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Hi, I have a very bad experience about what I met.
1. I have written the email telling my problem for arena(for score changed from 60000 to 20000), but it takes month to reply and tell me that it is unable to find the history archive now. So he can not solve this problem. (ticket no. 14660263)
2. No matter how I play, the progress can't go forward and remain to the previous archive. I wrote the letter and call the customer service for help. But the answer is always different. At last the customer service tell me that I can call them back on 12/25 if I didn't recieve the email feedback. I make a phone on 12/26, but it is still holiday for them. (ticket no. 14853689, 14900373, 14900749)

It was not a good experience for me that they didn't tell me the truth. Please take more concern about this situation.

Best regards, Jason