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Server change

Thu Jul 06, 2017 7:57 am
I have started this game because I wanted to play a multiplayer game with my own friends,now once I have started I cannot find them only to find out that the game has put us on different servers . This was not mentioned on any reviews or to make people aware of before downloading. It is a in some ways false advertising of this game. I would suggest that it were made to be possible for players to move servers to one that their friends are on or that we choose which server to be on regardless of mobile platform. If that cannot be achieved then make it it possible for us to find friends using referral codes across platforms and servers in order for it to be a multiplayer game worth playing. I mean you guys( Developers and Gameloft) are here to make money with all respect,and that perfectly fine but at the very least make sure that what you are selling is appealing to the consumer,this will only be beneficial on both sides . Make this happen because iv downloaded the game and made many other people download it too,but for me to invest money into it, I would expect to be satisfied with how my money is spent and right now a week later we have all stopped playing because of disappointment. Thanks for your time