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I'm at a loss....

Thu Feb 25, 2016 8:45 pm
I like this game and I want to continue to play it but it seems you can only get good gear with $$. Not that this is a new subject but I'm at a loss. I'm lvl 41 and still have crap T3 gear some maxed and elvoved and still T3. I get kicked out of guilds because my stats are terrible being told I should have t5 gear. I don't have money to buy gems and farming them takes a lifetime and is not fun. My weapon is maxed out and I can't even get through the daily mission on Normal. I've been trying events like the current Lantern event to get some fairly decent upgrades but I've run through it now over 100 times and only get T1 or T2 item drops. Bounty chests are laughable too. So, what do I do? Take out a loan to buy gems to MAYBE get good gear? I'm just really frustrated with games like these that make it nearly impossible to level up without paying real money. Any suggestions?
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Aqvi Teig

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Re: I'm at a loss....

Thu Feb 25, 2016 9:47 pm
Here's a guide (lol).

How to farm gem:

- 5 gems a day by completing the dailly quests (easy)
- 50+5 gems a week by playing the wanted challenge from thursday to sunday to get 16k VP (get easier and faster as you level up)
- 5 gems per mission you complete (limited amount), mission 51, 58 and 63 in the dream portal are doable with stats between 1.5k and 2k
- Daily rewards (no control over it)
- 10 gems by playing the wanted challenge from monday to wednesday (only worth it to go for 10 gems if you need the fusion boosters)
- Gems in the trial of element (variable on how high you can go)

With all that you should get minimum 90 gems a week with the first two points. As you level up you will be able to gather about 250-300 gems every two weeks.

How to spend gems:

Basically, to start you need an armour and a weapon from the gear/admant chest. Then you evolve your set to t5. In the mean time you need to buy two stronghold chest (or maybe you got the two free ones last week) because successful defences give you fusion boosters to improve your gear. Try ballancing your stronghold defence and your offence. Then until level 70-80 use all your gems on inventory/gear chest/stronghold chest. I would advise using the gems from missions for inventory only, 75 inventory is good enough but having more is comfortable (I have 140). After level 80, stock up on gems to tackle the wanted challenges at level 96 (120 max energy).

Hope this helps.
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Re: I'm at a loss....

Fri Feb 26, 2016 8:16 am
Good guide Aqvi Teig!

I myself started out as a free player till fairly late in the game (level 80+ was when I started investing in gems) and the difficulty curve can get quite steep. As long as you follow through with the dailies and events (following Teig's guide), you'll get a healthy amount of gems for chests. What matters next however, is solely dependent on luck because not all the time would players get good gear (considering the drop rate of chests).

A basic T3 adamant or forsaken gear (weapon or armor) would be great at your level and get you to the 3k-4k range, this should aid you in clearing most missions or lower difficulty events.

The other option would be to raise your level quickly till 75+, which is doable if you have strong allies and repeat the Monday quest. This should give you sufficient energy for events and HP to survive tougher missions with weak gear. Also, don't be afraid to spend on inventory increment slots because you'll never have enough of inventory space...ever, so that investment is really worthwhile.
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