to trade between them.

5.And finaly i hope you guys are going to fix guild wars. In the latest guild wars most of my guildmates and me werent able to see enemy Strongholds just armory that cost them alot of gems in order to get in top 50 but everything was in waste because of that problem. And if i whant to know if enyone else getting crashes in the ToE. I berly had crashes any other game event or story missions but in trails i m getting them quite often.

Well i hope that you will read this and atleast take something of this in mind. Hawe a good day.